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    Our world is full of unpredictable things, pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Unpleasant ones are more often, perhaps? Well, it depends not so much on good luck, as on yourself. Luck favors those who actively look for it, who changes their life step by step in the desired direction.

    There is, however, force majeure. Hurricane can be foreseen, but it cannot be stopped. The fall of a huge meteorite may be unexpected or predictable, but even more inevitable (at the present level of technology). Plague or AIDS can trap an unwary traveler in Africa. Yes, our life is full of threats that are beyond our control. Moreover, every country can be attacked by its neighbors!

    They can insidiously throw in their tanks, planes and artillery. Hordes of soldiers will break through the boundaries, land by parachutes and landing craft.

    For example, Canada could attack the United States. At any time, by the way! Thank God, the US has a good army, and it seems to me that Canadians are unlikely to win them easily. But… no way, who could imagine such nonsense? Why should Canada attack the United States? Nonsense, of course.

    Another example then. Suppose Holland sets upon Denmark with all its military might. A rapid tank breakthrough to Copenhagen… no, nonsense again. Why on earth should they attack?

    Well then, the last example: China will attack Nepal! Or India. Nepal has no other neighbors. Yes, indeed. What if China suddenly attacks Nepal tomorrow? No fear! Nepalese people can sleep quietly in their beds because Nepal is under the protection of his magnificent army. You know, I often meet in Nepali blogs the expressions of their incredible pride of Nepalese army. Gurkhas. All the world seems to have written about them! Some Nepalis believe that Hitler himself once claimed that if Nepalese Gurkhas fought on his side, no one could resist him. Gurkhas are a great power. Citizens of Nepal, sleep and work quietly. Your army protects you, and if China suddenly attacks Nepal with all its military power… ten million Chinese soldiers, hundreds of ultra-modern bombers, missiles, tanks… Gentlemen, don’t you think that if the Chinese army assaults Nepal, it won’t matter at all whether Nepal has any army or not. Whether it counts fifty thousand soldiers or only an oldster with a rifle. Don’t you think that the Chinese army would never notice anyone in helmet bustling around in a half-crumbled trench?

    I won’t even think about whether it’s a crazy idea or not that China or India would declare war on Nepal. I say that even if such an absurd thing could happen – in this case the existence of Nepalese Army has no importance whatever, because Nepalese Army against the Chinese army… well, sorry, it’s not even funny. Moreover – it would be better that Nepal has no army at all, so there would be fewer victims among the Nepalis.

    Well, listen… what’s the use of Nepali Army then?? Why tens of thousands people play war, run with pistols and simulate some sorts of activity? Using the budget funds, by the way. At your expense. Tens of thousands young, strong, healthy, vigorous men are pulled out of the economy and their families. They do not plow, nor sow, nor open private businesses, nor study in colleges, nor raise children, nor leave to work abroad sending the earned money to their families. They, horribile dictu, don’t do any useful activity. Nothing at all. They are a heavy, useless burden on the backs of already poor Nepali people. Does anyone understand what the point is?