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Does the assistance really assist Nepal?

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    Some of the people who comment my articles about earthquake here write that it’s not a right time to reason or justify, but it’s a right time to help. In light of this point of view, I have questions:

    1. Why do they sit and write to FB? They say themselves that it’s time to help, not to write.
    2. Are only the ones who grew stupid and turned off their brain are able to help?
    3. Can’t one help and think at the same time?
    4. Can one help 1 hour and think 5 minutes, after all?

    I can assure my readers that I’m not one of those who sits in front of his computer and gets fat in front of his TV. I help Nepal to overcome the accident by all available means. And it doesn’t prevent me from thinking and sharing my thought with you here .

    In the period of national disasters some countries administer help to Nepal. But that help has been administered before as well: annual spending on disaster risk reduction in Nepal grew from barely US$8 million almost decade ago to around US$40 million in 2013.

    I have a question: WHERE ARE THOSE MONEY???

    Help is perfect, yes. But would any of funds transferring be an actual help?? If the ministers’ pockets are being stuffed with money which they can use for further bribing for making their positions and power stronger, is that a help to Nepal?

    Nepali Red Cross called for help and urged the international society to collect almost 31 million dollars to help the sufferers in Nepal. Why nobody doesn’t even think about giving a report about where those previous millions were spent? Where’s that website which I can enter and find detailed descriptions and reports and read where every single dollar was spent out of those tens millions dollars which were already received by Nepal as a help?

    When someone gives money to the ministers and officials and puts up with the fact that the officials never show anyone where those money went to further, how they were used – it is not help in my vision. It’s depravation. It’s a support to corruption. It’s a contribution to the country’s breakup.

    If I give my money to anyone (I do it sometimes as an act of assistance) I always demand for a detailed report about every dollar spent. If I don’t get that report, I quit the cooperation forever with those who got my money.

    15 million dollars have been provided to Nepal by U.N.O. Where, at which website is Nepali government going to give reports about the money spent? There’s no such website.

    Dear Nepali government. Till the moment you create a website with detailed reports where all previous money were spent, I will consider that:

    *) The help receivers are dishonest people

    *) The help providers are dumb and indifferent people as they eagerly put up with the fact that a huge part of the donation goes to strengthening the power of the corrupted officials.

    Why haven’t U.N.O. or any other organization demanded detailed and public reports about the money spent within the last years? I think they didn’t demand any of those just because they didn’t really care and in fact were and are indifferent to the result. They have salaries, they are being praised for “help”, everything is good.

    Nepali citizens, are you ok with such a situation?

    I think that Nepali people have a right and even are obliged to demand categorically for the Nepali government to create a specific website where the government would give detailed report about every dollar they’ve spent from the money they’d got as help in previous years and are getting right now. There should be the following information:

    *) Exact amount of money spent

    *) How exactly they were spent (what goods or services were ordered exactly)

    *) Contact details of the executive companies (commercial or government companies which supplied those goods or services, particular responsible people there)

    *) The results of control check whether those money were spent efficiently or not

    *) The date of control check and the names of the officials who had performed it.