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    03-02-01 Three stages of dealing with your wishes

    The practice of the direct path can be subdivided into three stages of dealing with wishes:

    I) The search and realization of happy wishes (hws) – i.e. wishes that are accompanied with anticipation as minimum. Selection and riddance of mechanical wishes (mws) – i.e. wishes that are triggered by mechanical patterns of behaving in a certain way, with negative emotions and [unreasonable] concepts.

    II) The second stage starts when the competition of hws eventuates (chws). It is characterized with convulsiveness and a fever of hws realization (hwsr), lack of time for realization, absence of differentiation and analysis of the perceptions that are manifested in the process of hwsr.   The realization of sexual wishes (sws) demonstrates this effect especially clearly, because sws are suppressed in the most cruel and merciless way from the age of 2 – 3 years old (this is the age when erotic and sexual wishes start being strongly revealed) and up to a moment when the person decides to practice. Such a total suppression eventuates in a hyper compensation of wishes (hcws), when a person literally cannot stop, masturbating 24 hours a day, shagging whatever possible regardless of how pleasant or somewhat unpleasant or even very un… his sexual partner is, other hws are suppressed, until it eventuates in saturation, tiredness, poisoning, but he carries on shagging and shagging until finds himself oversexed and loses any idea of what he wants from his life, exhausted from a continuous negative background and so on. There are also examples of people who survived torturous starvation (e.g. in a concentration camp) and later could not stop continuous consumption of food for years and senseless stocks of food in the cupboards and under a pillow.

    No matter how unpleasant the consequences of hcws are, nothing can be done about it, this period has to be lived through and advance pass this. If you have a broken foot – you cannot do anything about being extremely limited in your motions for a month or two to give your bones a chance to heal – this is not a reason to cut your foot off, is it? It is similar regarding your wishes – a great number of wishes, including very strong wishes,  have been suppressed for years and even decades. They were ruthlessly broken. This is why there is nothing to be done about the fact that recovering will take certain time and will be escorted with unpleasant states.

    The process of hcws will finish sooner and will be substituted with a period of enthralling realization of different hws along with the growing experience of their confirmation, escorted with concurrent and subsequent analysis of perceptions during and after the realization.

    While the intensity of hcws is decreasing, the happy and exciting process of hwsr is getting stronger, chws as well.

    III) Increase of hwsc and related to it flashes of NEs (displeasure there is not enough time for everything; tiredness due to the lack of sleep; feeling of hopelessness that you do not see the way out of this situation and so on), wishes to stop unpleasant states and achieve the EPs eventuate in the third stage, when a person starts:

    а) differentiate perceptions revealed during and after hwsr

    b) analyze these perceptions – whether they are indeed welcomed and how much wanted;  whether the realization of this exact wish will bring the welcome state; what triggered the wish and at what degree was based on concepts, patterns or concerns, or at what degree was reasoned by anticipation; whether he was experiencing the anticipation through the whole process of hwsr and so on.

    c) select his perceptions

    03-02-02 A wish of satisfaction

    It often happens that the beginner-practitioners substitute their concepts instead of a search and realization of their hws. Instead of “you must listen to your mother” there appears “you must do what a good practitioner is to do”. Whatever concepts dominate the hws, the outcome will be a dead end, NEs, dullness and prosiness, distaste for life. Often there is a similar attitude of a “good practitioner” regarding the wish of satisfaction and those wishes that bring satisfaction and intensify satisfaction if they are realized.  Do you want to lie in a bath and read a detective book? You must not – “good practitioners” do not do that. Do you want to play a computer game? You must not – it is a shame – what will other “practitioners” think of you? Instructive images of mythical snouts with condemning faces are crowding in the imagination of a poor creature. The image of a strict Judge Bodhi that is gazing at you scornfully from the heights of heavens, gradually acquires loathsome, disgusting features and you want to spit into his face and yell at him: “Back off from me with your practice! Let me live peacefully!”

    If a beginner-practitioner is writing about satisfaction, it is rare that it is like: “I am sitting – I feel satisfied – and I am already fed up with it, I want to fight it, want to experience EPs, I want to feel alive.” As a rule, the beginner-practitioner is writing something different: “I want to experience satisfaction, though I know that I MUST to get rid of it”. It is ignored that “get rid of” is incompatible with “must”, and that the actions motivated with “must” and not with happy wishes, bring only worse distaste for life.

    Nothing, except NEs, will be achieved, if you suppress satisfaction on the basis of the concept that you are obliged to do it. For years you lived being intoxicated with intensive NEs, NB, and did not even suspect that it is possible not to experience them. Now, when you have this knowledge, certain experience of EPs and some skills of NEs riddance, satisfaction becomes, firstly, available, and secondly, a very welcome perception. It is not known how much time will be required to get enough of satisfaction and you will want more pleasure from living, i.e. experiencing EPs. But definitely, the better the experience of satisfaction, the sooner it will happen, and the better this experience will be, when you get rid of the NEs.

