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    07-02-01 Vision

    A pause at the exhale of the dragon is quite often accompanied with boredom, dullness and prosiness. The wishes intensity is too low to start their realization, and doing something (here are my dishes that need washing…) just in order to overpower dullness – there is no wish, because you already have this unpleasant experience that it only delays the moment when the hws wake up, that it causes a longer and deeper poisoning, brings NEs and NB, apathy. And then you take a decision to meet dullness face to face: not to overpower it with mechanical actions, but to test it, to differentiate it, to analyze what is happening, to wish to terminate this unpleasant state, to get rid of the spasmodic wishes to do something to overpower boredom and so on. At a certain moment there appear splashes of EPs that seem to be very bright and deep at the background of dullness. The contrast between dominating dullness and EPs splashes is much stronger than the contrast between EPs splashes of intensities 3 and 6, for example. Using this sharp contrast of the moment it is possible to notice that EPs splashes have a special quality, which resonates with the word “profoundness”. This quality can be differentiated in other situations as well, not only in this example.

    One more resonating description: “as if the shell is cracking”, “the world inside and outside becomes three-dimensional”. It is necessary to differentiate thoroughly between perceptions and the words they are designated with. In the above example, there suddenly appears an EP splash at the background of dullness and we can differentiate that there is a perception designated as “intensity quality of this EP”, or, shorter, “EP intensity”, but also there is “the quality of this EP’s profoundness”, or, shorter, “EP profoundness”. With the same success I could say “quality number 13 of this EP” instead of “EP profoundness”, and then make a note that the quality number 13 resonates with the word “profound”.

    When we speak about profoundness or depth of an EP, the word “depth” is usually associated with something spacious and elongated, (like the depth of a lake), and other resonating descriptions in a certain way relate to the words that associate with spaciousness. Naturally, “the depth of an EP” cannot be measured by a ruler and a stone cannot be thrown into this depth, there is no physical component of space or time in the meaning relating to EPs.

    Not every radiant splash of EPs possesses this quality of “depth” or “profoundness”. An EP can be “radiant” (or intensive), but not “deep” or “profound”. And vice versa – an EP of low intensity can have the quality that we express as “profound”. There is a significant difference between the descriptions of the EPs and of the physical processes, which contain the words (brightness, depth) used for describing EPs qualities, because if a lamp in certain surroundings burns brighter (with a greater intensity), then the light from this lamp penetrates deeper and further in the surroundings.

    Thus an EP can have different qualities that have no relevant connection between them. We can only say that the brighter and more frequent your EPs, the better chances that the profoundness, wholeness and magnetic ability will be more frequent.

    A splash of an EP that has the quality of “profoundness” is accompanied with surprising perceptions. When you try to describe these perceptions, you unavoidably use the terms of vision, of visual perception, and it can confuse both the listener and yourself, if you do not make a necessary effort to establish borders between the perceptions and descriptions. Descriptions, in terms of visual perception, do not mean that these perceptions are visual.

    There is one more example of this kind. Quite often the intensive enlightened background is accompanied with a strange “golden radiance” that as if it penetrates you and the surroundings. At the same time you can analyze your visual perceptions and notice that the illumination of the area, where you are, is not changed. Undoubtedly, sunlight resonates with the perception of “golden radiance”, but this is not the sunlight. Any of your attempts to describe the perception of “golden radiance” will total to using visual images, and the listener will have an assumption that you describe exactly a visual perception, which means he will relate it to skandha of senses. As for you, you have an absolute clarity that it has nothing to do with senses. As the next step you will try to identify the given perception as an EP. Still it is not an EP. This is why I designate these perceptions as “the qualities of EPs”, not like separate EPs, because, firstly, they can be revealed without these perceptions, and, secondly, a perception that is designated as “the quality of profoundness” can be revealed identically while experiencing different EPs. This is why the word “quality” seems to be the most proper, analogically to the qualities we use to characterize the material objects. The perception of an apple can be accompanied with a perception that is called “red”. At the same time we realize that “red” is not the sort of an apple, and we have the experience that the perceptions of other objects can be accompanied with the same perception of “red”. This is why we call it “quality” and state an absence of compulsory connection between the perceptions of an “object” and its “quality”.

    Likewise, as in our common world “red” cannot exist without “the object that is red”, “profoundness” cannot be separate from “the EP that is perceived as profound”.

    Thus the perception of an EP can be accompanied with strange perceptions like “gosh, as if you see them!” – golden radiance, profoundness, wholeness, and magnetism – and still it’s not a vision, not an EP – but something absolutely different.

    When we describe a NE, we also can use the word “deep”, like “deep regret”. It is necessary to note here that the epithet “deep” used for a NE has nothing to do with the epithet used for an EP. When we talk about “deep regret”, we mean its high intensity, overpowering other perceptions, significant number of other NEs, different thoughts and feelings, triggered by this regret.

    Only an EP, and nothing else, can be accompanied with the specific and unusual perception that we designate as “EP profoundness”. Vice versa is correct as well – if there is this perception of “profoundness”, there is at the same moment a certain EP.

    When we describe “a profound EP”, we unavoidably use the words associated with a high degree of life saturation – “as if the shell has cracked”, “as if the world became 3-D”, “as if incredible spaces opened for me” (in reality no clarities appear relating to any new possibilities, and nothing at all appears except for this perception of “as-if-a-vision” of “profoundness”, all words are only resonating images).

    The readers of Castaneda know how long Don Juan tried to describe this perception of “as-if-a-vision” in such a way that it is possible to keep the effect of “as-if-a-vision” and at the same time avoid confusion with common visual perception. He did not manage it very well, because, according to Castaneda’s reports, at the beginning he tried to use eyes to achieve the “vision”. In the end Don Juan chose to use the word “vision” and pointed at its principal difference from the common visual perception. It is possible to understand him, because when you have the “vision”, then whatever – it is indeed “as if you see”, and you have to make an effort of differentiation to understand that this is not an “eye-vision”. In the Castaneda books the term “vision” is used either in quotation marks or in italics. Ramakrishna has examples of a similar kind, when he was telling that he could “see” the Goddess Kali at any moment as clearly as he could see people standing in front of him, or even more clearly. It’s worth making an assumption he realized it was not a usual visual perception, because other people did not see what he “saw”. Ramakrishna’s mother also mentioned about “seeing” a huge radiant wave that engulfed her and allegedly after that she got pregnant with Ramakrishna, but none of her companions saw that wave. It is notable, that both Ramakrishna’s mother described the most radiant accompanying EPs, and Ramakrishna also experienced ecstatic EPs at the moments of the bright “vision” of the Goddess Kali. Castaneda did not differentiate EPs as an independent class of phenomena, this is why his reports do not have an indication of direct dependence between EPs and “vision”, but when he tried to describe his perceptions at the moments of “vision”, quite often we can meet descriptions resonating with EPs (especially often an extreme clarity was mentioned).


    Let us make an intermediate summary:

    *) “Vision” is a specific, different perception from any other type. It is easier described in the terms of common visual sense and resembles common vision so much, that differentiation effort is required to differ one from another.

    *) “Vision” is always accompanied with EPs.

    *) An EP is not always accompanied with “vision”, or in other words, an EP does not always have the quality of profoundness, but in its progress it can “acquire profoundness” or “lose it” quite dynamically, and this is what makes it comfortable for using when we talk about “profoundness” as a quality, which can or not be independently of its intensity.

    *) Besides the profoundness, an EP can also have the quality of “wholeness” or “broadness”. The colourless word “broadness” does not resonate well with this quality, because when it is experienced, it is experienced as “astounding”, “absorbing” and “all-encompassing”. As if the world opens up unlimited, in the same way as we speak about profoundness – “as if the world acquires an unimaginable depth”.

    *) An EP can also have a “magnetic capability”. A resonating description – “as if a cluster of other EPs catches fire in a compact ball”.

    *) The more frequent and intensive different EPs that I experience, the higher probability that “profoundness”, “wholeness” and “magnetism” will be revealed.

    *) Never and in any circumstances, not in the lowest degree, it is possible to experience profoundness, wholeness and magnetism, if at the moment there is a NE or NB. It becomes obvious if we remember that “EPs qualities” are integral with EPs and principally incompatible with NEs.

    *) The state of a “flat EP” (i.e. an EP lacking any qualities except intensity) and the state of “3-D EPs” (i.e. EPs with above mentioned qualities) differ from each other cardinally as the state of a “flat EP” from dullness or NEs.

