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On the way to continuous EPs

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    07-01-00 One million of EPs

    I want to start this section with the statement that I consider the practice of accumulating a million acts of generating EPs is a principal practice, and all other practices are additional or minor. This practice consists of accumulating a million acts of generating EPs, being aware that by the time the practitioner achieves it, or even earlier, he already will be experiencing EPs continuously and thus will have new perspectives. Any splash of EPs counts, even of a weak intensity, not very distinct, lasting just only for a second. Count of the number of generated EPs is not recorded in writing, just in memory, it allows a practitioner to concentrate on EPs and not to “fall asleep”. At the end of the day the number of accumulated EPs is totaled with the previous number and this amount is already to be recorded in writing. It is more effective to start counting EPs from zero, those that have been experienced during the day, than add them to the whole amount of EPs, experienced earlier, as the numbers within a hundred or a few hundred are compatible with the amounts a person has in his everyday life and better resonate with anticipation, persistence and aspiration.

    The total number of accumulated EPs is also an enlightened factor. Like a prisoner, that day by day chinks with a screwdriver in a wall of his prison between him and the freedom, experiences increase in persistence and aspiration, when looking at the pile of dust under the hole he is trying to make.

    The practice of EPs accumulation is central in the PDP. All the rest is secondary. If the word “generating” does not resonate, one can use “jump into EPs”, “remembering oneself in EPs” and so on.

    07-01-01 A role of devotion in achieving the ecstatic EPs

    The very first experience of eEPs leaves an indelible mark, even if they have been lasting for only a couple of seconds. From this moment and forever, the memories of eEPs steadily take first place in the system of values and the wish to experience them again becomes the strongest heart’s desire. The process of eEPs achievement can be presented as the third big “increment” of the practice (the first is to reveal and eradicate distresses and the second is to discover and cultivate EPs).

    The more frequent and intensive the splashes of EPs, the longer they become – they last not 1 or 2 seconds, but 5 to 10, and the more definite and steady the happy wish to find the shortcuts and detect the most efficient practices that lead to this world which is beyond words. Naturally, the course of the overall eradication of the distresses and cultivation of EPs are the two frontlines of work, which, without any doubts, are the two basic components of any practice in achieving EPs. At any price it is necessary to keep on being persistent and determined in practicing and achieving this exclusive and radiant perfection. However, it does not mean that there is no space in this course for a quest of the ways to increase the coefficient of the performance and the effectiveness of the effort.

    At any particular moment the formal practice can be directed at cultivation of one certain EP. If a pair of EPs forms a stable chord, after some training I can generate both of them sort of simultaneously. It is exactly the same way as in the process of driving a vehicle, when I “simultaneously” control and handle a few parameters. In actual fact attention is so quickly shifted from one point to another that they seem to be at the same moment. Still, being busy with one thing, I cannot do something else. Of course, all EPs more or less resonate with each other, and while generating the feeling of beauty, for example, I will most probably experience also blissfulness, devotion and whatever possible, and maybe there will appear some other unknown EP. There still will be a dilemma what exact EP to choose for generating at a certain moment? The one you desire the most in that moment? Of course, but the question “what EP to choose to approach eEPs maximum quickly” is also the result of a happy wish to achieve the eEPs as soon as possible, especially as the difference in the intensity of the wishes of various EPs quite often is not significant.

    Hence there is a wish to investigate different EPs regarding their maximum resonance with other eEPs. It is quite possible that the investigation will not detect any significant difference between EPs in this aspect. But if in the result we discover that a certain EP resonates with eEPs more efficiently than others, that will be a discovery of extreme importance, as it will facilitate the advancement towards eEPs significantly (because instead of generating dozens of known EPs I will concentrate only on one). Bringing up this question adds a special flavor to investigation and cultivation of EPs. The person that knows this answer has a choice – either to direct the practitioner he helps with the practice towards that EP, or give the practitioner time to find the answer independently (because the search in itself is a creative process, one has to experience various EPs, differentiate them, compare resonating characteristics and so on) or give no answer at all, only tell the practitioner that there is such an EP, significantly more efficiently resonating with eEPs. The first choice deprives the practitioner of the joy of independent investigation and making his own discoveries, but it saves a lot of time, and still there is no end to the number of possible discoveries and investigations to be done. The third choice gives a person a chance to experience all the grandeur of this discovery, but a lot of time will be taken by not very effective practices. The second choice I find the most optimum, but in the conditions, when I am writing this book, I have to make the first choice. I am still aware that instead of achieving and experiencing clarity on this issue, a beginner practitioner can be tempted by a “talkfest”, like “esoteric followers” that do not practice but learn to jungle beautiful words and phrases.

    The most efficient barrier for achieving EPs is, first of all, aggressive NEs and orgasms. To the point there will be here a story about a Tibetan lama that managed to escape from a real hell after many years of extremely cruel torture. Barely alive he was repatriated and then interviewed. Amongst other questions there was – was he scared? He answered of course he was. Scared of what? It was implied, he was scared of death, or that due to brutal torments he could lose his mind and betray other monks. His answer was – I was afraid I could feel hatred towards my torturers and stop experiencing compassion for them. This man knew the value of aggressive NEs and he did not want to pay that price, even when he was tortured so brutally.

    Thus – there is an EP that plays a crucial role in achieving eEPs, and this is devotion. From the moment, when it is clear, this investigation and cultivation of devotion becomes the main trick, where the attention of a practitioner is concentrated.

    (If a reader does not differentiate clearly the EP that I call “devotion”, he can substitute it with “an extremely bright and piercing fondness” further below in the text)

    07-01-02 Enlightened factors for devotion

    The discovery that the resonance of devotion with eEPs is significantly more radiant than the resonance of other EPs, is of great importance. Now all the diversity of the paths and ways that consists of cultivation and investigation of dozens of various EPs, is reinforced with one main track – investigation and cultivation of devotion.

    As the first point now there appears a wish to investigate what enlightened factors (EFs) are the most resonating with devotion?

    Are the creatures that experience EPs – EFs? Definitely, but there is a small subtlety with far reaching consequences. Let us imagine Ramakrishna that experiences Samadhi or Buddha Gautama in nirvana. Or Milarepa that achieved “the body of light”. Does it evoke devotion? Yes, it does. Now let us imagine Ramakrishna in the period, when he did not achieve stability in experiencing Samadhi, and minute by minute, day by day, month by month, almost without rest and sleep, says only one and the same: “I want to see the Mother Kali and experience blissfulness”, when he was banging his body against the wall in desperation, scraping his face on the clay floor of his room until it bled, furiously dedicating himself to the practice of expressing his wish. Does it evoke the resonance with devotion? Yes, it does, and it is significantly stronger. Same happens, when we imagine Milarepa, who made a super effort to overpower his dullness, fear and inertia, and who nearly died in a cave from exhaustion, but was determined to achieve the breakthrough to EPs at any price. It all leads to a simple conclusion that can be verified by further experiments: aspiration is the strongest EF for devotion. But the strongest EF for devotion is devotion itself.

    Also by the way of simple comparisons and measuring the intensity of devotion it is possible to discover, that there is one more very strong EF for devotion – sincerity.

    If you write the images that resonate with devotion, they can be ranked by the intensity of the resonance the following way:

    *) creatures that experience ecstatic EPs, as well as the elements of their life stories, photographs, manuscripts, comments, especially regarding their desperate, dedicated effort and manifestations of devotion.

    *) practitioners that crusade for EPs, but still have not achieved the eEPs and experience distresses.

    (This image is less resonating than the first one, as those that experience distresses, are less aspiring and sincere than those that have achieved eEPs).

    *) those that could start struggling for EPs, if they knew of them and of the possibility to stop experiencing distresses, and of the practice. These people evoke fondness as they search for freedom, do not want to live a usual dull life, they are ready “to recognize at first sight” the idea of EPs existence and about the possibility to live free from NEs.

    (Hence we can conclude that the third EF by significance for devotion is fondness, affection).

    *) Earth snouts: not-the-stones, not-the-wind, not-the-mountains, not-the-fog, not-the-clouds and so on.

    (Hence we can conclude that the fourth EF by significance for devotion is the feeling of beauty).

    In spite of being localized in this exact order of decreasing intensity of resonance with devotion, any of these EFs can happen to be the most intensive depending on the circumstances and the current moment.

    Thus: 1) devotion, 2) aspiration, 3) sincerity, 4) fondness, 5) feeling of beauty.

    07-01-03 Blissfulness and devotion

    Investigation of resonating qualities of devotion brings an amazing result: the most radiant resonance of devotion appears… with blissfulness! This result is amazing, because for an ordinary mind that did not integrate the information about EPs into his system of perceptions, devotion and blissfulness are antipodes, principally incompatible perceptions. “Devotion” is associated with “everything for somebody” and is understood as self-denial, and blissfulness is understood as “all for oneself” and a deadline of egotistic ambition. Cultivation of devotion brings the splashes of blissfulness of an amazing brightness, duration, depth, acuteness. It leads to the “attention drift” from the practice of generating devotion to the concentration on blissfulness. The optimum behaviour is to be aware of it and follow your happy wishes.

    Even the least effective practice brings significant results, if it is dedicated to generating devotion, so efficient this EP is. Even a simple repetition of the word “devotion”, so called “cold remembering”, gives a good result. But of course, to increase the efficiency of practices, it is necessary to make a continuous effort of investigating devotion directly in the process of its cultivation.

    07-01-04 Devotion and FSI

    It is easy to see that “devotion” is very far from a wish of possessing and the feeling of self-importance. Devotion is absolutely incompatible with FSI, FSI is the most powerful barrier to devotion (and consequently, to EPs) and the practices of eradication of FSI are a very effective addition to the practice of generating devotion. Hence the skills of stalking acquire a special significance, as stalking is the main practice in overpowering and eradication of FSI. It is not surprising that stalking and eradication of FSI have been of such a great importance in the practices of Don Juan.

