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    05-02-01 General information. First steps to sexuality development

    As far as the word “sexuality” designates a specific perception, which does not relate to anything else, then while giving definition of the terms, I want to just outline the borders of using the different terms and not “to explain” what “sexuality” is. Usually there is a bad misuse in this sphere and this is why tautology is unavoidable.

    I do not want to use the words “a man” and “a woman”, as they are associated with hypocrisy, with a lifeless and totally mechanical sexuality, with a negative attitude (NA) to sex. I will use the words “a boy” and “a girl”, “a young lady”.

    In this book for a male genital organ I use the word “penis”, though in snout communication the word “dick” is used, because if you take away association with aggression and rudeness that people experience when they use the word then you will discover that phonetically this word resonates with sexuality more than “penis”, “phallus”, “genital organ” and others. For a female genital organ I use the word “pussy” in the book (and this word is used in snout communication as well).

    In the book I use the term “to have sex”, though it’s not used in snout communication as it sounds very mechanically. We prefer the word “to bonk” as it resonates with easiness, playfulness and openness.

    Sexual perceptions – a general term designating a whole complex of specific perceptions that do not relate to any other perceptions. Specific features of sexual perceptions are the following:

    а) Senses that are designated with the words “sexual pleasure”, “sexual enjoyment”. In the process of sexuality and EPs development enjoyment strongly resonates with EPs from the sector of blissfulness (see below) – up to a specific perception of enjoyment overflowing into EPs.

    b) Specific character of actions bringing enjoyment – like playing with the penis, with the pussy, with the penis in the pussy and so on.

    c) Enjoyment is manifested in certain places of the body (in the beginning of sexuality development they are strictly limited by the region of the penis, pussy, bum, and nipples)

    d) Resonance with EPs

    Sexual actions – are actions directed to support or intensify sexual perceptions.

    Sexual excitement (“SE”) – is such a sexual perception, when:

    а) There is a sexual enjoyment

    b) The boys have an erection (tumescence of the penis), girls – swollen [lips of the] pussy. When the sexual excitement is strong, there are excretes of fluid from the penis and the pussy.

    c) The epicentre of the sexual excitement is in the penis/pussy, it engages the region a bit further down the base of the penis/pussy and resonates with words “strong”, “passionate”, and “hard”.

    d) A strong wish of additional senses appears that are designated with a general term “to have sex” – to slip a penis or a finger into the pussy, bum, mouth, to look into the eyes, talk about sexual topics, caress each other, lick, kiss, suck, bite, squeeze and so on. The stronger the sexual excitement, the stronger the wish of intense senses in the region of penis/pussy is, as well as the wish to get to the verge of an orgasm and to orgasm. If during the sexual excitement there are EPs then the wish of the orgasm is getting weaker while a wish of longer sex and of more versatile sexual and erotic senses (see below) is increasing.

    Sexual wish (“SW”) – is a wish to experience a sexual excitement. Realization of a SW consists in performing sexual actions.

    (Optional section: it is interesting to make an analogy with a sense of taste. When I want a piece of cheese, I imagine it and I imagine the taste of cheese, but what does it mean “imagine the taste of cheese”? It means that I “already experience the taste of cheese”, but in a very weak and unsteady form. And what does it mean, “I imagine a piece of cheese”? It means “at the moment I have a visual image of it, I see it”, only in a weak and unsteady form. This weakness and unsteadiness of the image and taste, as well as the absence of escorting perceptions (like the sense of being full, for example) allows us to make a distinct differentiation between the “imaginable” and “real” taste, but there are no grounds to think that it is principally impossible to generate those escorting perceptions. Usually it is difficult to comprehend it – difficult to realize that while you “imagine the taste of cheese”, you already taste cheese. But if we make a comparison with SW – when I have a SW? I can imagine a naked girl and I will feel SE! This mechanism is widely used to feel SE – people imagine, look at pictures, watch movies, cartoons. And nobody has any doubts that arising in this case SE is exactly SE.)

