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“What’s the Price of Anticipation?”

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Be down to Earth – demand what is impossible!


    Let us assume that you – the reader of this book – you are the head of the CIA. Is it a bit hard to imagine? Ok, you will be the General manager of the Hydro-Electrical Power Plant, providing power to half of Kuala-Lumpur (there is such a city in Malaysia, I like to spend my time there). The Hydro-Electrical Power Plant is surprisingly simple in construction. This is a large pipe with a gravity fed water flow from the river. This flow is then separated into a few directions, each of them is used to the power-generating unit and rotates the turbine that produces electricity. There are a few boards with monitors that have buttons, a couple of computers, where operators sit 24/7 and monitor them. If everything is ok, they carry on reading papers and porno magazines, but if something is not normal – they press a couple of buttons and call in a specialist. When I was walking around a five-storeyed construction of a Hydro-Electrical Power Plant, where I was permitted by the general manager I knew, I could not stop being amazed – it was all so simple here, as if I was in the 19th century. There was minimal electronics. But regardless of the simplicity of the operators work, nerves are very important there. To be more exact –stable work of those nerves in non-standard situations.

    And what if you are the commanding officer of a unit that is responsible for the timely launch of the ballistic missiles, responding to the actions of the enemy?

    And what if you are the Chief of the city police and very often you receive complaints regarding your subordinates, who abuse their authority?

    There is no need to imagine something special – what if you are just an ordinary small business owner and you are concerned if the operator on the phone stays cool and polite, while communicating with a not very clever customer? If you are the father of a slacker, who causes damages all the time and you have to pay – either for a new window or a new tooth for a class mate?

    In all these cases purely economic arguments will make people think – what if I send my operator, manager, soldier, officer, son to a training course to learn to experience negative emotions (NEs) as little as possible?

    Generally, all medium size business owners like believing in a “training course” to be a certain miracle that will make their business effective. This silly belief is used by many firms to conduct “training courses” of different sorts. A usual situation is when the tutor instructs, the trainees listen and understand nothing and do not want to understand anything. Everybody is happy – the first receives money, the second have a rest from their work and exchange sms-messages with their friends, as well as the employer is also happy, as he believes the money is not wasted. This is a kind of sacrifice. But the courses that teach eradicating negative emotions, or at least reduce the negative emotions, are really important. Just a small portion of NEs in the form of a few words or intonation, received by a potential customer either face to face or by phone, can be very successful  to make him an outsider.

    So the moment is not that far away, when I find a letter in my mail-box from the director of the FBI or from somebody of not so high significance with an offer to organize a training course for his subordinates. And as far as my methods do work (especially, when there is a serious motivation, and a secure job is a strong enough driving force for many), and it can be proved, the snout-company, providing such services, is inevitable to appear with time. Something similar is the subject of the movie “Lie to me”. I like this type of the snout-business. On one hand, the snouts will have a chance of practicing their skill to influence people that do not mind. On the other hand, it will financially support the snout-culture. Thirdly, from time to time we will find people, who will consider eradication of the negative emotions and cultivation of enlightened perceptions to be something more than the swift-passing work duty of taking the training course.

    It is interesting that competition in this business sector will take a different form than in other business spheres. If some incompetent impostor takes this kind of work, the results will be within the statistical accuracy. But if somebody is really keen on eradicating distresses, that person will automatically become a part of the snout-community. In an ordinary business it is easy to imagine the situation, when two competitive companies, both of them having high quality product in the result of their activity, are uncompromising rivals or even enemies. But in business dealing with development of skills to resist negative emotions, high quality product is possible only when the tutor is free from NEs, which means the tutor experiences EPs, which again means he wants to communicate with similar people and become a part of the snout-community and promote its interests.

    What will be the price for the training course to reduce NEs and dullness? What’s the price for anticipation? I do not know for the moment. We will see when we have orders, because one price can be for the training in a classroom, but it is very different to take a group to the Himalayas or the ocean and conduct training there, when you can create various situations which develop character.


    It is also worth considering one more aspect of this business. Let us imagine a person, who has earned, for example, a billion dollars. He is already 70, or 80, or 60. And he can clearly see he is ageing, he has all the signs of old age, with it – illnesses, helplessness and death. Will this person agree to give away one tenth of his fortune to learn what I am doing professionally – handling certainty? It will give him a chance to at least improve his health and prolong his life, if not to turn time back? Who knows for what period he can live longer – it depends on him – it can be ten years, maybe twenty, thirty? What does it mean “only ten years”? When you are twenty or thirty years old, you can say “only ten years”. But when you are seventy years old, your attitude to ten years is totally different. I think that person will agree to learn how to prolong his life, and not only prolong, but make it more comfortable and free from painful illnesses. Certainty is a mighty power, learning to manage this power is a great art, but learning to handle it to prolong your life and get rid of the illnesses does not require too much work. A month or two of intensive training, plus subsequent light active supporting practices are no more difficult than the daily cleaning of teeth or shaving – that is all that is necessary. I will not make an open access to the instructions on managing the certainty. Also I will not reveal the reasons for that, just mention that those reasons are not commercial. Nevertheless I am planning to gain profit from my knowledge, as I need money, a lot of money, to expand and develop the snout-culture, the snout-business and the snout-projects. So when and if some very wealthy person approaches me, and if he is ready to part with one tenth of his funds in exchange for one or two month training course on certainty, I will accept his offer.