    07-01-05 Five cyclones. Tornado

    A wish to experience EPs involves a wish to experience devotion, because it is a shortcut to the splashes of eEPs. A wish to experience devotion involves a wish to have as many as possible enlightened factors for it, and first of all – people that experience aspiration, sincerity, that evoke my fondness and resonate with the feeling of beauty., These are “snouts”, that sincerely, furiously, persistently and positively aspire towards EPs and eradication of distresses (a wish to increase the number of snouts should be purified from imagining or ignoring some qualities of the practitioners). A wish to have more snouts involves a wish to facilitate this process in every possible way. Hence a wish to achieve stable enlightened lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, as it enables to find snouts and facilitate their practice in a great majority of worlds that are opened to those with an experience of lucid dreams, and to communicate with different creatures which are real as much as those that we meet in our world of wakefulness. What else to be wanted for a person with so extensive happy wishes, nearly cyclones, where the most attractive experiences are concentrated? It is realization of his most intensive, sacred wishes, it is to learn to be able to want so efficiently, furiously, happily and devotedly, that the wishes are realized due to his effort, as well as due to the favourable concourse of circumstances.


    1) Wish of eEPs

    2) Wish to experience devotion

    3) Wish for more snouts to appear

    4) Wish to help snouts in every possible way and in all the worlds

    5) Wish to be able to have an “intention”, e.g. a skill to experience hws of such intensity and quality that they are realized even despite of whatever is reasonably assumed to be unlikely or impossible.

    Manifestation of these five cyclones has amazing qualities:

    1) Every following cyclone is presumed to be a consequence of a previous one as the most effective tool for achieving this previous cyclone.

    2) Their combined manifestation resonates with the feeling of fullness and is associated as a solid and balanced base. Quite often there emerge corresponding physical senses as “firmness”, “willpower output”, “sphere of emptiness”..

    3) The connection “ignition – chain” is easily established, when manifestation of cyclone resonates with others and as a result the whole chain is activated, as if flame runs, starting the next element.

    I will use the term “tornado” to designate a combination of cyclones with such qualities.

    A “leading cyclone” is the one with the brightest manifestation and the one that ignites the whole chain.

    Cultivation of a cyclone brings such changes of its quality that is associated with the opening banks of a river under the pressure of persistent and determined waves of a full flowing river.

    07-01-06 Threshold of localized certainty, Samadhi of the first meeting. Intention bud

    The threshold of a localized certainty” (“tlc”) is such an intensity of a happy wish or a cyclone (the intensity approximately of 6) that brings certainty (i.e. the position of differentiating consciousness) corresponding to an ordinary understanding of “adequately reasonable confidence” that this hw will be realized. Achieving the tlc of a cyclone is accompanied with a stable background of blissfulness and of especially bright and penetrating anticipation.

    When cyclones form a tornado, one of them as a minimum – the leading one – achieves the tlc.

    For brevity hereafter I will use just “at tlc” instead of “at the stage of achieving tlc” if it does not change the meaning of the phrase, like in “EPs arising at tlc”. And to make these phrases melodious and resonating EPs, I will replace “tlc” with an identical “lea” – “EPs arising at lea”.

    “The threshold of localized certainty” of the 5th cyclone (hw of achieving the intention) will be called “the threshold of total certainty” (“ttc”), because, firstly, the 5th cyclone that has achieved tlc, automatically insures others achieve it as well. Secondly, the moment of achieving tlc is the moment when an amazing effect takes place – EPs start splashing one after another, and in this amazement you grab a pen and write – “the 5th cyclone at tlc resonates radiantly with blissfulness, triumph, freshness, devotion, feeling of mystery, peacefulness, delight…” EPs splash one after another so bright and clear, as if they are small lamps on a string of Christmas lights, there are more and more of them and you understand – it eventuated into something special. You put the pen aside and stay motionless being stunned by these EPs that continue splashing one after another, forming an inexpressible symphony, there are no words to describe it. You feel happy, and this feeling is unbearable, ecstatic, incredible, radiating. And then it becomes clear – “all EPs are here, they blend together, this is the point of their blending, and this is what Bodh has been writing about – this is Samadhi”. And indeed – this is Samadhi, the first step, and I will call it “Samadhi of the first meeting”. When you experience Samadhi of the first meeting, you understand with a special clarity – this is it, this is the beginning of a real journey.

    She-ma: “So many EPs splash that I cannot tell exactly which EPs resonate which, and in what pairs they splash. There are so many of them, and all of them are so bright and intensive, fall on me like playful lion cubs, that bite gently on each other’s ears, paw, jump over each other, run about. All enlightened factors that earlier resonated with separate EPs, now blended into one and the whole. There were only pieces before, now they combined into something integrated, deep and endurable. All EPs adhered and intensified immensely. The body has no boundaries, what I called earlier “myself” has been erased and carried away with a stormy wave without any remains. The lower paws are trembling, feeling of pins and needles all over my body, it all flows and vibrates unbearably”.

    She-na: “when some hw is brought out at lea, the EP that is resonating with this wish, intensifies”.

    Ttc is a state with a vibrating certainty that the strongest, real happy wishes will be realized for sure in this or that form. This is the moment, when our eternal inherent fear of the future and of hostile and unfavourable circumstances is destroyed. The antagonistic contraposition of a man against the world cease to exist, the contraposition, though not differentiated by people, but which always prevails, even when they are easy, happy and satisfied, and experience intensive positive emotions.

    Investigation of ttc and of the states, related to it, is the path to the secrets of mastering the “intention”. “Ttc-er” is a practitioner that experiences the ttc from time to time and investigates it.

    A happy wish + anticipation + confidence in the stage of the “threshold of localized certainty” – these three perceptions, when revealed simultaneously, form the “embryo of an intention” or an “intention bud”.

    The degree of impact of achieving tlc on the circumstances that presumably cannot depend on me, and the technology of an authentic investigation of this issue, as well as if the practice of recurring certainty is right for it – all these question s are in the sphere of future investigation of enlightened differentiating consciousness – see below.

    I differentiate two types of certainty, and their difference is especially evident when tlc is achieved:

    а) certainty that is escorted with [reasonable] assumptions that the given wish can be realized

    b) certainty which is not escorted with such assumptions due to having no reasons for it.

    WE will name the certainty of the first type “tandem”, and of the second type – “secluded”.

    Let us subdivide the wishes into two classes:

    а) “wishes-moles” or simply “moles” – realization of these wishes depends only or nearly only on my effort (e.g. the wish to learn a foreign language)

    b) “wishes-swifts” or simply “swifts” – realization of these wishes depends not only or not as much on my effort, but on circumstances (e.g. the wish of more snouts to appear)

    Tlc is easier achieved for the hws of the first type, and harder for the hws of the second type.

    Obstacles for achieving tlc in swifts:

    1) a fear of failure – what if I am sure new snouts will appear, but they do not – as a result the intensity of skeptic thoughts will increase, it will become harder to achieve tlc, and this is not welcomed, because it is well connected with a rapid increase of EPs. This obstacle vanishes for the wishes that are not limited in time (like a wish of new snouts).

    This fear is overpowered with a direct effort.

    2) fear that my actions have “no point”. For example, I will be sure that new snouts will appear and this confidence will become a source of other wishes – like a hw to write articles and place them on the website. If the snouts do not appear in the result, it means the time that has been spent on the articles, is not effective or, as a minimum, of little effectiveness if we take into account that the process of experiencing and realizing the happy wish is in itself a strong EF despite the result. Still, plus to the pleasure from the process of realization there would be an additional result in the form of a realized wish if there was a certainty in the outcome.

    Ways to overcome this fear:

    а) Direct effort and concentration on EPs that appear at lea.

    b) Clarity that there is no way to know in advance which swift will be realized or not realized, thus the only way out would be to refuse from realizing swifts at all. This is absolutely impossible, because the tornado consists of swifts 80%. Besides, it means I would put up with the fact in advance that swifts will not be realized and cut off all the actions directed at achieving something that is the most important, primarily for me, which is also absurd if we take into account that some swifts will be definitely realized.

    c) Clarity that due to a highly resonating and logical link between swifts, comprising patina (i.e. due to a valence bond between them), the certainty in realization of any of the swifts, as well as the wish to realize them and the actions of realization, facilitates to increase intensity and realization of other swifts (many actions, directed at the realization of the crystal, at the same time contribute to realization of others). Thus, even if in the result one of the crystals is not realized, or realized only partially, it does not matter, as both of the actions of realization and the experienced EPs will contribute to the general process of advancement.

    d) Clarity that a lot of discoveries are made in the process of certainty cultivation and of experiencing happy wishes, there appears regular resonating with EPs, this is why extracting swifts from the process means brining your practice to zero.

    *) If in the process of generating certainty that you can successfully solve some task and there appears a hw to take care of this task, while you did not have this hw prior to generating this certainty, it means you have formed and support a background of «defeatism”, a mechanical certainty that you cannot solve this task.

    Hence the conclusion – generating the certainty in success of doing something is an efficient way to detect suppressed wishes and to facilitate their free manifestations.

    07-01-07 Flushing with devotion

    Flushing with devotion” is the practice, when you constantly switch over to experiencing devotion or an intensive wish of devotion. A “cold flush” is when you do not manage to feel devotion or an intensive wish of devotion and only say the word “devotion” (aloud or in your ID), or you generate images, resonating with devotion. Correspondingly, your actions, wishes and thoughts can also be flushed with devotion. For example, when I repeat the words of a foreign language that I have learnt, I can repeat the word “devotion” after each repetition, this is simple and always possible. Or like from time to time I recur my attention to devotion while experiencing or realizing my wish to play chess.

    Flushing with devotion leads to a more distinct splitting of perceptions on two categories – those that resonate with devotion at a given moment and those that do not. It facilitates a happy wish to cut off non-resonating perceptions and cultivate the resonating ones. It brings a significant change to the quality of life, devotion becomes easier to be generated, it increases EPs in general, and happy wishes become stronger and clearer. As a consequence, tornadoes reveal more often and brighter.

    07-01-08 Piercing net

    Experiencing five cyclones, tornado, flushing with devotion, and especially Samadhi of the first meeting, cause one significant change – now as if a fine sensitive net is thrown over, and every action, thought, emotion and wish touch it, trembles and ignites a background of blissfulness. “Thrown over” – not quite the exact words. As if this net is penetrating through the heart of all perceptions. I will introduce the term a “piercing net” – a cascade of resonances of various perceptions and EPs, which are accompanied with multiple splashes of enjoyment in different parts of the body (first of all, the center of the chest, throat, heart).