    *) A flat EP with the intensity reaching ecstatic, unavoidably turns into a 3-D EP.


    This is the moment when it is very easy to “go off the rails” and turn into a snotty esoteric person that opens the books of Castaneda, Isherwood and Satprem and starts juggling words which mean nothing to him. As far as we found this amazing cross point with Castaneda’s luminous eggs and assemblage point, and as far as Ramakrishna experience has something in common with our experience – shall we now pray to Kali? I want to warn my readers about this serious mistake. Judging by Castaneda’s books, Don Juan tried as convincingly as possible to depict the new picture of the world – with the assemblage points that are dislodged under the impact of nagual deep into the luminous egg and so on. But why was Don Juan interested in it? Because he PERCEIVED these luminous eggs and other amazing reality – he perceived all this under the influence of Don Juan. And Don Juan was interested that Castaneda had in advance the right description of the new reality. For Castaneda Don Juan was the driving motive, he shifted Castaneda (according to his books) into a different perception of reality by this or that way. Your driving motive is a sensible view, clarity, experience, rejection of concepts, using well-defined terms, experiencing EPs and so on. This is why your task is opposite to Don Juan’s – NOT to believe blindly in the picture of the world that has been described by Castaneda. NOT to generate a mechanical certainty that there are some luminous eggs and other miracles. But it is a doubtless fact that the description of the “vision”, which we meet at Castaneda, resembles extremely the “vision” that is acquired in the result of the PDP, by a practitioner cultivating EPs. This is why I would accept Castaneda’s writing as a hypothesis. Not presumptions (as they can be supported only on your own experience and perceptions), but a hypothesis. A hypothesis, unlike a presumption, differs from an empty fantasy, because it has a logic and relatively consistent structure. A mathematician or a physician can say “a beautiful hypothesis”, meaning that in spite of any direct or even indirect confirmations its structure is simple and elegant and does not require multiple unknown parameters, its usage makes complicated simple and explains the inexplicable. A physician-experimentalist, while having a vastness for new experiments, will think of the one that leads to a discovery, if this or that “beautiful hypothesis” is right. Thus a hypothesis is an orientation point for practical investigations, and can have a hypothesis as well.

    Never at any circumstances become esoteric – a person who is kicking around resonant but meaningless words. Your mind should be in the clouds of hypotheses and assumptions, your hands should be operating by logic, your feet should be on the ground of experimenting. Though my advice is hard to use, because a temptation to ride a brisk esoteric horse into a boundless valley of beautiful words is nearly irresistible, especially if there is somebody to be impressed… But the payoff is unavoidable. Only real experience can generate anticipation and aspiration. Only if you use clear terms (that define an exact combination of your perceptions), it can lead to assumptions, discoveries, generate interest and the wish to investigate. As soon as you shift to the scope of esoteric… everything disappears – the aspiration, anticipation, passion of the investigator, happy wishes – everything. You stay by a broken bathtub, and to get alive again you have to retreat to your prior positions and analyze what you perceive and what terms you use, and only then the EPs will wake up inside of you, and the wish to investigate, and life as a whole.


    Are there certain common moments only in the books of Castaneda and some other authors? As a whole it is not surprising, if there are two people that sincerely investigate their perceptions, then of course as a result they will describe their worlds in such a way that the descriptions will have common elements and experience of one will coincide with the experience of another, be an orientation point or a clue for the other. But common points of another kind seem to be surprising, speaking plainly – crazy.

    07-02-02 Science

    It is an indisputable fact for those, who have a significant experience of EPs, as well as for those who have an experience of watching practitioners with frequent and intensive EPs, that the EPs affect the physical body. The so-called «physical senses” (PS) can be referred as the result of this affect. They are absolutely unusual senses that are experienced for limited periods, but bring accumulative affects, among them – increasing erotic sensuality, when the body becomes an entire “erogenous zone”, and the variety of erogenous senses increase rapidly. These effects also include a rapid strengthening of the immunity, illnesses just spring back, old diseases disappear without any trace, even those that are accepted as incurable, and new diseases do not appear even in the conditions when illness is considered to be unavoidable. Rapid and seemingly impossible increase of survivability is the result of the same effect. Even the personal look changes, like texture, colour, skin odour and how it feels when you touch it – everything resonates with the feeling of beauty, strength and affection. Even perspiration taste and odour become pleasant. Slowly, the form of the body changes as well – these changes can be more or less noticeable, but the overall effect is visible, and the resonance with the feeling of beauty and erotic attraction increases. And the last in succession, but not in significance – ageing of the body slows down, sometimes even stops. At first, the body noticeably gets younger, then holds at a certain “age” and seems not to change at all. Deceleration of the physiological time is an integral consequence of EPs. An endless number of various mechanisms take part in the process of ageing. Gerontology that studies these processes is actually no less complicated than all the sciences about life as a whole – physiology, cytology and so on, and due to this it is not a separate science. Ageing is a process that includes all the human aspects. It covers the entire organism, from cells to organs. This is why deceleration and sometimes a cease in ageing is a “global” effect in the frames of humanity. This is not an isolated influence on different processes, but something universal.

    Did we come across with something of this kind? Yes, we did. Michelson and Morley’s experiment revealed an incredible fact that the light velocity is permanent. Old Maxwell’s equation for electromagnetic fields had the same result. Later extremely accurate investigations did not change anything – light velocity is permanent, and the law of additions of velocities that we used to have, passed away. It became clear that our world reveals unknown characteristics. After Einstein offered a new amazing and non-contradictory picture of the world, we call this world “relativistic”, which means the world that is regulated by relativist laws of sub light (i.e. “nearly light”) velocities, but this is not some “other world”, this is our same world, just its amazing qualities can be observed only in some unique conditions – like sub light velocity. When Einstein created his theory of relativity, he reconciled the classic Newton physics with this discovery of light velocity permanence, but the picture of the world that he created stays incredibly unimaginable in spite of its complete adequacy, i.e. full conformity with the results of the following hundred thousand accurate experiments. For example, from our point of view, space is contracted in the system which is moving in relation to our system, but from their point of view it is vice versa, our space system is contracted, and both points of view are correct. Same with time – from our point of view, time in the system which moves relative to us, is decelerated. But what does it mean – “time is decelerated”? We understand time as the speed of physical processes. In the system that moves in relation to us, ALL, any, whatever you like processes seem to be slower, this is why we simply say “time is decelerated there”. But if we speak corpuscular language, during the transition from one definite orbit to another in a definite atom, an electron emanates a photon of a definite frequency. But if we compare the atomic radiation of an atom, which is moving in an accelerator, with the atomic radiation of an atom, which is stationary in relation to us, their frequencies will significantly vary. A non-stable particle that is accelerated to sub light speed, can live hundreds or thousands times longer than a particle that is stationary in relation to us! It means that this is not some “seeming” deceleration of time, this is a real deceleration. All the processes of the particle “ageing” decelerate – this is what we designate as “time has decelerated there”.

    In science fiction quite often we can read a description of a person who travelled with sub light speed, then returned to the Earth hundreds of years later, when all his contemporaries had died. It is also postulated that the person lived his common life – just, let us say, forty cosmic years, while on the Earth there had passed 500 years, but in his “psychological life” he lived his usual 40 years, not 500 years. It became such a common moment in science fiction that was nearly accepted as a scientific fact, at least it became a stable part the conceptual scheme. It is worth noticing though, that a man has never been accelerated to the sub light velocity in any speed-increase units, and thus nobody knows how psychic life of a person would progress under acceleration of this kind. Velocity is relevant, but acceleration is not! Why does the astronaut that returns to the Earth, stay young? When he is flying with a sub light speed in relation to the Earth, from his point of view the Earth is moving with the same speed in relation to him? The answer is in acceleration. It is him to be accelerated first, then again accelerate, but this time with minus (i.e. decelerate), then he will reverse and again accelerate and then decrease the speed. These accelerations will make difference between him and us. He will experience g-force, his mass will increase, and we will not experience any of this. The theory of relativity does not fit into this book, this is why I just remind again that we do not have the experience of whether human psychic life slows down together with the deceleration of time in the human system and with the deceleration of physical and, consequently, physiological processes.

    Thus deceleration of ageing is a process that we know about very well… from the course of relativistic physics!

