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Experimental psychology

Selection of attractive states

Life without negative emotions, sluggishness, diseases and delusions is possible!

Rudashevskiy Vsevolod

Set of selected works

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Vol. 01. “Introduction to Selection of attractive perceptions”

Vol. 02. “Maya”. Book 1: “Force-Minor”  .doc

Vol. 03. “Maya”. Book 2: “The Origin of Species”

Vol. 04. “Maya”. Book 3: “Solid Rivers, Marble Wind”

Vol. 05. “Maya”. Book 4: “Self-Life”

Vol. 06. “Maya”. Book 5: “Event Horizon”

Vol. 07. “Maya”. Book 6: “Oort Leaf Fall”

Vol. 08. Stories

Vol. 09. “The Enlightened World is Inevitable” ; “Evolutionary Role of Religion”  .doc

Vol. 10. Sympath’s Principles ; Assistance to Children ; Articles for the Nepalese