    The piercing net is playing role of a tonometer, as if tuning the perceptions to resonate EPs and thus brining happy wishes of purifying this place from perceptions that do not resonate with EPs at a given moment.

    07-01-09 Druse. Patina

    An element of druse” or “crystal” is a happy wish with the following qualities:

    1) it is logically connected with the cyclone, which is a part of tornado (either directly or due to other elements). It means there are reasons to presume that the result or the process of realization of one of them will facilitate realization of another by creating necessary or optimum conditions;

    2) its manifestation will lead to a “penetrating resonance” – a resonance with the cyclone (directly or due to other elements), with other crystals with a probable accompanying reaction of the whole chain of cyclones over the piercing net.

    A pair of the connection between crystals: “logical link” + “resonance link” will be called “valence link”.

    All this multi-branched chain of such wishes that begins in a cyclone, will be called “druse”.

    A multi-branched net of druses that begins in each of the five cyclones has a quality of forming valence links between the elements of neighbouring druses. As a result the structure is developed, and I will call it “patina” (stress on the first syllable) – a combination of cyclones that form a tornado, crystals and valence links.

    If patina has a large number of crystals, it does not distract attention due to the penetrating resonance. On the contrary it intensifies happy wishes, their interlink resonance and an easier achievement of the thresholds of localized certainty.

    Realization of a happy wish, which is accompanied with blissfulness and enjoyment and that develops due to resonance with patina, will be called an “enlightened realization”.

    A crystal, which is an object of the crystal “I want to cultivate tlc”, requires a separate term as its manifestations are different from the manifestations of other crystals. The main difference is that it is accompanied with ecstatic EPs, it becomes a powerful EF for eEPs. I will call it “tourmaline”.

    07-01-10 Crystal integration. Rhinestones. Claws. Artifacts. Map

    When a happy wish, which earlier was experienced as separate, now finds its place in druse as a result of valence links having been formed, we call it an “integration of a crystal” into a druse. It is good to have a graphic view of patina – the “map of patina”, where every hw has its own place and valence links are marked. Integration of every new crystal is an extremely joyful event, because:

    1) like a playful dog, resonance shoots through all druse, sometimes all patina and penetrating net, and runs as long as it likes

    2) a new crystal opens a new front line of investigations, new spheres of getting enjoyment, because this happy wish now acquires a special intensity, joyfulness and “breaking through capability”. Being involved in druse, the hw is now easier achieving the threshold of a localized certainty and it facilitates the realization of a wish even in those cases, when there is no clarity how exactly it has happened. It concerns even cases, when there are reasons to presume that realization of this wish is extremely difficult or not possible.

    If there is an assumption that a certain hw can be a crystal, it is good to take a few “actions of integration”:

    1) track its logical connections with existing crystals or cyclones – if there are the connections and how definite they are,

    2) transfer your attention from the hw under investigation to druse and return for a few times, as if “bring them together” and check if they resonate.

    3) in this process flush your hw with devotion in order to purify it from possible admixtures of mechanical wishes.

    Sometimes, in the result of these actions, the resonance does not appear even though there is a logical connection. But if the resonance takes place, it is quite distinct and reminds of an eagle catching a fish with outstretched talons. I will call this effect a “clutch”. Finding the place of a hw in patina is like inserting small magnets – put it in one place – it is not magnetized, another place – not magnetized, third place – there is a clutch!

    If a certain wish is inserted into a map of patina as a result of the impact of a mechanical wish and due to insincerity, and the fact that there is no clutch is ignored or the clutch is imagined, it will not remain there – it will disappear from patina.

    Building the map of patina is an incredibly engrossing process, sparkling with discoveries (multiple and intensive poisoning with the “discoveries fever” is unavoidable, this is why it is good to remember the wish of structuring discoveries, getting used to a new level of discoveries saturation).

    A place of a hw in the patina is not always found immediately, it is not always clear if there is a place for it there (in the form that it is experienced at the moment), this is why it is good to have a list of “candidates for crystals” or “rhinestones” somewhere at the side of the map.

    A “rhinestone” is such a hw, which is not revealed as often and intensively as crystals, there is no clutch, but there is a logical connection with the elements of patina and the reasons to presume that the absence of clutch is a consequence of a certain distress, e.g. a fear of failure, or admixture of mechanical components. Further actions of integrating will show if the rhinestone becomes a crystal.

    If a certain crystal forms a valence link with a few elements of patina simultaneously, it goes to a spot with the most distinct resonance, in other places it can be marked with a thin font, for example, or italics with a reference to its main place in brackets, in case, if the map is in the form of an excel table. If the map is in the graphic form, then the valence links with the neighnouring druses can be indicated by arrows. It is good to have both types of the map and a separate list of crystals with codes of their logical connections with the upper links.

    Unlike stable crystals that form as if a cemented structure, there constantly appear and disappear (upon realization) short-term happy wishes. I call these wishes “claws” by the analogy with a cat outstretching its claws to climb up the drapes. For example, a wish to learn foreign languages can be a crystal, but a wish to buy a dictionary – a claw – is revealed brightly for the period until I buy it. Claws also have a high resonating intensity, it penetrates all over patina as clearly, though maybe not as radiantly, as during the concentration and /or realization of a crystal.

    Artifact” is a result of a claw realization, manifested either in a material form (a purchased book) or in any other form that allows to differentiate a change and make a comment like “this is what has been done in the result of the hw realization” (for example, such actions of a practitioner that give a reason to presume he experiences clarity, achieved with your active assistance, which is motivated by a claw). When the attention is directed at an artifact, and you are aware that this is an artifact, there appears a wave of a piercing resonance through the patina, as if the claw has not been yet realized. “Innervating of patina” – is an effect of a piercing resonance through the crystals and cyclones. Thus, the more claws are realized, the more artifacts are there around you, and the more often the patina is innerved (which means activated), the more dense and intensive EPs are revealed in your place.

    The experience acquired from tlc achievement and the observations of big changes that occur in the process (a hw becomes powerful and strongly resonates with EPs, an intensive and stable EB appears, pushing persistence and determination that sparkle with joy and anticipation, emerge, it becomes easy to get rid of skeptic thoughts), can even lead to remembering wishes-swifts that have been suppressed or forgotten, because there has been no clarity of what could have been done for the realization of such a wish (for example, a wish to live more than 500 years). Now there is such a clarity – one can draw this swift to the lea, and after that – who knows what perspectives can be opened if we make an assumption that achieving tlc is one of the stages of increasing the probability of the hw realization. Even more – if this swift happens to be a crystal, its value is obvious, because it easily fits into the patina, intensifies mutual resonance, forms a new place for developing valence links and for integrating new crystals. Revealing the suppressed hws is one of the results of training in the process of achieving tlc.

    07-01-11 The practice of cutting off

    The practice of cutting off” – when I experience an obviously mechanical wish, or a wish that has a significant part of the mechanical components, I try to find a place for the wish in the patina and insert it, which means I shift my attention from the patina onto this wish. As a result there appears an effect of “forcing away” the mechanical component, it is clearly experienced as an alien, not interesting, there emerges a wish to reject it and some tiredness from the attempts to place it in the patina and as a result it loses its intensity sooner than it would in the process of its depletion. This is the third type of (the first is depletion, the second is eradication) overpowering mws, and in my opinion, it requires the minimal effort.

    Crystals are of such a high intensity, that, being not used to it, one can have a “booze binge” – so attractive it is to indulge in the realization of a happy wish, hour by hour, day by day, experiencing so many resonances, EPs splashes that at a certain moment this crystal goes off the patina. You are so engrossed, that you forget about integration activity, stop “refreshing valence links”, and as an outcome, the hw falls out the orbit and quickly accretes with mechanical components. But while you accumulate experience, you learn to easily prevent such failures with the help of regular refreshing of the valence links.

    07-01-12 Developing the enlightened differentiating consciousness (EDC)

    Training of enlightened differentiating consciousness is very significant for the further development of a wish of intention. Usually, when there are a few probable scenarios of the events, people experience some unhealthy preferences. They claim the outcome of the events that their life will become at least a little bit happier, but at the thought of different outcomes they experience NEs and fear of the future NEs. For example, while sitting at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, one will experience a lot of NEs and a NB – boredom, irritation, tiredness, and all his NEs will intensify at the thought that the flight will be delayed again. Another person will be aware that no outcome will give a guarantee of the fullness of life – it is possible to experience NEs in any circumstances. It is easy to see while observing people that happened to be in the circumstances they presumed to be a recipe of happiness or at least satisfaction. Secondly, the fullness of life can be experienced in any circumstances, including while sitting at the airport for a whole day, or two, or three, providing you are busy with exciting investigations and realize happy wishes.

    The basis of training EDC consists of two platforms:

    1) analyze the situation and make assumptions what kind of outcomes are possible and their probabilities;

    2) four conditions to be observed:

    *) experience the fullness of life now – realize happy wishes, investigate, practice.

    *) while analyzing possible variants of a situation, be aware, that it is possible to experience both distresses and EPs in any circumstances and any outcome.

    *) imagine that you enjoy life, conduct investigations, make discoveries in every alternative of the situation.

    *) perform emotional polish, eradicate NEs that appear automatically at the thought of a possible outcome, which is accepted as “bad”.

    While analyzing, I ask myself: is there an assurance about the situation regarding each aspect? Or the question can be precise: will the flight be delayed or not? It is necessary to make a thorough differentiation between assumptions and confidence, because thoughts and confidence are absolutely different types of perceptions and it can happen that there are reasons to presume some outcome has a 100% probability, but confidence is relating to another outcome.

    Then I act in a way that is good from the point of view on the basis of my assumptions and I see in what degree my confidence matches the outcome. The confidence can change or be the same depending on the course of events, incoming information and new assumptions.

    Applying the practice of recurring certainty and having achieved an acceptable result, one can start a new direction of investigations, like to change certainties and compare the outcomes. It will allow you to advance in finding the answer to the question – in what degree the certainty determines the future course of events and thus if there is any way to predetermine this course of events in accordance with your happy wishes, which means to achieve the skill of mastering the intention.

    People have absolutely no experience of confidence in the conditions described above (all their preferences are extremely painful, they are accompanied with multiple NEs, and the stronger a wish of a particular outcome, the more intensive NF and NEs are), this is why a significant number of experiments will be required to have “the rabbit out of its hole”, which means to have your confidence purified from distresses.