    Can we make a hypothesis that EPs affect a human approximately in the same way, or partially in a way as acceleration up to the sub light velocity would affect? We can, due to the similarity of the results. To make it simple, we can say that without any black holes and acceleration to sub light speeds, EPs lead to pseudo-relativistic world, i.e. the world that has qualities similar to relativistic one. “Pseudo-relativistic world” sounds complicated, I will introduce the term “pre-world”, because we have no serious reasons, even in the frames of free and easy hypothesis, to equal pre world to the relativistic world. We can only record the similar phenomena.

    Deceleration of ageing takes place, while there is no deceleration in human speech and actions, so we can make a conclusion that pre-world qualities cannot be noticed in the world of the “common matter” – in the same way as the qualities of relativistic world are not noticed at the speeds we are used to. The qualities of the pre-world produce an impact on our bodies indirectly through the sequence that connects EPs, “psychic world” and “physiological world”.

    Such a twist of a hypothesis seems to be fantastic, but actually it is not, as we have… this experience as well! Many people, while dreaming (speaking nothing of practitioners that have a very good experience of lucid dreams), relived quite a big part of their psychic life. It would take a few pages to describe all these events and emotions, but after waking up it turned out that the dream took only five minutes. For example, Hedgehoggie has had an experience of reliving in her lucid dream three months of her real life, while the dream took only one hour. In this case coefficient of relation of “psychic” and “physical” time is about 2000:1!!

    As an intermediate total we can make a hypothesis:

    “EPs reveal the qualities of the pre-world, or, speaking figuratively, expose the psychic part of a human, as well as physical, consequently, to the impact of the pre-world with qualities that are equivalent to the relativistic world. The relativistic world is hardly explored– only in relation to the elementary particles or astronomic objects which are at such a great distance, that we can make judgments only on the basis of elementary particles and radiations. The qualities of the pre-world, or, figuratively speaking, “being in the pre-world” leads to a rapid contraction and expansion of psychic experience and its impact on the physical body is revealed in the deceleration or ceasing ageing of the body in spite of the fact that there is no deceleration in actions or physiological reactions”.

    As we know from physics, the qualities of the relativistic world are rather unusual, so if the “psychic part” of a human is transferred into the world that has at least something in common with relativistic world and if we take into account that the psychic world is connected with the physical world (as long as humans exists), also if we take into account that the pre-world qualities produce an impact on human behaviour in the common world (which is a doubtless conclusion from deceleration of ageing), then we can make an assumption that the body of a person experiencing especially intensive “3-D” EPs, will be subjected to other impacts and can acquire other amazing qualities.

    This hypothesis destroys the barrier that any sensible person unavoidably acquires while reading books of Castaneda, or the Dalai-Lama, or Tulku Urgen Rimpoche, or Isherwood about Ramakrishna, or Satprem about Aurobindo and so on. In these books there is such a big mix of “evidences” of some absolutely impossible and incredible miracles, that involuntarily you stop believing in the author. In its turn it brings to a very unpleasant crisis, because these authors seem to be wise and sincere. These are the books where you find the deposits of experience that cannot be created for any reason and that is confirmed while you are advancing in the practice of achieving EPs, clarity and getting rid of distresses. The above hypothesis allows, at last, to build a bridge of explanation: the greater the experience of EPs of a person and the more intensive and dimensional these EPs, the higher the degree his body acquires the qualities of the pre-world, the qualities that seem to be impossible from the common point of view.

    Let us notice that this is not a device that is transferred into the pre-world, not an elementary particle “experiences” unique impacts, but a human! Does it mean that at last we can create a bridge from psychic and physical and explore physics not with the help of instruments but directly by perceptions?


    Let us discuss one more aspect. We know that there exists quantum mechanics. It will not be an exaggeration to say that anybody has understood and nobody understands quantum mechanics. We can say the same about the theory of relativity, but still it applies to quantum mechanics even more. Space contraction, deceleration of time, and even distortion of space, equivalence of the space distortion to the mass, equivalence of the mass to the energy, equivalence of the acceleration to the mass, all these sophisticated tasks related to sub light velocities and the permanence of light speed – in the end everything can be presented, drawn and summarized in certain patterns that we can understand. If a man is travelling at approximately light speed and emanates a photon in the direction of his movement, then what will happen? Light speed is permanent and the speed of the man’s travel will not add to the speed of the photon, does it mean the photon will slowly crawl in front of the man? For us – yes, it will. For the man the photon will fly forward with the usual light speed. There are many tasks of such kind, and the solution can be more or less possible to understand. But the quantum mechanics appears to be a paradox after a paradox of incomprehensible complexity. Einstein was tearing his hair out, and not only him. The one who is not pulling his hair out while trying to comprehend the quantum physics, is very far from understanding it. Now I want to mention only one aspect – probability. “Electron”, for example, is nothing else as “probability frequency of detecting the electron”, and this thing that we call an “electron”, manifests itself either as a particle, or as a wave, and nobody can ever imagine it, or draw or present it in any way. But a lot can be described in the form of equations and on the basis of these equations create different devices that will function without fail – and this is what we are doing while pushing away the problems of understanding.

    If we send a single electron or a photon to a certain screen through a very narrow gap – so narrow, that according to Heisenberg principle of uncertainty, the uncertainty of its impulse will start to increase significantly, and the photon will appear on the screen in the most unexpected places – not opposite the gap. Next every photon with a certain probability (which is possible to estimate) will go its own way. If we send trillions of photons (i.e. continual light) at once, we will see a clear stripe on the screen. In this given case we will not be able to see individual points due to the mass character. The laws of optics work smoothly – but due to the mass character, and the optic beam is an astronomically large number of photons – the principles of uncertainty and other quantum effects are neutralized.

    Is there something in PDP that is described by laws of probability in an area where is seems to have no place for probabilities? Of course there is. If you experience an intensive EP, there is only a certain probability it will acquire the quality of profoundness and wholeness, and it is inexplicable why, because when there is a radiant EP, there are no NEs and there cannot be any and it seems there are no barriers. I never can be positive that a radiant EP will become “profound” – I can only handle the categories of probability: “the more frequent and intensive… the more chances…” In the case of massive EPs we can already talk of the laws, like in case of the optics, the science that studies the mass flows of photons. If the EPs are experienced for long and intensively, then the law becomes cast iron: “as soon as the intensity of an EP achieves 7, it becomes “dimensional”.

    There is a definite similarity in descriptions, and the hypothesis of certain deep connection between physics and PDP acquires new characteristics.

    Can the language of interactions be used when we talk about psychological perceptions? As we know from physics, all variety of interactions can be narrowed down to the combinations of four types: gravitational, electromagnetic and weak and strong (which exist on sub-atom level). Every type of interaction, except gravitational, has a matching particle that can be described as the minimal portion of this interaction – photons (electromagnetic), gluons (strong) and gage bosons (weak).

    The positive electrical charge attracts the negative and pushes off other positive. EPs attract other EPs. EPs push off NEs. NEs “attract” other NEs and “push off” EPs. As we see we can use the language of interaction to describe psychological processes.


    Let us return to the fact of human existence. This is actually an inexplicable fact and only due to its commonness this incomprehensibility is abstruse and neglected. There are two ways of ideating a human: animistic (a man is a soul burdened with a body) and materialistic (the soul and the body are two different levels of matter). Animistic approach is futureless in all senses, and above all, contradicts to the described above observations that EPs produce an impact on the body. Earlier people also noticed that the psychological world definitely influences the physical world – calm people live longer, their bodies are healthier and there are facts of miraculous recovery from incurable diseases of people that optimistically struggled to survive and did not despair. But these observations have never been too obvious as people practically do not differ – all of them are in a fog of dullness and the poison of NEs and NB. The experience of EPs cultivation makes these observations doubtless – the psychological world significantly affects the physical world. In general, a corpse is significantly different from a “living body”, this is why it is surprising for me how enduring can be the hollow religious point of view of the world, which makes an unsurpassable division between the “spirit” and the “matter”. If there is an interaction, it means that we deal with different matter levels, and not with something principally different. If EPs produce such an obvious impact on the body, it means we actually deal with the matter at different levels and different qualities. It is obvious that the psychological world is material. But it does not imply that instead of a “warm-hearted impulse” we have a cold world of drive gears, which can be described by formulas – such an everlasting horror of reductionism is caused by dullness. The fact that I feel – emotions, thoughts, EPs – is a fact, no matter how we explain it. More than that, the non-separable connection between the psychological and physical allows us symmetrically state that the “matter is spiritual”, which means that the matter of any level is conscientious. Certain consciousness that a contemporary man has, corresponds to a certain body of the man with the qualities he has – like the qualities of his skin, muscles, blood and so on. Certain consciousness that a contemporary animal has, corresponds to a certain body of the animal, and we have to note, that our bodies have very similar, nearly identical qualities. This fact says for the doctrine of descent – the evolution of man from animals – the human has diverted from the animal world not too long ago and, as in the past, there is both the similarity in body structure and in many cases a mutual ease in developing fondness towards each other. The fact that animals are conscious and can feel (which is practically the same) is clear to almost everybody. Certain consciousness of insects corresponds to their bodies, and we can say the same about plants – it’s more or less easy to get used to this idea, many people know that plants have senses and consciousness, and there are some indirect evidences for that (for example, growth and fruit-bearing capabilities definitely depend on music played to them). About a hundred years ago nobody would take seriously the hypothesis of plants consciousness, as well as now not many people will seriously accept the hypothesis that rocks, mountains, wind, sea – are also conscious and feeling creatures, though maybe with very different from our type of consciousness. Regardless of how incredibly it sounds – “a conscious sea”, “a feeling mountain” – the fact of human existence and the doubtless fact of the “psychological” impact on the “physical body” proves that rocks feel and the wind is conscious, because our body consists of minerals and our physiology is a sequence of purely chemical reactions. Thus our “psychological” produces the impact on chemical reactions, and chemistry is nothing else, but a branch of physics, because purely physical objects – molecules and atoms – take part in the chemical processes.

