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Nepali newspapers refused to publish my articles. They stated I was an angry person who poured his anger over the wonderful Nepali people. Well, maybe it is the case, I will not argue, but I want to ask those who think this way: if the Nepali people and the Nepalese culture are so wonderful, and I’m just so angry, why you wonderful people are so poor, dirty and uneducated? Do you no longer have even the remnants of national and personal pride and are willing to spend your remaining energy on blaming those who tell you the truth, instead of trying to become more civilized, rich and educated?

I will not argue with those who accuse me of anger. I’ll just write a few articles about how I see Nepal and what I think about possible ways out of the impasse, and then it’s up to you to decide what to do next. You can go on admiring your national identity, remaining poor in the backyard of the world civilization. Or you can change everything.

P.S. Despite the newspaper boycott I managed to bring these articles to the attention of the Nepalese. More than half a million people read them, tens of thousands expressed their approval of my ideas. Needless to say, this hasn’t led to any concrete steps, even at the level of words. Therefore my interest in this subject has exhausted. It is up to them how to live.