    07-01- ”New

    senses (EPS): “a playful chicken”” anchor=”13″]

    The processes described above, are accompanied with new enlightened [physical] senses (EPS). It is especially radiantly manifested, when the background of enjoyment becomes nearly constant patina’s partner in its development: expansion, strengthening of crystals and their realization. For example, EPS “a playful chicken” is a phenomenon, when small playful yellow fluffy balls, sparkling with enjoyment run over the body, especially the upper region – arms, chest, throat – where a ball has been, there remain spirals of sparkling, sometimes unbearable enjoyment.

    This is the first time when enjoyment is so clear, radiant and lasting, and it leads to the body transformation.

    07-01-14 Crystal “I want to live 500 years or more”

    The content of the crystals that form the patina, varies from person to person, and nevertheless there are druses, that will be integrated into the patina of many practitioners, as soon as they discover them, or read this book and enter them into the list of rhinestones. This is why I want to describe the processes that facilitate bringing some crystals to the lea.

    “A wish to live 500 years or more” (“w-500”) is joined to one of two cyclones – “experience EPs” and “help practitioners”, and correspondingly, forms the valence link with the other. The logical connection here is quite clear, because long life gives the possibility (a) to conduct a huge number of investigations, discoveries and change in a way that is incredible for the moment; (b) to facilitate the practice of a huge number of snouts. The number 500 has been chosen because it not only resonates with anticipation, but also exceeds in advance even the most optimistic assumptions about how long a man’s life can be. People that live to 120 – 130 years, are not so rare already, somewhere in the legends there are quite doubtful evidences that some people managed to live up to 200 years old, even 220 years old, but 500 is a priori a fantastic, impossible age for a man in accordance with existing evidences, concepts and assumptions.

    When you practice bringing the w-500 to lea, there appears a very bright anticipation, up to an ecstatic quality, and it is very stable while it’s on the lea.

    This also brings the clarity that you have prepared yourself to the idea of dying at the age of 60 – 70 – 80 years old. You can talk a lot that duration of life depends on a person’s perceptions significantly, you can also be sure that you are confident you will live as long as you want – still it does not cancel the fact that there is among your perceptions an iron-concrete certainty – you will die like all other people, maybe a little bit above the average age. Only direct generating of confidence that you will live to 500 years or more, eradicates that mechanical certainty and immediately brings a stable ecstatic anticipation and other resonating EPs.

    The stronger the distresses of a person, the more intensive the mechanical wish of life to be ended sooner, the distresses to be ended together with life as well. I remember I had such a wish in my childhood, when the prison appeared in the form of the kindergarten, then school, then the institute, then the necessity to work, “unhappy” love stories, “happy” love stories (when the continuous background was desperation-10, because I could not spend all my time with the girl I loved, I could not make us happy, there was nowhere to live, no money to live on and so forth), the fear of teeth treatment, the fear of illnesses and so on. I thought that sooner or later I would die and all my sufferings would end and due to that thought I experienced a relief. Thus, step by step, without realizing, I strengthened my wish of life to be shortened, strengthened the certainty that this is how it is meant to be, especially because this is an unshakable truth relating to the life of all other ordinary people.

    When you bring your w-500 to the lea, detachment intensifies, the life of people with all their countless distresses, naught passions, vanity, dullness, boredom and attempts to suppress them with impressions – all this as if drops out of my world, passes by and never touches me.

    When you bring your w-500 to the lea, it becomes much easier to generate openness and even devotion for the snouts of the Earth – rocks, rivers, trees and so on. Before they have been as if from another world, because they live nearly for ever if you compare it with a few decades of my life, I often felt detached from them, and though the feeling of beauty gives a resonance with openness, its intensity is immensely higher when you bring your w-500 to the lea. And of course, this openness and devotion is easier experienced towards aspiring creatures.

    A wish that has been brought to the lea, will be designated with the letter “l”, e.g. “w-500-l”.

    The assumption that if I am sure I am going to live for a very long time, my laziness will intensify, I will not make as much effort and experience less EPs, my life will be inactive and inert – this assumption is wrong. We all remember Don Juan’s phrase about the life of ordinary people – as if they will live forever and they have time for everything. The experience of bringing w-500 to the lea incontrovertibly proves only those people that have the mechanical certainty for living for a shorter period, live as if they are going to “live forever” – listlessly. When there is the w-500-l, an ecstatic anticipation, delight, aspiration, devotion, there is a flare up of crystals and even some separate clusters of wishes (combinations of happy wishes, where each of the wishes is connected with a valence link with at least one other element of the combination, but this element is not a part of the patina), as well as scattered odd wishes.

    W-500-l brings out such a position of DC, when the current events are recognized as the distant past. What seems to be timely and perfect at the moment, will become hopelessly outdated and even funny. I will call this position of the DC “shift forward”.

    Shift forward resonates with detachment.

    W-500-l leads to a radiant feeling of everlasting spring and aspiration.

    One of the criteria of experiencing w500-l is a wish to plan and/or predict your life, as well as the life of the Mankind in 200-300-500 years, there is an interest to investigate the tendencies of Mankind development, because if you have the w-500-l, it means it concerns you directly what happens in 500 years in the same way as what happens in 20 years.

    She-ma: “When the w-500 comes to the lea, the following appears:

    *) a condition that I want to call “hunting for hws” – EB (1 – 4) and a hw (5+) to look for new and new hws. It resonates with the words “excitedly” and “impossible to stop”. There are no chaotic distractions, there emerges seriousness, anticipation and delight from the thought “I want to look for happy wishes”.

    *) openness and a perception that resonate with an image: “I was standing behind the gate and only sometimes jumped up to see what is there on the other side of the gate, but I always returned to my place and was sure that nothing else is possible for me. Now I opened this gate and I saw a huge field and a forest, and there is something else behind the forest, and something else further on, and I can go and see it all, and touch and feel and do whatever I like”.

    *) clarity that until now I experienced a continuous background concern of having not enough time for all my hws realization, so what’s the point of detecting them? That was the way to excuse myself that I did not look for my hws, and even if I detected them, skeptic thoughts followed: “when will you realize this wish? I will never have a chance to do it”, which intensified my FSI and I did not even make an effort to get rid of the skeptic thoughts, because I did not eradicate even the first skeptic “this is not a hw”, “this is not significant”. But now this certainty that I will live to 500 years brings delight and clarity that I have so many hws!

    The thoughts that resonate with detachment, appear: “I have my practice, I have my life and I do whatever I like.

    When I am looking at different Earth snouts, my feeling of affection intensifies, it acquires depth, resonates with openness, my worries disappear. I can stay near the tree-snout as long as I like and feel affection, until I have a hw to do something else. It eventuated in clarity that I all the time hurry somewhere, even if there is nothing to be late for and nothing to rush for and do something urgent. I never do anything for a long period because of the concept “I always have to do something”, “I must not be stand still, looking at something, thinking of something or lying for a long time”.

    One of the actions that resonates with the w-500 and makes it easier to develop the certainty-500, is drafting a plan for 500 years (further with corrections and updates). Even if this plan is extremely schematic, it still will produce an impact. For example, you can distribute by centuries a schedule of learning foreign languages or sciences and so on.

    07-01-15 Expedition. Investigations. Huskies. Thunderbirds

    Sooner or later, there will appear among the claws a wish to make a list of investigations that arouse the most significant interest, and the wish of conducting these investigations is a claw or a crystal. A combination of such investigations will be called an “expedition”. It turns out that when this list is done, the intensive anticipation from the patina is enriched with aspirations of the same intensity from the expedition. The penetrating resonance covers now not only the patina, but the expedition as well.

    Investigations that comprise the expedition, will be called “huskies”. Huskies can form or not form valence links between themselves, but they for sure develop a valence link with at least one crystal or a claw.

    Experiencing of resonating intensive anticipation and the same intensive aspiration gives an absolutely new undertone to the both of them. This pair of EPs will be called “thunderbird”.

    07-01-16 The principle for effort adequacy

    The principle of the effort adequacy” – if you apply the effort in practicing the eradication of distresses and achieving EPs, then all what is required for your advancement in this process, will be available in proportion to the actuality. For example, if I have a concept that a bodily enjoyment is not significant and there is no point to pay attention to it, then the enjoyment is suppressed. It eventuates in distortion. However as a result of the development of other EPs and due to resonating with them, the bodily enjoyment will reveal more and more often, until I discover at last that I have this concept and eradicate it. After this the investigation and cultivation of the enjoyment will advance faster and the distortion will disappear and this will impact other directions in the practice. Thus, it is enough to experience high degree of sincerity at least in some spheres of the life, make persistent and determined effort and the distortion will be little by little aligned.

    Achieving clarity in the existence of the effort adequacy principle eradicates the concern that something can be missed, not noticed and then these concerns eventuate in the invincible obstacles. Investigations reach the state of a quiet, creative and happy atmosphere, which is free from spasmodic anxiety, anticipation and aspiration intensify, along with them clarity, steadiness, resonating qualities of the patina and expedition.

    07-01-17 Aspiration to breakthrough

    Sometime after the patina has developed, it becomes clear that apart from the five cyclones, there is also one more – the sixth cyclone, which reveals only from time to time, and this is the “wish to breakthrough”. This wish always reveals exactly like a cyclone, this is why I find the name “aspiration to breakthrough” is the most resonating for it – a wish of determined steps to an irreversible change of perceptions in some sphere, a wish to be persistent as much as possible. In the beginning the wish to breakthrough can be objectless, later the object can be found due to the search of the hws resonating with the wish to breakthrough. A typical mistake is to let the mw find the object by all means to be revealed. Sometimes an objectless aspiration to breakthrough can resonate with some actions, which are not the object, but still they resonate with it.

    From time to time the aspiration to breakthrough can appear before the patina is developed, but only with the patina it is more intensive and frequent.

    Aspiration to breakthrough resonates radiantly with determination, persistence, aspiration and anticipation.

    07-01-18 “Trusting EPs”. Introverted EPs. An effort of detachment

    “Trusting EPs” is an amazing position, because the strongest wish is… the wish to refuse from the hw! It seems to be impossible, as refusing from the hw you unavoidably will start to experience a mw. This is right for all those situations, when a person does not experience EPs, but when there are radiant EPs – it is possible to refuse from a hw and not to feel a mw, continue to experience radiant EPs, more than that – the refusal from a hw intensifies EPs and PS.