    Hence, naturally, a question arises – if all of us are to a certain extent conscious creatures, is there possible some way of communication? Is there a possible way of communication, which allows us an intelligent and constructive interpretation of the results of this communication that we could use in our objective and psychological activity? If this is possible, then in any case it’s not the way that many investigators of different “paranormal phenomena” tried to take, using arithmometers and spectrometers. It should be the way that we already have, and this is using ourselves as a connecting link between the matters of such different levels. This is why the physic-psychologist of the future is quite an unreal person for the moment – he himself is a receiver and an interpreter of the data. While doing calculations he will monitor the continuity of experiencing EPs, the support of EPs intensity, profoundness, wholeness and magnetism and record the data.

    Hence – there is the possibility to describe the psychological and physical world, using a unique language. To create a super-universal theory of matter that would unite those types of matter that we subdivide into “the psychological world” and “the physical world”. To make it not only a theoretical, but a practical bridge between the “physicists” and “lyrists”. To integrate the matters that people have always been desperate to do. To explore physics laws in the result of “consciousness travel”. To explore the laws of psychology with the help of equations. To travel not “by mechanisms”, but by “senses”. Not to send Mars rovers to far off Galaxies, but travel there, “land” there and explore in the “psychological body” or in the “transformed physical body”, which will be almost synonyms.

    Our understanding of the matter will change dramatically, in a revolutionary way (Conscious matter? Feeling atom? Stupid fantasy!), but physicists are used to it. It all seems to be absolute bullshit, but not due to the inconsistency of the hypothesis, but due to the extreme novelty of the conclusions. “Absolute fantasy” – such was the epithet as an award given both to the doctrine of relativity and of space distortion, and to quantum mechanics with the tunnel effect and frequencies of probabilities instead of solid particles, and to hypothesis of Earth being round with resulting necessity “walking upside down” and “non-spilling seas”, and the theory of superstrings with its multiple compact dimensions of space, and the most incredible M-theory, which is the unification of superstring theories. Let us better have a look, what the journey into the world of enlightened perceptions can lead to. What is even better – let us take part in this journey, because everybody can become an explorer, and there will be no need in million dollar cost of accelerators, in institutes with thousand staff, not even a small laboratory with microscopes and flasks. The man himself is both a unique mechanism for exploring, and an object for exploring and a subject. The man himself is “a journey” and “a traveler” simultaneously. A situation, when an aggressive and dull scientist is sitting with his devices making discoveries and decompose from illnesses at the same time – will become the past and be impossible as a principle. The scientist of the future will evolve in the process of his investigations, and the scale of his evolution will limit the scope of his investigations. The dominance of the “secondary nature” and its horrible consequences – pollution, impending doom of a human resulting from psychological and physical degeneration and total dependence on technologies – will step by step recede like a nightmare.

    07-02-03 The position of an investigator

    There will be a future definitely. And definitely it will differ from “now”. We can polemicize about what it will look like, but hardly anybody will argue that it will differ significantly from the present. The pace of changes increases. Take books and read how people lived just a hundred years ago, feel their life, get the understanding of their perception of the world at that time. The difference with the contemporary life is colossal, indescribable and inexpressible by any words, images or numbers. The speed of the changes in life became so high, that the preceding epochs seem to be frozen! The concept of the “nineteenth century” is associated in the mind of a contemporary person with something stagnated, hardly moving, “nothing-is-happening”, maybe once in ten years something has changed… Nevertheless, a person that remembers that time, would confirm life has been perceived by 19th century contemporaries as a crazy rush (I am speaking about the so-called “western world”)! Some endless wave of discoveries in sciences, transformations in technologies, frenzy life tempo, indigestible flow of information, a mass of social transformations have changed life unrecognizable even in small details. There was a feeling of overfilling, as if “there is nowhere else to race”. And of course, some far off 14th century in Europe is for our contemporaries like an evenly dark spot, for sure “nothing-was-happening”, “Dark Ages”, though, well, they were fighting and they were smoking skies with their fires (ovens were invented only at the end of the century), battled with their swords (gunpowder started being spread in its primitive form only in the second part of the century), well, also they were cooking and eating. They were born and died as if half asleep. But those who remember life of that period, will confirm that people thought of their time as… crazy! That was a crazy race of technologies (!! Oh yes, what now seems to us to be primitive, long forgotten or put down the drain as not needed – it was an innovation at that time) – people were trying to catch up with new technologies! Yesterday there was a primeval forest, today there is a new city in that place, new economic contacts, new ideas, new purposes, and it all suppresses and captures people’s feelings. Maybe the phrase “14th century is the century of rapid development of technologies, social and economic changes” sounds strange. It is strange, but this is a fact, even though contemporary science does not admit this fact due to the heavy deficit of the artifacts of the past available now.

    Nevertheless, even though we comprehend this huge difference between the people’s lifestyles of different epochs, our contemporary lifestyle seems to be ultimate, age-long, stable, right, good and so on. But it’s not going to be like that. In ten years time life will have already changed a lot, in 20 it will be almost unrecognizable, and in 50 – definitely unrecognizable. But you won’t be there – you will die. You will not exist. We do not realize, we just cannot comprehend and imagine – how is it – I will not exist? But you will not exist, like those who have already died. The theory of reincarnation is a very weak relief, you can notice that when you are seriously ill: soft persuasions like “don’t be upset, you will reincarnate in your next life” seem to be mocking and only increase panic and anxiety. The wish to live is very strong. And the life in the future will definitely be different, more interesting and more intensive. For example, all people work in our time. Eight hours a day, plus two to four hours for traveling to work and back. And it seems stable and ever-lasting. But it has not been always like that. Just a hundred years ago (and somewhere it is still now) people have been working not eight hours, but from dawn till dusk – 12, 14 hours a day. And it also seemed to be sacrosanct. But as it turned out, it is impossible to live like that, it is not life, but like an imprisonment to hard labour. People want to live, to receive pleasure, and the more of these pleasures are known and available, the more they are desired. Now people do not want to work eight hours a day, they want to live! European economy is in deep depression, and unavoidably the demise will go on – people in Europe have had enough of slaving away, they are tired of burn out at work. They want higher pay, a shorter working day and longer holidays. At work they also want to work less and have a better rest at relaxation rooms. As for people of Russia, China, India, Brasil, Malaysia, Argentina and so on, so far they cannot understand it – they do not have proper accommodation, a washing machine and TV, many do not even have enough food – what can be said of a shorter working day? They will work from morning till night. And they do work. The economy of these countries is developing and it will grow ten times faster than in Europe. Inexorably Europe will retreat to the periphery of civilization. Actually it is already stays at the same level, not growing. Do you know how common is the internet in Spain or Portugal? It is on the level of a Russian country-side school. Do you know the degree of competition development in Portugal? It does not exist there, it is suppressed there due to the law – why compete? It precludes from being happy: if you have a shop at the market, another shop of this kind will not be allowed there. And all is peaceful. Europe will quickly retreat to the backyards of the economy, as for those who did not have enough of washing machines and food, will buy all this during the next 50 – 100 years. And again the same story – enough of working, enough of bargaining one trouble for another – changing one car for almost the same other car. It’s not worth it for my life! I have a car, I am driving it for ten years and will drive it for ten more years. Hey, my neighbor bought another model! “Well done – I wish I also could buy one” – the contemporary Russian is thinking. “Idiot! Waste my life on buying these tin cans!” – this is what he is going to think in 20 – 30 years. And how will it finish? I am sure that people will decrease the time for work to a minimum that at present moment seems funny – let us say 2 hours three times a week, and 4 months of holiday. Some people will stop working totally – the improvement of life quality which would have been achieved due to their work, will not be worth wasting their LIFE time. And one workaholic that busts his guts as a beaver four hours a day, will be able to earn enough for a good life style for ten of his not working relatives and lovers. I offer to everybody – make an effort to stop working at all or work the minimum. All these new tin cans instead of the old ones are not worth your life. NOBODY has the aim to stop working – so what is surprising that they do not achieve this purpose? Our society has the dominating highest value of new tin cans – and of course it is due to spiritual destitution. The poorer your psychological life, the more you want to suppress the dullness with a new tin can. This is a closed circle that can be reversed.

