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Earthquake and chaos

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    All Nepali had been aware that there would be a high chance of new and strong earthquake. Every single Nepali, all of them, had been aware that the strong earthquakes were happening in Nepal once in 80-100 years, and it had been 80 years since the last strong one.

    I have questions in the view of aforesaid. Where is the plan describing what exactly to do in case of the earthquake, made by the government? Where the Nepali citizens could go look for it to get prepared and do the preparatory work? Where can they look for that plan right now?

    Nowhere. THERE WAS NO PLAN created and THERE WAS NO PLAN made clear to Nepali people and explained to them. Try to understand it once again: in the country where EVERY citizen had been aware of the coming earthquake for decades, there was no plan worked up, no information according to that pan was cleared to the citizens. There’s no place where people could go and look for instructions, what to do in case of the earthquake.

    That’s why there’s chaos right now in Kathmandu. Crowds of people are rushing about the city senselessly, thus paralyzing the life of the capital (!) and calling it “assistance”.

    This is the result of your government’s work. Is that normal?

    There’s chaos all over the country. Senseless, destructive chaos, caused by panic and lack of understanding what to do. Just a small example: Niraj Farma clinic is closed in Pokhara, which is almost untouched by the earthquake. I repeat – a clinic closed during the disaster of a national scale!!! Why??

    Many banks do not work in Kathmandu. People can’t withdraw the money using the ATM machines. Will it lead to order in the country? Will it make the life better? Maybe banks have dropped down the cracks? No, they didn’t. Then why don’t they work? Because there’s chaos in people’s heads as nobody has ever worried about making a plan in case of an earthquake.

    And don’t shut my mouth saying that it’s not a right time to “blame the government”. I do not blame, I use reasons and make conclusions, and my reasons bring me to a single and same result again and again: your government is incompetent, useless and even destructive.

    I want to give an advice. If you want to help, to assist, then first of all you have to stop running around the streets in herds and look around. Every Nepali has to go back to his working place and try to do everything they can to fulfill their own duties. Let the buses go in time and the doctors see patients. Let the hotels serve the tourists and drivers take them for excursions. And let the army (100 000 people!) and armed police force (70 000 people!) and police (40 000 people!) remove the obstructions, blockages and ruins. When everyone is staying at his working place performing his own duties, the chaos stops immediately.