    Investigation of enjoyment is a good example for examining this phenomenon. When the enjoyment is at 8 – 10, you have to make a serious effort not to “orgasm” with a wave of enjoyment that runs through your spine, and in the beginning there appears a wish to control this process. For example, you want to direct this enjoyment to your paws for them to become a finer conductor of EPs in order to share EPs with snouts with a touch of paws. But in the process of observation I notice that, firstly, these attempts of control decrease my enjoyment, and secondly, there emerges a strong wish that I will call “trusting EPs”, which means not to interfere with my wishes in the process of enjoyment. There is also a strong anticipation of observing this process without interfering.

    Trusting EPs” is a name for a group of perceptions, including:

    а) “openness” (it has a peculiarity that this is not the openness to what is differentiated as “external”, but as part of “my” complex of perceptions. This variation of openness will be called “introverted”. There are also other examples of introverted EPs, like “thankfulness to yourself”. It emerges, when you remember about your effort to help other practitioners and your actions. It is impossible even to imagine for a person with just a few EPs, he cannot imagine anything else except satisfaction. But thankfulness to yourself – is an EP, at least because, like other EPs, it resonates with other EPs).

    b) anticipation (resonating with thoughts like “freaking interesting – what will be the result like, what amazing discoveries will be done)

    c) strong hw of escalating attention to observe what is happening and experience delight, anticipation and other EPs.

    Trusting EPs, if it lasts for a certain period, starts resonating with detachment. Ordinary detachment does not block hws, even vice versa, it resonates with them (against the opinion of those, that do not experience EPs but talk about them abstractedly). But this variation of detachment that resonates with the trusting EPs, has a special undertone, because in this position hws are suspended with a hw not to interfere with the process.

    I have specially chosen this term “suspended”, because this action is principally different from both eradication and suppression. These are unwelcome perceptions that are eradicated and suppressed, but this is not the case – hws remain being desirable perceptions that resonate with EPs. In this situation a new action takes place and I choose the term “suspend” for it. “Suspension” is the realization of a hw for hws to stay outside of a certain sphere and not affect a certain process of experiencing and EPs development, even though they are claws. A resonating image: active and playful puppies are pushed aside with a strong, but affectionate paw. This way they will not hurt a newly-born and weak puppy. The puppies are standing and yelping, they have the full freedom to run in all directions, except this region where they are suspended. Nevertheless the new one feels the puppies attention, their wish to come close and play, it is perceived with faithfulness, openness, fondness, responsive playfulness, but he cannot reveal it as it is too early for him. If we use the language of perceptions, there emerges a resonance of enjoyment (as far as we talk about enjoyment in this particular example) with the happy wishes to interfere.

    Trusting EPs is revealed, when:

    1) there is a high pattern of development of an EP,

    2) EPs are on the verge of being ecstatic,

    3) there are “fireworks of discoveries” – a state, when EP-clarities appear one after another, discoveries happen one after another and radiant EPs are revealed.

    07-01-19 Clusters

    If you have not yet experienced what is leading to the formation of the patina, it does not mean you cannot experience and investigate what is described here and will be described later on.

    Strong hws develop chains that will be called “clusters”. These clusters have nearly the same characteristics as the patina, though having less intensity and stability. The “Cluster” is a complex of hws and each of them has a valence link with at least one other element of this complex.

    She-na: “in the process of clusters development the resonance of hws between themselves intensifies significantly and achieves a breakthrough power, i.e. the intensity of hws achieves 6 and higher + there appears certainty 6 that their realization is possible. All skeptics disappear, EB emerges, penetration and depth of EPs increase rapidly and it becomes very easy to generate EPs. If NB appears, the resonance between elements of the cluster decreases and the cluster disintegrates”.

    She-ma: “hws can form clusters while resonating with each other. There can be different ways of cluster development. I differentiate clusters, consisting of:

    1) hws that resonate with equal EPs,

    2) hws with the intensity 7 – 10,

    3) hws with the intensity 3 – 6 (less stable),

    4) hws that resonate with various EPs of different intensity, in this case the most intensive hw forms “the gravitation center of the cluster” and attracts less intensive hws, thus intensifying itself.

    “Adhesion” is a term for the process that is analogical to clutch, but this term will be used for clusters, not for the patina. You can create as many clusters as you like, sticking hws together, creating different clusters, and every time there will be some result – either EPs will intensify, or hws will resonate stronger with each other, or it will lead to discoveries.

    Adhesion of hws in different clusters brings the following: firstly, these hws start resonating with the EPs that earlier they did not resonate with, secondly, their position in the ranging list changes, and thirdly, hws can become more detailed and acquire claws.

    07-01-20 Crystal purity

    When an EP achieves a pre-ecstatic or ecstatic intensity, it is clear, without impurities and at that moment the quality of differentiation changes – it also becomes pure, clear and distinct. The resonating words for this radiant and clear EDC are “crystal pureness”.

    There is a certain range of EPs intensity, and the clarity of resonating EDC changes within this range.

    а) With an EP intensity of 6 – 7 the clarity of EDC is better than with a less intensive EP, still it does not achieve a degree, resonating with “crystal purity”. I will call this level of EDC as EDCf or “the level of crystal purity formation”. This level of EDC clarity is always accompanied with anticipation of crystal pureness.

    b) With an EP intensity 7 – 8, on the verge of ecstasy (with a certain backlash from either side), EDC is revealed with the clarity that resonates with “crystal purity”. This EDC will be called as EDCc or “crystal purity”.

    Crystal purity resonates intensively with:

    *) the words “ardent”, “icy”,

    *) an image of piercing sun rays,

    *) an image of a huge block of ice with sun rays piercing through it.

    Crystal purity does not always accompany EPs with the intensity 7 – 8. Manifestation of other qualities is also important – depth, comprehensiveness, acuteness and so on. The greater range of other qualities and the more intensive they are, the higher probability of achieving crystal purity.

    Crystal purity makes it significantly easier to achieve EPs spontaneously. The EP that induces manifestation of resonating EDCf or EDCc, will be called “crystalline”, but it is necessary to be clear and remember, that “crystalline EP” is not a designation of some quality, but it is a chord consisting of two EPs – an initial one and a resonating EDC of extreme clarity.

    07-01-21 Dissolution of a hw in clarity. Fundamental hws. Balanced position

    Some hws disappear when it becomes clear that they were due to the absence of clarity. For example, if some person was thought of like a sincere and aspiring, there could be intensive hws to interact with him and assist him with his effort. But when illusions, relating to this person’s image, disappear, hws can decrease or vanish. About such wishes I will say that they “have dissolved in clarity”. When the hws dissolve in clarity, no NB or disappointment appear, vice versa – the intensity of EPs background increases.

    For example, if earlier, due to my assumption (and I had a corresponding certainty) that it is not enough to make short and clear instructions relating to the possibility of distresses elimination and experiencing EPs, there were a lot of hws to explain the stages of the path in detail, write articles, try to influence the practitioners in the process of clarifying that insincerity and an absence of the wish to eradicate distresses are the only reasons why people do not change, and these wishes dissolve in clarity, disappear, give way to radiant clarity, triumph, appeal and aspiration.

    If there are assumptions and certainty about happy wishes that they will not dissolve in clarity in any circumstances, these wishes will be called “fundamental hws”. They include, for example, a wish of EPs in other people to be as frequent and intensive as possible, a wish of facilitating to the effort of sincere and aspiring practitioners. These wishes will be called “extrovert” (“efhws”) They also include fhws to continue the journey with EPs, discoveries, change perceptions in this place. These fhws will be called “introvert” (“ifhws”.)

    The intensity of such EPs, like aspiration, appealing, anticipation, detachment, depends on the strength of ifhws.

    The intensity of such EPs, like devotion, fondness, commitment, significantly depends on the strength of efhws.

    The position, when both efhws and ifhws are of the same intensity, will be called “balanced position”.

    The more of imagining and ignoring, the less of clarity and sincerity, the more chances that the balanced position will cease to exist, either efhws or ifhws will get more intensive, and the portion of hws, that could dissolve in clarity, providing there is one, will increase. As a consequence, there increases a portion of mws and accompanying NEs, NB and other distresses, the practice slows down, and if the situation is not repaired, and a period of decline begins.

    It is worthwhile to achieve and keep the balanced position in any circumstances. Remembering about the effectiveness of the balanced position is a virtuous tool to support it.

    07-01-22 The trap of a wish to assist

    As far as devotion is a system-creating EP, a center of influencing and attracting, it is not surprising happy wishes that resonate with devotion, are the most intensive and captivating, like a wish to look for practitioners and facilitate their practice. The intensity and the entirety of such wishes can be so high, that they involve a whole spectrum of other wishes, including mechanical, into their whirlpool. Concerns, relating to the results of your actions, can become a real trap. In order to escape it, one has to acquire a significant experience of monitoring the practitioners that brings clarity – if the person really wishes to achieve EPs, eradicate all distresses, then just a small piece of advice is enough for them to advance step by step. And vice versa – if a person only thinks that he wants to experience EPs, then even if you devote all your life and advise him a million times, he still will miss something, complain about something, ask and demand new advice, explanations, conversations, examples and so on. Only when you deplete and eradicate these feverish wishes “to rescue”, it is possible to be free from this trap, and while you experience the radiant happy wishes of facilitation, you can facilitate the practice by precise practical messages, continuing your own way along the path to the unknown.

    07-01-23 Dragon breath

    After a certain period of active realization of intensive happy wishes there takes place dissolution in the clarity of a whole series of crystals. This is an unavoidable process, because the new experience is acquired as a result of such a massive realization, and accordingly clarity intensifies, errors and created images are being revealed. As a result of some crystals dissolving in clarity, the whole patina disintegrates at a certain moment. The intensity of the remaining happy wishes rapidly decreases. This is a “the dragon’s exhale”.

    The exhale pause” is a state between the “exhale” and the beginning of the following “inhale”, i.e. the beginning of the new patina development.

    The breath of the dragon” is a sequence of “inhales” and “exhales”. A period of such a breath can take a few months, half a year – it depends significantly on many circumstances.