    In the very near future people will stop working and will aspire to receive the maximum amount of pleasure from their life. But you will not exist. And they will live and enjoy, receive a lot of new impressions, study something interesting, travel, read, write, learn, investigate, bonk, develop the intellect and body and be happy with their life. But you – you will not exist. You will not exist only because, being a complete idiot, you decided that it is impossible to live without NEs, that people will be always distressed, and you can’t live otherwise and it is impossible to live otherwise. That it is impossible to live without concepts. That happy wishes are caprices and again it’s impossible. That it is too late or too early. You are an idiot, this is why you will not exist. You do not even make an effort. You do not even try to become more sincere, to start eradicating concepts and NEs, to look for and realize the hws. With a feeling of performed duty, looking very important, you will throw yourself with an axe on everything alive, decompose and live in dullness and NEs.

    But everything can be changed, and you can start right now. Right now you can remember that floppy-eared dog that runs around the meadow and feel fondness towards it. This will be “generating an EP”. And this EP UNAVOIDABLY, IN ANY CASE AND IN SPITE OF ANYTHING will produce an impact on your body, and you already know what impact it is – deceleration of ageing, up to the beginning a process of getting younger, ceasing of illnesses and filling your life with amazingly pleasant feelings. This EP will definitely pave the path to new discoveries – not on a piece of paper, but in “your self”, and this will be a step to your life changes. One step is not enough, of course. But you yourself will want more, because experiencing EPs is VERY PLEASANT, and the goal is worth making an effort for. And even if as a result you will not be able to acquire the necessary pace of changes, and age and die, there are still quite serious reasons to suppose that “death”, as well as life, is not the same for everybody. (This is a big question – how much time is needed to reverse time and stop ageing and block dullness. Of course it depends on your sincerity, insistence and determination. It also depends on the condition when you start. If you have cancer and must die in three months – do you have enough time? I have no proof – but with time there will be people that will start PDP in this condition, and for them there will be enough time to stop and reverse the process of ageing and dying from being ill). Deaths differ. It does not “equalize” people, as many dull people think when they choose to give in. But a serious investigation of phenomena, one of which is death, is possible for you only when your investigations lead you to exploring such phenomena as “lucid dreams” and “out-of-body” experiences, and there are no doubts that they exist.

    What about you – will you have nothing to do with it? Will you proudly decompose from illnesses and age “for spite of” stupid practitioners? This is not for me. I choose to make an attempt, especially because the life in EPs and the attempts to achieve them is so much more beautiful and interesting compared to stagnation in dullness, insincerity and NEs. This is a really interesting minimum-goal, isn’t it? The goal to achieve such a degree of experiencing EPs, that allows you to stop the process of ageing. Can you imagine your invigoration when you notice the result, how much everything has changed? Especially if you take into account that one year in NB and NEs while working eight hours a day plus the way to work, plus… is not equal to even a week, if you lived being busy only with your investigations, in EPs, even if they are not continuous, just intermittent. This comparison has also a material base. When I experienced NEs and lived like a common person, sometimes I was keeping my diary. I wrote out the number of discoveries made during a half a year of such a life (certain significant clarities relating to myself, my lifestyle, new perceptions, new happy wishes and so on) and I found out that this number is equal to the number of discoveries I was making at that time (the time of comparison) during a day or two, maybe one week at the most. So are you going to stay on the sidelines? Are you going to return to your “duties” (99% of them artificial, generated by dullness, imagination and habits), to your fear of negative attitude of other people (people that in 99% of cases do not produce any impact on your life), to your tasks like to earn new car/flat/vacuum cleaner/child (tasks that are generated 99% by your boredom, dullness, your wish to lose control and forget yourself and die, not by necessity)? Again, like a stranger, without complaining watch aggression, self-pity, anxiety, apathy eating you? Will you go on justifying it and live in this poisonous fog? It is easy to make excuses. All people around you have a surplus of excuses, just ask them and you will listen to heaps of explanations why it’s impossible to live without NEs, you cannot live without them, you must not, it is not good. And see if these excuses have changed anything in the fact they are ageing, insincere, inert, half-dead, aggressive, not enjoying life – while being young.

    You have a chance now – in our dark medieval century – to become a person of the future.


    Let us return now to the effect of ageing deceleration. Of course, the easiest way to explain it is it’s due to a simple deceleration of certain physiological processes, not due to deceleration of time and existence of certain “pre-worlds” that are available to us through the EPs. But the phrase “a simple deceleration of certain physiological processes” can seem to be convincing only for a person that has never opened a book on physiology. Any – even seemingly the most primitive physiological process is complicated INCREDIBLY. Unthinkably complicated, at present time we cannot comprehend any of them. On the closest examination, any process turns out to be SO complicated that it is impossible to be described – open any of the theses that describes in detail investigation of any process of at least in one cell. And there are SO many processes in an organism that one will have to use astronomical and incomprehensible for us numbers to the quantitative descriptions. Also there is something which is even more amazing and complicated than these innumerable and endless inextricable processes – this is their concurrence. That’s the mystery of all mysteries. A physiologist, if he does not feel amazed up to losing his chin while observing the concurrence of all the processes in the organism at ALL levels, is not a physiologist at all. But maybe there is even a better mystery? Yes, there is. And it consists of the fact that if the balance of this astronomical number of an endlessly complicated timed reactions is broken, it – the balance – is easily recovered. In this instance even the word “miracle” does not render the meaning – there are no words – just sit with your open mouth in astonishment. How can anything “simply” slow down in all this..? In such a case this “simply” will be called illness. The organism will be destroyed if the broken balance has not been recovered. But under the impact of EPs a human organism is not destroyed, but on the contrary, illnesses disappear, ageing slows down, sustaining power becomes nearly unreal, bodily senses amazingly pleasant and resonating with EPs. So we can talk only about total and entire deceleration of the processes, and thus the model of time deceleration is extremely relevant in this case.

    We know that if one person can read a hundred books during a year, while being on Earth, then another person that is moving with sub light velocity in relation to the first person, can live ten times longer, but, alas, this is not the secret of longevity. It is accepted that the fullness of his life will not change – for example, he will be able to read also only 100 books, because the physical processes that allow reading, will slow down correspondingly.

    Due to the fact of the human existence integrating both “material” and “psychic”, we know that psychological life of a man is material. Hence we can make an assumption that as well as the other known material forms, psychological matter will be also affected by the general relativistic deceleration of time. Thus the man that moves in relation to the first one, will read the same 100 books, as well as comprehend the contents, make conclusions and so on – not any more than the first one. Even the EPs, most likely, will not be any more intensive and frequent. If we accept, that this is a real fact, we face a contradiction, because in reality a person that experiences EPs and decelerates the ageing, lives through by an order or a few more (even for an equal period, speaking nothing of a longer life). It means not everything is as described, and it needs an explanation.

