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Himalayas? It’s not enough.

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    Nepal cannot boast of high technology, prosperous life or rapid growth of its economy. As an economic partner Nepal is of so little interest to the vast majority of countries that it does not take even the bottom position in the ranking of potential partners.

    But Nepal has Himalayas. And the Nepalese believe that this is enough for tourism to develop and brought money to the treasury.

    But I want to remind you that besides Nepal there are 250 countries with beautiful nature and attractive tourist places, and when a tourist thinks about – what impressions he would like to get – his final decision is influenced by various details – those “little things” that make his stay in the country more or less enjoyable.

    Any practical marketer knows that it’s details that make distinction from competitors, so it’s essential to work consistently over “little things” one by one, because almost anybody could eventually make quality product. Beautiful places in nature are sufficient everywhere. One has to differentiate in details.

    However, neither the Nepalese government nor the Nepali people understand this simple thought. And there is no one to teach them it. Still, I can try. With extensive experience in business and tourism, I can show what kinds of «details» create huge problems in the development of tourism in Nepal. I can show how Nepal looks like from the outside, and what phenomena, along with beautiful nature, have strong influence on tourists.