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Earthquake – who to blame and what to do?

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    As of 29th April, 340 000 people have fled Kathmandu and went anywhere possible.

    When hundreds of thousands of people dart away from their places and rush anywhere possible, abandoning work without thinking about the future, it is definitely one more natural disaster and government is the only body to blame as they turned out to be absolutely unprepared to the earthquake, worked up any plan and haven’t made it clear for people. Everybody is in panic, nobody knows anything.

    The pandemic risk increases significantly, devastation sets in, the work of government and private companies gets paralyzed, the country falls to pieces like a house of cards.

    I do not live in Nepal, I reside in Europe and I do not watch Nepali TV. Tell me – does the president of Nepal make speeches on TV? Does he tell you at least 3 times a day what exactly is being done by the government, what specific measures were taken and what are going to be taken in the nearest future? Does he tell you where they’ve spent the money Nepal had been getting as a gift every year for chaos prevention in case of such national disasters? Do they call the names of those to blame in carelessness? He is a President. He is responsible for every single thing which happens to your country on such a large scale. Did he take responsibility for anything? For anything at all? Or nobody is to blame, as usual?

    Did he tell that the government was taking responsibility for the chaos? That during his years of work no plans to prevent that chaos had been worked up, so the population turned out to be completely unprepared and was left absolutely disorientated? Or he keeps repeating the same mantra “lets unite”, which covers nothing but a fear to tell the truth?

    Nothing left on Gorkha village, it’s all destroyed by the nature. 30 000 people are left on the streets homeless. “Government is not making any helpful steps yet because it’s in remote area near by Manaslu Trekking Region”. What, is it the first time government has heard about the remote areas in Nepal???

    It’s a natural disaster of unprecedented scale. “The rescue operations were not help irreproachably”, – said the minister of communication and mass media Minendra Rijal. NOT IRREPROACHABLY?? Means – everything is perfect, great, but just a little bit not irreproachable? Is that mockery or dumbness?

    I still give the same advice. Stop fleeing disorderly. Everybody has go back to his work and do anything he can to make order there, at his own working place. When crowds of people run away to different directions, the pandemic risk increases significantly as a result of complete stop of infrastructure work. If any of you will catch dysentery or typhus, the deceases will be spreading like a forest fire and it will be impossible to stop it. There can be even a bigger disaster as a result of chaotic flee of people, bigger than during the earthquake. It can’t be allowed.