    The pause at exhale is characterized with a rapid decrease of all hws – sometimes with a total disappearance. To downsize the undesirable states of this period it is worthwhile to practice recurring attention towards fundamental hws and occupy the position of the “last frontier”: whatever happens, regardless of how deep the decline is, I will go on with at least the minimum I can do: eradicate NEs and not to forget about EPs”.

    The beginning of an “inhale” is characterized with:

    а) increase of spontaneous EPs,

    b) clarity that the pause at the exhale is finishing,

    c) some hws become more intensive,

    d) decrease of undesirable undertones in the hws competition (in comparison with the last inhale)

    e) more radiant and stable manifestation of an “objectless hw” – Aspiration.

    A necessary requirement for the hw to become a crystal of the new developing patina is the resonance not only with other crystals, but also with the background aspiration. The happy wishes will be radiant, stable and will be supported with a wish of their realization only when there is a resonance with aspiration.

    The new appearing candidate for crystals will be revealed for a certain time at the background of the aspiration, and “an exposition of the hw” takes place, i.e. the attention is being shifted from aspiration to the hw, and the resonance either happens or does not as a result. A resonating image – a lake is overfilled with objectless hws and makes the choice of streams to fill with water. Exposition is accompanied with a complex of processes that contains the images of consequences from a possible realization (along with the character and scope of this realization) or non-realization, actions that can escalate the wish of realization or non-realization.

    07-01-24 Guard number 4

    When the EPs experiencing increases, there appears satisfaction (“guard number 4” that was mentioned in the chapter “effective practices”) and the wish of PEs, but gradually you acquire the knowledge that if PEs appear, EPs fade, like they are covered with shade. It leads to a wish to block PEs and satisfaction in their starting phase, which means being aware there is a high probability of satisfaction emerging, practice emotional polish, and a wish to be determined to attack the first symptoms of satisfaction.

    07-01-25 Three pillars of enjoyment

    While you realize your sexual wishes and analyze the accompanying perceptions, the orgasm becomes a less and less desirable event, the portion of a mechanical sexual wish (which is conditioned by a wish to possess and avoid dullness and boredom, and so on) shrinks, and the portion of the enlightened sexual wish (which is accompanied with erotic perceptions, fondness, affection and other EPs) increases. At a certain moment (most likely this will be the moment, when you stay on the verge of orgasm for a longer period and experience intensive erotic perceptions and other EPs) it brings enjoyment in the chest, heart or throat (either separately or all together). This is so attractive and it resonates with other EPs so intensively, that the sexual enjoyment becomes even secondary (in spite of its very high intensity). Later the enjoyment arouses when you experience EPs and remember this enjoyment, and sooner or later it eventuates in a wish to experience it continually. High concentrations of enjoyment bring blissfulness, and the enjoyment in the heart leads to its extreme radiant and penetrating degree (“Atman”). From the initial three centers the enjoyment spreads gradually all over the body and brings quite an unusual impact. The body becomes extremely energetic, mobile, healthy and sensitive, it rejuvenates in the straightest sense of the word, especially if it is combined with certainty in living for more than 500 years. The body, which is being transformed due to the permanent background of enjoyment, supports the journey into EPs and escalates the ensuing discoveries.

    The enjoyment can be awakened due to a high concentration of any EPs, not only by intensive sexual and erotic perceptions. There is a direct correlation – the higher the concentration of EPs (which is achieved, for example, due to formal practices of generating EPs), the more often the specific waves of enjoyment run through the body.

    Enjoyment waves have the quality that reminds of the high tide – they go through the same parts of the body, but at a certain moment there is a stronger wave that absorbs a new area, and from this moment on it will respond with enjoyment to even a weak wave. Thus more and more parts of the body are involved in the enjoyment wave, and it also intensifies the resonance with EPs. The larger the part of the body, involved with the waves of enjoyment, the higher the probability is that at a certain moment the breakthrough will happen and you will experience an influx of especially radiant and unbearable EPs. Sometimes the breakthrough happens during sleep, and only later you will learn to experience it while awake.

    The process of “awakening” the body by the impact of enjoyment can be divided into three significant parts:

    1) from time to time a sweet tension emerges

    2) when radiant EPs (including clarity and hws) and enlightened background achieve high concentration, waves of enjoyment pass through the body and cover a new part of the body, and it flares with piercing enjoyment for a second or two

    3) background spread – the enjoyment appears in this part of the body not only due to the waves, a resonating image – as if coals in the fire start burning brighter from a breeze.

    07-01-26 Clarity in unpredictability

    Differentiation of perceptions, complex of rational clarities, like the detection of laws, assumptions and so on, – it all brings a radiant anticipation.

    For example, frequent enjoyment reveals a number of regularities. E.g., it is easy to notice, that enjoyment spreads up and down from the center of the chest. There may emerge anticipation to “push” these waves up to “break” into the new parts of the body, or anticipation to “push” them. Or anticipation for not pushing, but watching the process of development in this case. There also may be anticipation to restrain these waves and not allow the prior concentrated enjoyment to explode with an “orgasm” and investigate ensuing phenomena.

    Anticipation is followed by happy wishes. After happy wishes there are (as a rule) actions of their realization. Actions result in the changes in the complex of perceptions. Some changes can happen due to the happy wishes only.

    The changes eventuate in a happy wish to investigate them, to differentiate new perceptions, new interactions with ensuing new clarities and so on. Some are predictable, for example, if there are efforts to differentiate perceptions, sooner or later they will be differentiated, no doubts. If there is a number of happy wishes, then most likely, there will emerge happy wishes of realization – the predictability is also of a very high probability. But what “direction” will this anticipation have? Can we forecast it with a probability of 80%? 50%? 30%? No, we cannot. Anticipation can “acquire a direction” towards any one of the dozens of directions, to any complex. Also it is impossible to predict the new discoveries, new perceptions and regularities. Impossibility to forecast discoveries plus unpredictability of ensuing anticipations generate absolute unpredictability.

    This clarity will be designated as “clarity of existence of absolute unpredictability”, or shorter, “clarity of unpredictability” (“cun”). CUN acquires stability, as a rule, following a long series of discoveries, anticipations, happy wishes, changes. CUN resonates with a feeling of mystery, anticipation, appealing, aspiration, detachment and everlasting spring. It decreases the mechanical confidence in a certain picture of the world, the concept of “I” and the feeling of self-importance as a whole.

    07-01-27 Fine differentiation of wishes

    Even a weak, but lasting enlightened background and an accompanying background of enjoyment with the centers in the chest, throat and heart, facilitate an easy and clear differentiation of perceptions. Among many other discoveries, related to the increase of capability to differentiate, we can distinguish a discovery of a new class of happy wishes. The life of an insincere person is like being in fog – only on second thoughts he will try to think of a reason why he has done something. This second thought can take place in an hour or a day, sometimes in a year or five years. A practitioner prioritizes his wishes – he will be pleased to decline those that are motivated either by the obviously false (for him at a given moment) concepts and NEs, or by mechanical inertia, a dull pattern, and thus he will clear the path for happy wishes that are accompanied with anticipation. Nevertheless, even the practitioner, as a rule, does not differentiate events that happen in the process of hws competition. All he can say is that there has been a certain complex of wishes, but this wish evokes the strongest wish of realization, but how does it happen that one wish overweighs another? Only the penetrating wish of sincerity leads to this differentiation.

    The wish of sincerity brings a specific wish to “savour” the selection process of a wish that is the most appealing for realization, to protract taking the final decision, and it is accompanied not only with the specific pleasure of experiencing hws, and going through them, but also with a physical sense of enjoyment in the chest, heart and throat, – same as when a person stays on the verge of orgasm and experiences radiant affection. This wish of “going through the hws” will be designated as hw².

    A wish to understand which exactly hw² supports this or that hw and facilitates its realization first, brings differentiation that quite often it happens mechanically. When there are a few hws, it eventuates in the hw to realize the one with the strongest anticipation. Attention is shifted from one hw to another and the states that can develop from the realization of the given hw, are compared. The wish to compare the states will be designated as hw³. As a rule, it happens very quickly, like a solid lump, and a person that does not enjoy differentiation of perceptions, will not notice anything. Nevertheless, this is the moment, when a “mechanical drain” is possible, which means concepts and fears reactivate. For example, at the moment I want (a) to learn English, (b) to train the certainty-500. After some hesitations I choose English, there is an anticipation of 4 – everything looks fine. But then hw² emerges – a wish to return and check how this selection has been made. In the process of deliberately sorting of the wishes hw³ appears and I compare the states that will presumably eventuate in the result of realization of those hws, and I differentiate that the wish to learn English is intensified with the following perceptions:

    *) anticipation that I will be able to read books in English

    *) anticipation that I will be able to communicate with native speakers of another culture, receive new impressions and new information

    *) anticipation of the specific pleasure that I receive, when I memorize something new

    *) satisfaction that I will improve my English (this is a mechanical, killing component that decreases anticipation!)

    *) satisfaction that I know I will definitely learn something and at least some result is guaranteed (a mechanical, killing component that decreases anticipation!)

    As per training of the certainty-500 I differentiate the following perceptions:

    *) anticipation of experiencing this amazing certainty and accompanying EPs,

    *) anticipation of the new experiments and the new effort to overpower the deadly confidences,

    *) anticipation of new discoveries,

    *) anticipation that the picture of the world will change due to new discoveries,

    *) fear of failure (I was not even aware it is so distinct until I started analyzing it),

    *) inertia – reluctance to change things as everything is going on well enough – i.e. satisfaction – one more guard,

    *) fear of changes – here it is, this guard.

    In the result of this investigation I see that these distresses have led me to the choice of learning English.

    Now it is the turn to eradicate distresses, and after their elimination I again go through my wishes and discover that the hw of training of the certainty-500 is much stronger for the moment – and I start this activity and my anticipation is 8.

    This picture looks huge – but it is only in the beginning, when an effort is required for differentiation, when you struggle with the imminent fog, drowsiness and a mechanical wish to let it all hang out and “just live”. But the clarity that “just live” means to “conform with distresses”, spurs and does not allow you to fall into the next decline.

    Gradually the inertia gives in and the crystal clarity you have achieved, as well as the increase of EPs and enlightened background, leads to a more frequent and to intensifying the amazing state of the “storm of furiousness”.

