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How to practice to cease feeling automatic NA to NEs

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    There are two usual mistakes in communication with the person, who has strong negative emotions (NEs): at first you talk to him as if expecting that he wants to understand you. But you forget that at the moment you are talking not to “him”, but to the perceptions revealed in him – with irritation, self-pity etc. Do you really expect understanding from irritation? From self-pity? How to find mutual understanding with hatred? It’s impossible, because NEs are incompatible with clarity and the joyful desire to understand.
    After having met his misunderstanding several times you feel NA to him and at the time clarity leaves you.

    Communicating with a person feeling NEs, you can practice to eliminate the habit to have NA to NEs and to feel EPs in any circumstances. If while co-operation with the people feeling NEs you have the response NEs and you don’t eliminate them perfectly, then how do you want to reach EPs? We are surrounded by people with NEs almost all the time.
    It is effective to find a person, who often feels strong NEs and to communicate with him sometimes. The higher objective is to feel EPs during such contacts.