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chapter 1


    The main contradiction in children assistance shows that, on the one hand, the main goal of any assistance is to bring up an independent, constructively developed personality with an active life stand, with strong exploring and creative activity in different areas of life, and, what’s most important, with highly saturated life according to the person’s own estimation. On the other hand, it’s impossible to assist a child without at least a minimal force in primary stage, just because a small child cannot be aware of the surrounding world’s threats.

    Realizing the need of that minimal force, being paralyzed by fear of responsibility and sometimes being even made to initiate that force by the country laws, adults extend the forcing to all areas of their child’s life. They keep doing that over a long period of time while the child obeys due to the dogmas and fears knocked into his head. They actually think they try to bring up a healthy and happy person, having completely enslaved him, which is completely impossible. Only slaves and nonentities can grow up under the conditions of slavery and total obedience.

    There’s a deplorable fact, which aggravates the whole situation and gets it into a spin. Being enslaved by their own dogmas and psychopathic states, being almost lifeless, spending the whole life with next to zero saturation, without having seen any possible assistance to children other than completely forceful upbringing, adults are entirely sure that the force they apply to a kid is insignificant. Many of them think of themselves as of liberals who give too much freedom to their child. Many of them are sorry for not having implied even more force.

    The problem of inability of raising a small child absolutely without at least minimal restrictions does exist, and it’s very essential to realize it’s urgency and importance and try to solve it with an utmost accuracy and attention. It’s also important to set the limits of the boundaries with a maximum precision, minimizing them as much as possible and stopping the force as early as possible.