    As we know, in dreams and especially in lucid dreams, we can experience so much and so profoundly, that it is not even close to how much we can live through for the same physical time during wakefulness. Affection in dreams can be so intensive, profound, all-encompassing and faithful that we have never experienced during wakefulness. Hence it’s easy to conclude that the dear “soul”, which makes the “burden of the body” easier, can have a significantly more intensive and profound life. And the less the body is similar to a “dead one”, the more intensive, versatile and profound the psychological world is. We know that under the impact of the EPs the body decelerates ageing, plus it undergoes transformations and becomes much more sensitive, acquires “enlightened senses”. This is why the above mentioned contradiction is not to be considered – on one hand, the person who is experiencing EPs, undergoes a pseudo-relativistic deceleration of psychic matter and it impacts his physiology through the connections of psychological and physical, but it does not cover his physical actions. On the other hand, those changes of the body that accompany this process, contribute to a higher acceleration and extension of psychological processes not only due to their release and easier development, but also due to a new factor as a continuous resonance of enlightened senses and EPs.

    07-02-04 Evolution dimension

    And still – what is it – “pseudo-relativistic” thing? When we introduce the concept of “pseudo-relativism”, we try to sit on two chairs – like partially we are in “pseudo-relativistic” world and partially we are not. Certain matter is affected by it, and some not. It does not work. Can we find an easier and more elegant model? We can, though it will seem to the reader absolutely crazy as well J.

    For the beginning we will have to have an insight into the theory of relativity, but first let us go down on an easier for understanding level. Let us imagine people running in a desert to the right from you with the speed of 10km an hour – they cannot run faster in the heat, but the feeling of sport passion does not let them run slower. On the way of the runners there is a hundred meter point and in this point you, as a doctor of sports medicine, standing aside, make control measurements of their speed. Besides, every runner also has a detector measuring the runner’s speed. The first few runners made hundred meters for 36 seconds which corresponded to the estimations. The last one made the distance in 50 seconds. You make the right conclusion that the runner has overstrained himself and there is a possibility of sun stroke, so you sit him down. But the runner indignantly presents his detector which shows he has not slowed down! Explanation is quickly found – the first runners kept their distance precisely from right to left, but the last runner could not see the right direction because of the raised dust and by mistake he ran at an angle and made a longer distance – as longer as the hypothenuse is longer than the cathetus. The runner had a normal speed, but as long as his speed was distributed in two directions, then movement exactly from right to left was slower.

    Using approximately the same model, Einstein had a guess that the theory of relativity will become very beautiful if we make an assumption that time is one of the dimensions – the same like the three spatial dimensions. In general, there is nothing alien in this idea, because, firstly, any event requires four coordinates – three dimensional to locate it in the space and one timing coordinate to locate it in time. The event is identified only when it is located by four parameters – a spot in space and in time. Secondly, we can say that we continuously move in time whatever we are doing – the clock is always ticking, and the clock is a device that measures the march of time.

    The abstract definition of time in general is an extremely complicated process, if possible at all. When you try to make a definition, you always start avoiding to use the word “time”, then you introduce it, but indirectly, and confuse yourself. This is why I am in favour of the following unusual definition: “time is something that can be measured by a clock”. Of course, now we have to give a definition to the “clock”, and it should be in such a way, that again we do not use the term “time” covertly. But it is not too hard. The clock can be defined as a device with regular movements. Now, do we imply time by the term “regular”? No, regularity can be measured by a simple ruler, i.e. the idea of regularity can be introduced without implying the notion of time, but using only the measurement of distance. Let us assume that a spinning wheel has a bump in one spot, and while spinning the bump touches the ruler which is moving under the wheel. There is a mark left at the spot of impact. We measure the distance between the marks, find it is equal and make the conclusion of the regularity and evenness of the wheel spinning. We also have to be sure in the evenness of the motion of the ruler, but we do not need a clock for that, only the knowledge that the even motion is the motion without acceleration. Let us place a sensitive spring with an arrow and a slate-pencil at the end on the ruler. After the experiment, we check if the slate-pencil left any marks on the ruler. If there are no marks, it means there was no acceleration and the motion was even and rectilinear. This is why the definition of time as “something that is measured by a regularly working mechanism” is not bringing the implicit notion of time, it is not a tautology and thus is quite a profound and justified understanding. Then the replacement of the phrase “something impacts time” with the phrase “something impacts the clock movement” gives us a good chance of better understanding of time and a possibility to investigate its qualities.

    In general, we always move in space and in time – “space-time”, to be shorter. Einstein genius guess was in the assumption that time can participate in the distribution of time in the same way as in our example with the runners. Thus time dimension is a part of speed distribution. No matter how paradoxical and unimaginable it is, further calculations reveal that the major part of objects motion happens exactly in time and not in space. We know when the body is moving in past us, its time in the system of its coordinates is slower than ours. To rephrase we can say that the faster the motion of the body in space, the slower it is in time, because “moving in time slowly” means that the time is slower there, ageing is slower, the clock is slower. Furthermore Einstein made an assumption that all objects in the Universe always move in space-time with one and the same speed –light speed. In space they can move with any speed less than light speed, but in space-time only with one summarized speed in all four directions – with light speed. So part of the summarized body motion happens in space, and part – in time, but the summarized velocity is always the same, like our runner’s. And the more he deviates towards us, the slower he moves from left to right. The higher the speed of a particle in space, the slower it is in time, i.e. the time of the moving object is slower. When all the movements completely shift into space category, then the maximum space speed is achieved – the same light speed, and correspondingly, this object cannot move in time. This is why photons that move with light speed always, never age – the photons that were born at the moment when our Universe was born, are the same and have never changed at all, because “to change” is the synonym of the word “to age”, “to move in time”. Being born, a photon never changes while existing. It can cease to exist (for example, in the process of absorption by an electron), but it cannot change.

    Hence it is clear why in our world everything moves so slowly in comparison with light speed, it means the major part of our movement is in the time category.

    Let us now remember that experiencing EPs decelerates time, does it mean that the speed of our movement in space accelerates? Yes, it does, and it should increase significantly. To have the effect of time deceleration, the body has to start moving with enormous speed, nearly at light speed. But it does not happen, I am sitting under the tree as before and I do not disappear anywhere with astronomical speed. It means this speed should be built up in some 5th dimension, and if we introduce the new, 5th dimension, then the law of speed permanence can be updated: the speed of an object in 5 dimensions is equal to light speed, and the 5th dimension can take an equal part in the distribution of speed. What is this dimension? I will call it the “dimension of evolution”. The more intensive an EP, the stronger the impact on the body, which consists of slowing down time for physiological processes, and the higher the speed component in the evolution coordinates, i.e. the faster the evolution develops. As we know, evolution is an extremely slow process, but when we have EPs, this process develops very quickly. The humans can live tens of thousands years without changes, while if affected by EPs, the human body changes very quickly, as well as not only the body. There appear new perceptions, new possibilities, including those that are described by Castaneda.

    Thus, evolution is an integral part of all existing as positioned in space and in time. Everything is involved in the evolution process at all times, but this process is of a different speed. Every object moves in space, time and evolution (with the exception of the above mentioned photons, as all their movement is within space).

    This hypothesis is beautiful. It describes a lot of mysterious phenomena in a simple and easy way for understanding. These phenomena include ceasing of ageing while EPs are experienced, and the fact that a person with EPs becomes “wiser” (i.e. has the clarity, differentiating consciousness and many other qualities), and the evolution of all life, and so on. And a number of other interesting assumptions can be made on the basis of this hypothesis.

    Hence, for example, it is clear that understanding evolution as depending on time, is a mistake, because these are different phenomena, as different as space and time. Evolution may not happen for whatever period of time – and this is what we observe pretty often, when we see old people that have had a long life and made no steps towards their evolution.

    At this point we can make the next step when we return to the effect of ageing deceleration. We know nearly nothing about evolution. We can dig for the old bones of dinosaurs, but we will not advance our knowledge. As far as now our basic assumption is that time and evolution are different “dimensions”, as well as time and space, we can think that ageing has nothing to do with time. Ageing is an effect of an equal or nearly equal to zero advancement in evolution. If there is advancement in the evolution dimension, then ageing decelerates to halt completely. At this point we can avoid the paradox of rejuvenation. The body of a person, experiencing EPs, not just ceases to age, it rejuvenates. We do not know about moving back in time, and if we make an assumption that ageing is a process depending on time, then we have a complication – a necessity to introduce the notion of moving back in time. Now we do not have this complication, because we defined that ageing is a process that does not depend on time, though it does happen in time, like everything else (with the exception of the above mentioned photon, for example).