    07-01-28 Characteristics of the storm of furiousness

    The phenomenon of a “mechanical interception” (or “competing inhibition”)- even if a hw is a happy wish from the beginning, there are nearly always some mechanical components that become part of it in the process of a subsequent realization of the wish and in the end these components can even become dominant, i. e. a “mechanical interception” takes place. It happens even with experienced practitioners (to say nothing of ordinary people) – so strong is the pattern of experiencing mechanical wishes, which has been developing for years and decades, like reporting to teachers, exams, checks, evaluations, punishments and rewards… these are the best to kill any hw to learn and remember. For example, a wish to learn something from physics starts as a happy one, but in a couple of minutes a wish to impress people with your knowledge already dominates, a wish to be satisfied, to learn as much as possible, a mechanical wish to remember the information positively, a fear of forgetting, to be disappointed that you have forgotten, and so on – dozens of these parasites adhere with a deadly grip.

    The main goal of a happy wish is to receive pleasure, joy, feeling of mystery, anticipation and so on from the PROCESS of learning, of remembering the information, while a wish to remember by any means can be weak, secondary or absent! (with this condition the quality of remembering is considerably higher than when there is only the mw to remember).

    Monitoring of detection and eradication of mechanical wishes brings:

    *) clarity – it is very hard to experience and realize exactly the happy wishes! There is always a burden of mws that is admixed.

    *) delight from liberation from mws and the avalanche of EPs

    *) significant increase of intensity, determination and joyfulness of EPs

    07-01-29 Mechanical interception

    Storm of furiousness characteristics:

    1) Acute sincerity

    2) Piercing wish of sincerity

    3) Strong determination of overpowering dullness, inertia and prosiness

    4) Acute rational clarity

    5) Radiant aspiration towards EPs and the freedom from distresses

    6) Intensive background of enjoyment in the chest, throat and heart

    7) High probability that a “sweet spalling” will take place in other parts of the body, especially due to the waves of enjoyment

    8) Radiant freshness of perceptions

    9) When furiousness achieves the peak of intensity, other EPs nearly all disappear, but there is clarity that when the intensity decreases, they again appear like mushrooms after the rain.

    10) Happy wishes disappear, as if they dissolve, you are specifically disorientated in the wishes – everything is seized up with the storm of furiousness, all is in the air and mixed in the powerful whirlwind.

    11) The decrease of the storm is uneven and leaves an intensified feeling of life fullness.

    12) Short-term results of the furiousness storm are:

    *) increased background of enjoyment

    *) higher level of sincerity, clarity, determination and persistence *) hws acquire a bright quality of “firmness” and “crystal”

    *) it becomes easier to develop certainty

    *) uncompromising attitude towards satisfaction, dullness and prosiness intensifies; just a thought of these states causes a physical feeling of illness.

    The long-term quality result of this storm depends only on the practitioner.

    The storm of furiousness decreases the background lifeless satisfaction and insincerity, and as a result there emerges a new quality of perceptions, which can be described as “acuteness of perceptions” or “EPs of a new dimension”, or “as if a certain cover was lifted, which reminded of dark glasses shading all perceptions, including EPs”. It is accompanied with a radiant feeling of freshness, because the “cover” shadowed not only EPs, but senses as well.

    07-01-30 Prosiness, satisfaction and dullness (PSD)

    Prosiness, satisfaction and dullness (PSD) are the most undesirable and even disgusting states after the storm of furiousness. When the storm calms down and you return to the usual state, it becomes especially clear that there is so much of this poison in the complex of perceptions. The higher the degree of a practitioner’s freedom from the intensive NEs and deep-rooted NB, the clearer it is how strong the killing capability of PSD is. By the way, the PSD state is always characterized with an imperceptible or hardly perceptible powerful and deep-rooted NB of the fear of the loss of this satisfaction.

    PSD is like mire that mercilessly engulfs anybody if by some reasons they happen to be outside the intensive NEs. A very good example is the life of an ordinary European: total dullness, a mess of insignificant spasmodic wishes that intensify PSD and monotonous PEs. The background intensive fear of losing satisfaction is so strong, that his face acquires an absolutely repugnant and pitiful expression of a predator. Self-pity dominates over other perceptions if something goes wrong, not the way he would like it to be. And aggression – of course it leads to the cultivation of irritation and aggression, while they are carefully hidden behind a mask of polite and wry smiles. And dullness. And thinking, which is like a wheel that spins aimlessly (for example, just to support a conversation in order not die of boredom).

    If the decrease of NEs takes place as a result of practicing, then even in this case a practitioner unavoidably finds himself in quicksand of PSD, though it is not manifested as clearly as in the case, when a person is falling out of NEs due to the circumstances. Besides, a practitioner has a wish of sincerity, aspiration towards EPs and the experience of overcoming declines, so he can differentiate the coming PSD and confront it effectively.

    07-01-31 Control of confidence

    Automatic manipulation of certainty is in the basis of a religious impact and a stubborn superstition and the conceptuality that attracts the believers so much. For example, it is easy to realize your wish of being confident in “God’s” existence, if you are in the circle of people that believe in God. There is a well-known experiment, when a person (knowing nothing about being the subject of the experiment) was in a circle of people he did not know, and these people were saying that a rock in front of them was black (while the rock was white). For about ten minutes the person was confronting the arising herd instinct, but in the end he gave up and accepted, though not confidently, that the rock was indeed black. This experiment leaves nothing to say about superstitions.

    The example of “placebo” demonstrates the great influence of the confidence on a person: a patient, being sure that he takes a new effective medicine, can be healed not only from a headache, but from a serious disease regardless of the absence of any active components in this medicine. Such examples prove, that even mechanical certainty produces a very strong, sometimes even critical impact on a person. For example, if a believer thinks that “God” protects him, he will have an increased feeling of security and he will produce a better impression on people around him. It will be easier for such a person to overpower his shyness, unreasonable apprehensions, and as a whole, it is more probable he will enjoy the desirable consequences than if he did not have this confidence. But this confidence is mechanical, and this is why it has undesirable consequences as well. For example, the same person can have a concept that “God” always watches him (e.g. he can think the following: “how can he protect me if he does not watch me?”). The result: a feeling of shame, a fear of punishment, a constant feeling of being watched, paralysis of wishes and predominance of mechanical wishes to behave in compliance with the “covenants of God”, and so on.

    A practitioner, unlike a person, submerged in distresses, has a rare and an amazing possibility to block NEs at will (i.e. according to his happy wish) and experience EPs, as well as substitute one certainty with another due to his wish and skills that he has acquired in the result of training.

    07-01-32 A path of a caterpillar

    A range of states that a person experiences for a long time and thinks of them as “normal”, “within the norm”, will be called “mainstream”.

    While the person is within the mainstream, from time to time he experiences states as single separate splashes outside of the mainstream. A complex of states with a significantly higher EP rate than in normal state, will be called the “right bank”, and a complex of states with a higher rate of NEs – the “left bank”.

    The pleasure from life at the moments of EPs splashes is differentiated as exclusively intensive and radiant, and the memories of EPs are of very attractive states. It means I can experience an EP in a weak form and feel its attractiveness, and because it is accompanied with the images of a past situation, these images are the enlightened factor for the EP, and I call it “remembering an EP”. Thus the terms to “experience EPs” and to “remember EPs” mean one and the same – at the moment I experience EPs. The difference is only that in the second case it is possible to differentiate memories from a certain situation, and these memories are an enlightened factor.

    Spontaneous EPs splashes + EPs splashes, generated by the memories of the resonating situations, will be called “aspiration factor” (AF).

    When the AF rate in the general complex of perceptions is not high, then the person is in the state of “satisfaction”. When a person is in the state of satisfaction and there appear splashes of NEs and become more frequent, and/or NB intensifies, it eventuates in the state of “dissatisfaction”. Satisfaction is not a stable state, it always tends to drift towards dissatisfaction.

    When the rate of the AF increases, being in the mainstream of “satisfaction” turns into “prosiness”, “dullness”. The more EP splashes, the stronger the rejection of this state of satisfaction, and I start differentiating it as dullness and lifeless prosiness.

    For example, for a week you live in an ordinary way, as a whole it suits you and you feel satisfied. Next week on Wednesday you suddenly have a tide of EPs, discoveries and happy wishes. You get up on Thursday and everything is as usual, exactly like previously, except for one thing – satisfaction is weak and you record (a) dullness, (b) a wish to change this condition and achieve more attractive states.

    Two wishes can be differentiated in the condition of prosiness:

    а) a wish of prosiness to cease, i.e. a “wish to escape”,

    b) a wish to have more EPs, i.e. a “wish to aspire towards EPs”.

    A wish to escape is often accompanied with mechanical wishes and NEs. A wish to aspire is accompanied only with EPs and other happy wishes.

    The closer the mainstream to the right bank, the less the number of wishes of “escaping from sufferings” with an increasing rate of AF, and the stronger the wish of “aspiring towards EPs” is. If there is a continuous enlightened background as prosiness, then the wish of “escaping from sufferings”, together with NEs that accompany such a wish, disappear, and there is only a drive for advancing forward, towards EPs, new discoveries and the journey.

    Thus the practitioner is moving like a caterpillar, while the body is in the middle, the front legs are shifting forward, the back legs are pulled later, and he is moving while being in the range of three states – satisfaction (“middle range of states”), prosiness and aspiration. This clarity appears while the practitioner shifts many times from one state into another, and it allows him to evaluate his position better and choose the most effective techniques.

    07-01-33 Formation of layers

    Sometimes it is enough just to remember that EPs exist or that it is possible to experience EPs right now, and immediately there emerges both a happy wish to experience them and the EPs. Such a high level of responding will be called a “zero reaction”. The closer the mainstream is to the right bank, the higher the rate of states, which make the zero-reaction possible. These states have a continuous, though not very bright, enlightened background. Let us designate it as “zero-state” (zero-s). I have chosen this term, because of the moment, when EB becomes continuous – this is the moment of singularity. It means, this is the moment, when many laws of the world as we know it, the world that is penetrated with NEs, cease to function, when many rules and regulations that we know, ways of thinking and behaving become absurd. The point of singularity, figuratively speaking, is the border between the worlds, which are so different, that we need new language to describe the new discoveries.