    For those who want to feel satisfaction (i.e. for all who start eradicating distresses – a wish of satisfaction is always there, even for those who will later become a snout and drakonchik), it is worthwhile to be aware that for the moment satisfaction is a very attractive state, desirable for experiencing quite frequently. Yes, when there are EPs, it is more attractive and interesting, but satisfaction is precisely what you want the most often for the time being. And if it is as is, then it is worthwhile to make your goal achieving satisfaction in accordance with this hw, and eradicate NEs and change your life in a way that will allow you more chances of achieving satisfaction, search for wishes, even if there is among them a wish to watch TV day and night.

    Later – in future – if you really have the wish of EPs, this wish will easily make its way, and the eradication of satisfaction will become a happy and creative process, not a torturous forcing out.

    03-02-03 Actions necessary for the selection of happy wishes

    Recommended actions for the effective selection of hws:

    *) make pauses in the process of hwsr to differentiate perceptions

    *) prioritize your hws during these pauses

    *) get rid of those components of a wish that are recognized as reasoned by distresses and do not intensify anticipation, contrariwise, decrease it

    *) get rid of those wishes that have just been realized, but lost in the competition with other hws, i.e. overpower the sticking and uniformity and start realizing a stronger for the moment hw regardless of concepts that impact (like “what you have begun, you must finish”) and NEs (e.g. NE of fear that others will think of you as of a person who did not finish one thing before starting another)

    *) analyze hws aimed at creating conditions for achieving pleasure. Often a person will chase some goal, anticipating its achievement, while a simple analysis reveals that this achievement will not eventuate in desirable conditions or perceptions.

    *) make a better differentiation of the “pleasure” into satisfaction and EPs.

    *) monitor the presence of EB, EPs, EES during the hwsr.

    03-02-04 Types of wishes – a short example of classification

    If you observe your hws, it is easy to classify them as the following:

    а) achieving desirable perceptions right away

    b) creating conditions to achieve the desirable perceptions in the future


    The first type can be subdivided into:

    а1) wish to experience EPs

    а2) wish to experience satisfaction


    It is easy to differentiate among the wishes of a2) type:

    а21) a wish to experience satisfaction from possessing and using things and conditions

    а22) a wish to experience satisfaction from rating in the widest meaning of the word. Having a high rating is a horrible spread contagion. When a person has a million dollars, instead of the search of hws he wants to have two million and get a higher rating in the table of millionaires. If a friend bought a dress, you have to buy a better dress. Every person chooses for himself lots of ratings to participate and achieve high positions, all his life he will struggle, not aware that this is a typical form of addiction and he is not experiencing EPs, not even any satisfaction, as the chase is continuous and universal.

    03-02-05 A wish to create “conditions” is often like chasing a ghost

    A wish to create conditions is often a chase of a phantom. For example, for years a person can make huge efforts to receive a higher  education (as he is sure it is necessary for getting the right job), suppress all his wishes, degrades physically and does not bother to spend a couple of days to check if he really needs to spend 5(!!) years of his life to receive that piece of paper? Is it true that he will not be able to find a profitable and interesting job without the diploma? Because if he starts his carrier now, then in 5 years, when people of his age will leave the university with their empty eyes, hatred of life, a lack of practical skills and an extreme feeling of self-importance, they will not be able to compete with him from the professional point of view! Is it really necessary to marry? Is the married life so attractive indeed? For years people can fuss around the fiancée, but they will not spend a week to get familiar and see what married life is, and catch all its horrors.

    When you discover for the first, second and third time that you have been chasing a phantom, it eventuates in a wish to stop and cease running amok – you will want to do all what has just been said above – make pauses in the process of realization, differentiate, analyze and so on.


    It is amazing, but as a rule people are not aware that it is possible to experience EPs right now – without any additional conditions and in the process of creating these conditions as well. No matter how trivial it sounds – right now it is possible to be happy, but to make this clarity permanent and acquire the balance between the wishes of a) and b) types, the experience of realization, observation and analysis is required.

    03-02-06 Manifestations of NEs and EPs in each other’s background

    An interesting consistent pattern:

    1а) when there is a NB, NEs – only they are wanted. The thoughts of EPs and practitioners cause only new NEs.

    1b) when suddenly a flash of an EP breaks through the NB – this is the moment when only EPs are welcome forever and there is a wish never to experience NEs.

    2а) when there are EPs, only EPs are welcome. The thoughts of EPs and practitioners become enlightened factors and bring the new EPs flashes.

    2b) when suddenly by an old pattern a NE flashes among EPs, it is experienced as something monstrous, disgusting and gruesome – this is the moment, when NEs are unwelcome forever.


    Thus there is a significant difference of experiencing EPs in the background of NEs and how NEs are experienced in the background of EPs. An investigation can be conducted on the basis of this observation, hypothesis relating to the nature of human perceptions can be constructed. Maybe such an investigation will become a source of happy wishes to make some experiments.