    The advancement of a human in the dimension of evolution produces a rejuvenating effect on his body. I want to attract your attention – it is exactly a “rejuvenating effect”, not a real rejuvenation, the word “rejuvenation” is not right here. A real rejuvenation would be a return into the condition of a young person – a weak, inert, ill, quickly ageing person. There is an illusion that when young, people have beautiful pleasant bodies. According to my observations, the body starts fast ageing already at the age of 12 – 14, and by the age 17 – 18 there are practically no people with bodies, triggering the feeling of beauty and affection – for both eyes, and hands. So it is worthwhile to find a proper term for the changes that happen due to the impact produced by EPs.


    I would like to mention again that what I describe in this chapter is a hypothesis resulting from contemplations hardly supported experimentally, and requires confirmation, correction or disproving through the practice of EPs cultivation, developing a “vision” or other observations. I specially do not give a non-contradictive and complete theory, because firstly I would have to rely on facts and observations that are not proved and the contemporary snouts would not be able to confirm it on the basis of their experience, and secondly, I would like to show the reader the way of thinking of a theoretician with its most interesting zigzags, dead ends, solutions and insights. So this chapter is due to be corrected and enriched.

    07-02-05 Certainty of evolution laws

    Pre-evolution” – stable changes in any creature that happen only after multiple efforts directed to achieve pleasure or satisfaction, and it changes the creature so much, that it starts to experience desired conditions frequently. In the case, when we cannot judge what a creature experiences, the criterion is such a transformation that allows achievement of better nutrition, better life territory, more effective protection and longer life duration.

    Evolution” = pre-evolution + development of new states, unknown earlier.

    Super-evolution” = evolution + development of new “cyclones”, i.e. new stable and radiant hws of achieving new desirable states.

    Thus, cultivation of happy wishes, i.e. their search, differentiation and phrasing + realization of hws (rhws) is the integral part of the evolution process.

    Time does not affect ageing. Ageing is entirely the consequence of a halt of the evolution process or its deceleration. It is proved with the fact that the massive experiencing of EPs and achievement of EB slows down or stops ageing, the body endures physical transformations, changes its qualities and the qualities become more and more indefectible (beautiful looks, pleasant to touch, developing profoundness of senses, physical experiences, high stamina and so on).

    Evolution of the new time” – changes due to the continuous or nearly continuous enlightened background and EPs flashes. The Intellectual Human turns into (or is replaced, being not able to compete – by his own choice!) the Enlightened Human.

    The Intellectual person (IP) loses in the competition with the Enlightened person (EnP) due to a number of reasons:

    *) the life duration of an EnP is twice the length, as minimum, than the life of an IP.

    *) The IP spends the major part of his life in apathy, illnesses, upset states of different kinds due to the dominating NEs, while the life of the EnP is of good value, energetic and enjoyable.

    *) Long duration and good value of the EnP life allows him to accumulate huge life experiences (IP does not accumulate the experience at all, because life experience is not just a number of events, but also sensible analysis of those events and the capability to change and adjust) and be secure economically. IP ages and becomes a wreck just when he could enhance his economic abilities – at 40 – 45 years old.

    *) IP are separated, their community lives by the law of the jungle – everybody eats everybody else. EnP are extremely united, fond of each other and wish to help each other. EnP have good experience, substantial and permanently growing economical base, accumulated during the long and energetic life, they wish to help each other and thus provide an exclusively advantageous start position for new EnP and those who aspire to be an EnP.

    *) General economic base of IP does not simply exist – inheritance is based on the principle “all my belongings I leave to my children”, and the children are absolutely people of an accident, quite often they have no skills or wish to manage and develop. Inheritance in the community of EnP is based on the principle of fondness – the fortune is not inherited by accidental people that by some reason have grown from your semen and an egg cell, it is inherited by other EnP that will manage effectively or pass it on to other similar people.

    *) IP are extremely closed people. Their horizontal connections are limited by the circle of relatives and “friends”, in any case they live in an atmosphere of mutual resentment, mistrust and fear, and their purposes are stipulated mostly by their concepts. EnP live in an extremely flexible structure, because the feeling of fondness and a wish to help exists among each other with different intensity. It allows them to acquire versatile experience and find the best area for optimum effort. The purposes of the EnP are formed on the basis of following their happy wishes, consequently, they are more successful in achieving their goals, because they act with enthusiasm and anticipation.

    *) The community of EnP is very attractive for people of the intermediate type – people that are not ready to aspire towards EPs, but nevertheless they share the principal or some values of EnP, even if it’s only in words. For these people EnP are “good friends”, “reliable partners”, “interesting people”, because EnP are indeed reliable, interesting and they are keen on a constructive partnership. It leads to the fact, that the most evolutionary developed IP (Netti found a very good term for these people – “sympats” – those who empathize practitioners) support the community of EnP and are interested in the mutual prosperity and satisfaction.

    *) IP absolutely do not analyze and understand people, imagine and ignore people qualities, and it makes his success in business or any project difficult, nearly accidental. EnP are able to select the right people for the right positions, to estimate situations adequately and find solutions.

    Of course, when I am speaking about the “advantages” of an EnP over an IP, I mean a process in its development that is going to take time. In this process the community of EnP will have its ups and downs while developing, but everything in this world happens quite rapidly, so it is most likely that evolution of new time will also be a very quick process, and in about 200-300 years EnP will play a significant role on the Earth.

    Vector of evolution” is the direction of changes due to cultivation of certain hws. Dominating cultivation of commitment will lead to one type of change, hunger for investigations – another.

    I presuppose that vector analysis of evolution processes will take its place in the future science of studying evolution.

    We know that “distance” is a measurement of the space between two points, and “duration” is a measurement of time between two events. What is the “distance in the evolution dimension”? Is it possible to represent it in numbers? For example, as a starting point, we could measure the body parameters that are related to the ageing according to Gerontology – like the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin, enzymes concentration, intensity of the processes of cells regeneration and so on. Then we would have at least some indirect quantitative data.

    The connection between evolution and space-time is proved by EPs impact on the physical body. The existence of this connection means that evolution develops in accordance with strict laws. A sporadic water flow also seems to be chaotic, nevertheless, both the flow and the elements obey the strict laws of mechanics and hydrodynamics, and the seeming chaos is due to the process being so complicated. As we know from quantum physics, its equations give us extremely precise forecasts relating to the matter behaviour, though it operates only with probabilities. On the microscopic level strict laws regulate processes as before, but these laws define only the probability what event will happen in the future. The same happens with evolution. The evolution processes define the probability of the future – just the probability. If EPs are generated, dullness is eradicated and so on – then the advancement of the person in the evolution dimension will go on… with a certain speed in a certain direction with a certain probability. At this moment we do not have enough of experimental data to say that the probability of the evolution laws has the same meaning as in quantum physics or as in the water flow. In case with water we have a principal possibility to estimate the behaviour of each drop if we calculate the movement with the help of powerful computers. In other words, the probability in this case is conditioned only with the processes being so complicated. In the case with the photon behaviour the probability is a deep and integral principle of the matter existence. In order to answer this question we have to, firstly, learn to identify numerically the advancement of a man in the evolution dimension, and secondly, to learn to make it with a very high accuracy. Only after that we have to estimate the advancement of evolution due to a separate EP or a flow of EPs of various intensity, profoundness and wholeness – in the same way as we did while investigating the photo effect, the phenomenon, which led Einstein to the formulation of the most important principles of quantum mechanics. The photo effect is dislodging electrons from a metal surface under the impact of light. Intuitively it seems that the stronger the energy of light, the more electrons will be dislodged and with a higher speed. The experiment has disproved this assumption – quite long waves of light, regardless of energy value, practically do not dislodge electrons, and vice versa, electrons are dislodged by light waves of quite high frequency but low values of energy. It can be explained only if we return to nearly-Newton hypothesis that light consists of particles of a strange nature. Along with the experiments on interference of individual electrons it led to a strange notion of “corpuscular-wave dualism”, which reflects the fact that micro particles are both the particles and the wave simultaneously. It is quite possible that in the process of the evolution investigations we will receive some amazing results. I am sure we will receive them, at least because our bodies, being so big, heavy and massive, acquire qualities, characteristic of the photons under the impact of the EPs, as if we end up in some fantastic world, where Plank’s constant becomes huge and our large macro world has the qualities like those of the tunnel effect and so on. Evolution, quantum physics and the theory of relativity, or, if we use the modern language, the theory of evolution and the theory of superstrings, will definitely form the science for the future.

    07-02-06 Considerations on evolution from the point of view of abstruse dimensions

    Now I suggest that we have a look at evolution from a slightly different point of view. This will allow us to make the hypothesis of evolution even deeper and more interesting, but it will require some more time, because we will have to understand one of the fundamental qualities of matter.