    Zero-s makes the practice of “layering” possible. It consists of such frequent recurring attention (RA) to the enlightened factors (EFs), that it brings a distinct continuous enlightened background (EB). When it becomes stable, it is possible to innerve (activate) the enlightened factors for triggering the enlightened background not so often. The phase, when I can reduce the frequency of RA to EFs while EB remains at the same level, will be called the “phase of layering”.

    In the phase of layering I can start generating another EB, and the EPs that appear in this process, + resonance with the initial EB will lead to the development of the second EB, which stratifies on the first layer and amalgamates with it, while remaining clearly distinct.

    Of course, the easiest way of training the layering is to be in a situation, when there is an excessive amount of EFs for the most various EPs. For example, when you are travelling in the Himalayas, you can easily have the background of delight, anticipation, everlasting journey, and then the background of the feeling of beauty will easily stratify, as well as fondness and devotion towards the snouts of the Earth and so on. In city conditions there are less of EFs, but one can create them, saying nothing of the fact, that the deficit of EFs can also become an EF towards the persistence, determination, devotion and so on, and again, this will bring developing EFs from the perceptions, that have been unresponsive earlier.

    In the practice of layering it is worthwhile to achieve the distinctness of the continuous constant EF before generating another, and the distinct differentiation of the first two before generating the third, it will make the effect of such practice especially radiant.

    A person can feel a lot of undertones of sadness. As per the feeling of beauty – is it the same feeling regardless of perceptions of different objects – one or some other tree, or animal and so on? Do we impoverish ourselves while eradicating NEs and experiencing EPs? Such an idea can come to the head of a person only with a very poor experience of EPs. When the feeling of beauty becomes intensive and lasting, it brings experience that this feeling has an endless number of undertones. You are looking at a tree, and it triggers the feeling of beauty. You move your glance to another tree, a branch, a clump of moss, a puddle, another puddle – and this feeling has another undertone. The same happens with other EPs.

    If I put another layer on the background of a different EP, this type of layering will be called “double-phase”. If I put another layer of background of the feeling of beauty of one and the same undertone (e.g. triggered by contemplating over the tree trunk) on the background of the feeling of beauty of another undertone (e.g. triggered by contemplating over the tree’s branch), this type of layering will be called “single-phase”. Another example of a single-phase layering is a background anticipation of reading an interesting book – a background anticipation of the future/coming journey.

    There is a big difference between the realization of a happy wish, which has an enlightened background and the realization of a happy wish without such a background. In the first case:

    *) the feeling of a fullness of life is much more intensive,

    *) mechanical wishes nearly do not get involved and the probability of gradual substitution of hws with mws becomes extremely small,

    *) spontaneous splashes of EPs become significantly more frequent,

    *) physical senses increase, enjoyment first of all.

    This way of hws realization is called “catalytic”, which means that EB plays the role of an accelerator.

    At a certain moment the interaction of EB (which can be either double-phase, or single-phase, or homogeneous) and happy wishes in the process of realization can grow so intensive, that practically every action “fans the flame” of the EB. The physical senses remain bright and versatile. The enjoyment that is spreading from the center of the chest, can approach the verge of being unbearable, there are elements of senses that I call a “physical transformation”, and the spontaneous splashes of EPs remind of lightning strikes. Such moments of the avalanche-like resonance increase of the actions to realize the hws and of the EB, are called “chain zero-reaction” (CZR).

    07-01-34 Investigations in general

    Any investigation consists of three stages:

    1) “A rabbit is planting cabbage”. The complex of perceptions:

    *) Anticipation of investigation

    *) Confidence to conduct the investigation and receive the results

    *) Triumph of obtaining results and discoveries

    *) Deliberate persistence (a resonating image: a small room somewhere in the mountains or an island on your journey – with a minimum of things, peacefulness of the nature around, and you go on with your investigation step by step)

    *) Detachment

    2) “The rabbit is working the veggie garden” The complex of perceptions:

    *) Frequent recurring of attention to the object of investigation

    *) Not too intensive interference in the object of the investigation, influences are average or small

    *) Recording of the changes in the character of perceptions under investigation.

    3) “The rabbit waters the new sprouts and sniffs them”. The complex of perceptions:

    *) Recording of discovered regulations, spontaneous clarities, conclusions and assumptions – accumulation of the information and bringing it into a system.

    *) Introduction of the necessary terms, that designate groups of perceptions, processes and regulations and so forth.

    *) A preliminary definition of the possible directions for future attacks and formal practices.

    07-01-35 Investigation of satisfaction. How to change. “Primary aspiration towards EPs”

    Overpowering the first three guides is comparatively simple as they are very obvious on the way both to EPs, and, which is more significant, to satisfaction – quite well-known and desirable (on the background of frequent NEs and NB) state. Overpowering the satisfaction cannot be even seriously started until aspiration and a happy wish of EPs are developed. This happens in the process of getting enough satisfaction and of poisoning with dissatisfaction and anxiety, that accompany satisfaction.

    Satisfaction eventuates immediately as soon as NB decreases and the number of EP splashes and EB increase. It is easy to explain, because more frequent EPs and EB knock down the NEs. The mainstream shifts closer to the right bank, and, correspondingly, the rate of the condition, that is more usual for a state free from NEs and NB, is increasing – and this state is satisfaction. This is why it is good to be aware that the significant effort, whether these are formal practices or direct generating of EPs, will result in the immediate increase of satisfaction and the wish of satisfaction. The clarity about the existence of such a mechanism will allow a practitioner not to be caught off guard. Just the differentiation of this mechanism already diminishes it and leads to a happy wish to overpower it, because the differentiation resonates with EPs.

    An increase of the volume (i.e. the frequency, duration and intensity) of EPs and EB leads to the more frequent states of satisfaction (of course, in the periods of absence of EPs and EB). This is easy to understand, because intoxication by satisfaction is not as obvious as by NEs and NB, and the state of satisfaction is much more pleasant than experiencing NEs. It gives a sudden effect, because NEs and NB are severely unpleasant, satisfaction seems to be comfortable and the hws of EPs reveal with less intensity, though more often. Less intensity – because NEs are extremely unpleasant in comparison with EPs, and the satisfaction seems to be very comfortable, this is why the hw of EPs is not so desperate. More often – because satisfaction is the poison of a not so strong capability of killing. Satisfaction is associated with a viscous and ropy mass of a syrupy dopey odour. In the state of satisfaction even a weak hw of EPs brings EPs easier, and EPs are more stable and EB is also easier to be achieved.

    It is delightful to be in the EB for a long while. EPs splashes follow one after another, and it also intensifies EB. Quite often it eventuates in EPS (enlightened physical senses). Happy wishes are accompanied with splashes of blissfulness and enjoyment. Can the lasting satisfaction be experienced in the same way? No, it cannot. It is practically impossible to remain in the state of satisfaction for a long time, because:

    1) firstly, the circumstances and the situations that cause satisfaction, are always threatened by hundreds of different factors. Both the external world and your own perceptions bear a constant danger to the satisfaction.

    2) secondly, the circumstances and the situations that cause satisfaction, quickly cease to be satisfactory. Dissatisfaction and anxiety become more frequent even if nothing changes.

    3) thirdly, surfeit is unavoidable, this is a real scourge of satisfaction. Even if you have a lot of money, communication, entertainment, food and so on, surfeit is unavoidable as sure as the day changes to night. It involves a person on an everlasting chase for the impressions, but the state of satisfaction slips away and falls into an abyss of intensive NEs.

    In order not to submerge in the NEs, a person that experiences a frequent wish of satisfaction and a rare wish of EPs, approaches the necessity of making an effort of generating EPs, and then the wish of generating EPs appears at least from time to time, and to eradicate NEs. This wish is the first step to the way to the freedom from satisfaction.

    The wish to remember about EPs in the state of satisfaction will be called a “woodpecker”. As it is known, the woodpeckers are of three types:

    A “hw to change” – is a happy wish to experience the states different from usual, those that contain more attractive perceptions: more of pleasure, enjoyment, life fullness, interest, anticipation and so on. Actually, any hw of a practitioner of PDP is a hw to experience more EPs, or to experience states with a higher volume of EPs. For example, a wish to make a trek in the Himalayas I classify as a wish to change, if this wish emerges in the anticipation of those EPs that I will experience during that trek.

    A happy wish to change can be triggered ONLY with anticipation. Fear, a wish of possessions, a wish to impress other people and so on, can trigger ONLY a mechanical wish to change perceptions. Mws of changes can also bring changes, but they are not stable and quickly descend to zero, do not lead to hws of changes and end in a decline, hopelessness and senility.

    Thus the task “to change” comes down to solving the task of “achieving a more frequent and stable happy wish to change”, which comes down to generating anticipation and creating conditions that are better for generating anticipation.

    Investigation of satisfaction leads to a happy wish to change. I want to emphasize, that it is an amazing phenomenon. The fact of existence of this phenomenon can be a foundation of the hypothesis about “primary aspiration towards EPs”. A resonating image: an otter’s paws are caught by water weeds and she cannot move. But if she thinks this situation over and frees one paw after another, she is caught in the flow and it will start carrying her in one direction, so there are reasons to make an assumption there is a flow. Here we face a similar phenomenon: every time, when I start investigating my satisfaction, there emerge EPs, or, as minimum, there appears a hw to change. If I start investigating only NEs that I am experiencing at that moment – e.g., change my state and see the changes in NEs, and so on, the intensity of NEs reduces, there appear splashes of satisfaction or EPs. If I investigate EPs, they intensify and deepen, I make new discoveries. Thus whatever my state is – from NEs to EPs, investigation shifts the state “to the right”, i.e. in the direction, where either the EPs are brighter, or their probability is higher. On the basis of what has been said we can make an assumption that will warm the heart of any humanitarian, believing in the “kindness origin” in a man: any person has an inherent possibility (only possibility!) to experience an aspiration towards EPs. This possibility is suppressed by distresses. Thus, ANY action, aimed at observation, investigation of perceptions, increases the probability of a person to move “to the right”. ANY complex of actions that stimulates a person to observe and investigate his perceptions, can be called “progressive”, providing “progress” means advancement of a person towards EPs or, at least, towards the increase of probability to experience EPs.