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I don’t like the term “child-rearing”, so I use another one I find more appropriate: «assistance to children». Are there any reasons to postulate any general regulations of this assistance without getting specific? I think there are. Whenever you face a particular problem you don’t know how to deal with, or you find yourself unable to put clear boundaries of your influence, you will often find it easier to look for a reasonable solution using some basic principles you agree with. I’ve been noticing it repeatedly from my personal experience and I’m sure it works for others as well, and not only in assistance to children, but also in other areas of life. Therefore, the absence of specific details in the following articles is an advantage which allows to formulate the basic principles without getting lost in specific details, and they can be used further for structuring your motivations and actions. A possibility to correlate your perceptions and actions with a certain basics gives self-reliance and inner comfort, which results from understanding that you act according to your common sense, and can make corrections to your ideas.

I hope I will have enough time and enthusiasm to add articles about more specific aspects of applying those principles.