    For the beginning let us introduce the notion of a “convoluted dimension”. This is quite simple. Let us imagine we have a piece of thin fibre. It is endlessly thin, no matter how we look at it, it has no thickness. This piece seems to us to be one-dimensional, and it will be enough of one coordinate to identify the position of one point on it. But the technology of microscopes has taken one step forward, and if we look at the piece of fibre through a microscope, we will see that fibre has some thickness and it looks like a thin cylinder. The second dimension was not obvious for us due to the imperfection of our devices, it was “convoluted”. What is interesting – if we use this piece of fibre in our usual life, and do it on the basis of the notion that it is one-dimensional, we will receive the correct results in our calculations, and the devices constructed on our results, will function precisely, because the thickness of the fibre is so minute, that it will not affect our devices which are giant in comparison with the fibre.

    (This analogy is not quite correct, of course, because a “new dimension” in this analogy is one of the three dimensions that we know of, while a real convoluted dimension is not like those three. We can tell how this new convoluted dimension looks in our world only when the microscopes enable us to see the distances as small as those that are the basis of the phenomenon existence).

    Introducing additional dimensions seems to be a certain trick, because we are used to having three dimensions. We can accept that time is an equal dimension like others as well, because we know about time and a model of four dimensional space-time is more or less “possible to understand on the intuition level”. Intuition is based on our life experience, and if something is outside of our experience, it cannot be a part of our “intuitional understanding”. So are there any serious reasons for introducing additional dimensions? Definitely, and they are related to the notorious theory of superstrings (to make it shorter – “strings”). If we colligate Einstein general equations of the theory of relativity with the space with one more dimension, we will receive an amazing result: additional equations, related to the new dimension, are… Maxwell equations for an electromagnetic field! It was the first, though formal, but a successful attempt of creating rudiments of a theory integrating gravitation and electromagnetism (weak and strong interaction had not been discovered in the 20s of the 20th century, but when they were discovered, plus connected with electromagnetic interaction, the theory that included the additional dimension, became especially interesting). Einstein was quite interested in this work, but at that time it was practically impossible to advance in it due to the lack of experimental data. It appears from this theory that gravitation exists in our three-dimensional space, while electromagnetism transfers in waves through the new “convoluted” dimension. It means that in every point of our space – both inside us and everywhere else – there is a “drop” of a convoluted dimension. Calculations prove that the sizes of this drop is billion of billions times smaller than the most modern possibilities of matter investigation, this is why we cannot see them thus far, but nevertheless they affect our life and generate phenomena that can be noticed – like, for example, they allow electromagnetic fields to exist and expand.

    The consequential development of the theory of strings proved its high survivability. It explains clearly and beautifully so much of what could not have been explained by the classical quantum theory, that by 1995 nearly all physicists admitted that the theory of strings is the most perspective point of view. Introduction of the additional dimension brought senseless paradoxes (for example, in the form of endless or negative probabilities and so on), but in the result of investigations it was discovered that if we introduce six additional space convoluted dimensions, then all the paradoxes disappear. Thus, according to the contemporary comprehension, our world has 10 dimensions – three spatial open, one timing open, and six spatial convoluted. Equations of the theory of strings are extremely complicated, and a mathematical device is still in the stage of development, so far we cannot obtain precise solutions of the equations, and even the equations can be written only approximately for the moment. This is why there can be more than 10, it can be 11 dimensions, but it is not significant for our purposes at the moment.

    I want to emphasize the main point – contemporary physics REQUIRES that there are convoluted dimensions, i.e. the existence of convoluted dimensions is a necessary condition to have our world as it is. While moving in space, we actually move not only in three spatial open dimensions, but also in a few convoluted dimensions. We cross them an endless number of times, but we cannot notice it, as we are macro objects. Our organs of perception, even if they are enforced with the contemporary means of observation, are also too large to be affected by this crossing with the convoluted dimensions, i.e. the overall result is simply smudged and we cannot notice it.

    It is also necessary to remember that time is an equal dimension in the four-dimensional space-time. Not surprising that physicists thought – why convoluted dimensions have to be spatial? Can there be a convoluted time dimension??

    The notion of the “convoluted time” seems to be intuitively hard to understand, this is why I will explain it. In the above mentioned example with a piece of fibre, one dimensional – along fibre – is not convoluted, and we can go however far as we want. The second dimension is convoluted and if we find the thickness of the fibre and move to the left, then soon we will be at the same point, but from the right. It means, that while moving in the convoluted “time-like” dimension, we can come to the same point of this new type of “time”. At the moment the physicists do not know what this theory of additional time dimension can lead to, because there are no phenomena that would require it. For example, electromagnetic interaction did not fit Einstein’s general doctrine of relativity, integration of gravitation and electromagnetic field seemed to be impossible, and the new dimension solved this problem. But there is no “time-like” phenomenon that would require a corresponding convoluted pseudo-time dimension. This is why this branch of the theory of strings develops extremely slowly, and possibly, will be forgotten for a long while, whereas the theory of strings develops rapidly in other directions.

    Let us now remember about evolution. Evolution is so much a “time-like” process that in the beginning purely evolutional process of ageing has been considered mistakenly to be the process, totally depending on time. Evolution requires a corresponding dimension so we can speak of it as something that does not narrow down to space-time. We have never faced the fact that time backtracks, but if the evolution dimension exists as convoluted, it means there is a principal possibility of a reverse evolution process! Let us remember long and fruitless discussions about a possibility that a part of contemporary primates are the successors, not predecessors of humans, as well as not the sidelines of the evolution process. In the process of its development, the Humanity formed side lines, which de-evolved, degenerated and became non-human primates (possibly not those that exist now, but different and they have become extinct). Such discussions are fruitless due to the lack of experimental (i.e. archeological) data, but it is quite possible that in the future we will find some proof of this possible degeneration of humans. There possibly are similar examples in the world of other biological forms.

    For me it is doubtless that a part of the contemporary Humanity will also degenerate. A person, cultivating EPs, will become the Enlightened Person – with the new qualities, new physiology and new possibilities. A person, cultivating satisfaction, will hold on as the Intellectual Person. And a person, cultivating NEs, will degenerate.

    The process of degeneration will take place, for example, in such a way that a certain group of people will become infertile and extinct regardless of the doctors’ effort. We have already faced this problem not so long ago on the American continent, when the entire ethnic group lost fertile abilities regardless of all effort of the modern civilization. It is interesting that this ethnic group of people was abusing alcohol extremely, cultivated dullness, apathy and NEs. At the present time, due to “political correctness”, investigations of the ethnic groups are impossible, because these investigations will reveal the difference between ethnicities and all will get under the blind broom of “racism”. It is possible that this kind of idiocy will cover psychology and sociology, and soon after the freedom of speech will be lost (we practically have already lost it in the developed countries – for example, even the discussion of certain moments is considered criminal there) together with social-psychological sciences. With this attitude archeology is also a “racist” science, because different conclusions about ethnicities are made from the archeological data… and it would be better to prohibit historical sciences not to ruin our satisfaction with the references to extremely unpleasant moments of the past that reveal specific characteristics of this or that ethnicity…

    As I have already mentioned, while moving in space we do not notice the convoluted dimensions, because their affect is smudged and too weak. Both Newton laws at low speeds, and the laws of the theory of relativity at any speeds function with an absolute and marginal preciseness within the accuracy of our instruments. But life of the biological species is a very long process that continues for thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of years, this is why when biological creatures move through the convoluted evolution dimensions, it still produces accumulative effect on their heredity – and this is what provides the possibility of the evolution process.

    Let us also remember about “physical senses”. Sometimes they are accompanied with the feeling of “burning out” everywhere inside the body. It is not the same “inside” as when we talk of a physiological process – then the senses are localized in accordance with the character of the process. What we talk about is the feeling as if all of the body – the entire body, each cell of the body is filled with this sensation of being burnt out.

    We can remember how extremely quickly NEs lead to degeneration of an individual, blocking the smallest possibility of evolution and how quickly EPs accelerate evolution. This means that EPs are very closely connected with the evolution dimension, enforcing our mutual interaction. Investigation of EPs and of yourself-in-the-EPs becomes an especially captivating process. What will you choose – will you stay uninvolved?

    These ideas are a draft – just fragments of a hypothesis that connect PDP and physics, but possibly in the future we will be able to develop on the basis of this draft another comprehensive “theory of everything”.