    Erotic excitement (“ErE”) – is such a sexual perception, when:

    а) There is no erection and swelling of [lips of] pussy, no fluid from penis/pussy (of course, during the erotic excitement there will be erection/swelling in the case when there is a sexual excitement as well at that moment)

    b) Epicentre of ErE will be located not in the penis/pussy, there may be many epicentres – most often deep in pelvis, centre of the chest, throat and heart, and it resonates more with words “soft”, “delicate”, “enveloping”, “radiating”.

    c) A wish of additional senses is not as strong and persistent as when there is sexual excitement and for the wish of ErE senses in the region of penis/pussy is not preferable. Quite typical is the situation when it is more wanted to “want to have sex” than “have sex”, especially it relates to the senses in the region of penis/pussy, less to light touches (caresses), glances, conversations.

    г) ErE resonates with lots of EPs stronger and more distinctly, than SE.


    Erotic wish (“ErW”) – is a wish to experience ErE.


    Mechanical sexual wish (“mSW”) – is a wish which is not accompanied with EPs and is conditioned with distresses:

    а) Concepts. For example, if there is a concept “it is necessary to perform the spousal duty”, then the husband starts generating the SW to his wife using techniques that he knows like masturbation, imagining another girl replacing his wife, automatic reaction on different parts of a naked body and so on. ErE is the first to disappear and it leads to the situation where a man has an erection without having a SW and this catastrophically quickly brings impotence (when a person wants to have CW and CE but cannot reach an erection) then total absence of SW and SE. A wife, trying to reach SW or imitating SE or simply opening her legs due to this or any other concept, arrives at the same result.

    Or if a woman wants a man, he might think that it is “wrong for a man” not to want her, that “a real man” “must” want to have sex.

    b) Fear of NA from the partner, fear of the consequences of this NA

    c) Other NEs. For example, due to uneasiness to refuse sex or feeling of guilt if a person forces himself/herself to want to have sex.

    d) Other mechanical wishes. For example a woman wants to have some favours from a man and makes her body available for him without having a SW.

    e) Automatic reaction on typical triggers (fetish), for example like as soon as a man sees a woman with long hair he immediately feels mSW regardless of her other qualities.

    f) Hyper compensation. During childhood, youth and so on SWs were strongly suppressed and it results in a phenomenon where a mSW appears for any woman, it becomes obtrusive, tiring and is a trigger for NEs, the sex itself becomes a quick achievement of an orgasm and lacks the erotic constituent.

    MSW and the sexual actions, conditioned by mSW, can be accompanied with very weak enjoyment and sometimes a lack enjoyment at all! This is why many people try to achieve an orgasm sooner, “to discharge” their duty. ErW and happy SW are always accompanied with enjoyment. Specific features of mechanical wishes see in the corresponding chapter.


    Happy sexual wish (“hSW”) – is a wish that is not conditioned with distresses, it is a happy wish (see chapter dedicated to wishes), it is accompanied with anticipation, enthusiasm and other EPs.

    When there is no necessity to speak separately about mSW, hSW and ErW I will write only SW and it will be clear from the context which one is spoken about.


    Development of sexuality is:

    *) Achieving higher intensity of sexual and erotic enjoyment,

    *) Expansion of the spectrum or “profoundness” (number of undertones) of sexual and erotic senses.

    Usually people do not differentiate their sexual perceptions, mixing them all into one pile with the title “sexual excitement”. The reason for the greater part is due to mechanical sexuality. Due to a very big number of distresses related to sex people know practically nothing of their sexuality. They have a poor variety of sexual perceptions, miserable experience in sex even if they have many sexual partners, as their variety of sexual perceptions is limited with a narrow spectrum of “permitted”, “compulsory” and “relatively decent”. As a result their sexuality is suppressed and lifeless, there are powerful destructive contradictions between mSW and conceptual prohibitions for their realization. There is no differentiating experience of sexual perceptions, hence no manifestation and realization of hSW, as wishes can be formed relating to something specific and separate when there is no differentiation – consequently no definite strong and happy wishes and no development.

    For the sexual development to start and continue, it is preferably to achieve (in the process of having sex) differentiation of the following perceptions:

    *) sexual excitement

    *) erotic excitement

    *) mechanical sexual wish

    *) mechanical wish to intensify sexual wish

    *) happy sexual wish

    *) mechanical wish to intensify happy sexual wish

    *) happy wish to intensify happy sexual wish

    *) mechanical wish of realization of mechanical sexual wish

    *) mechanical wish of realization of happy sexual wish

    *) happy wish of realization of happy sexual wish

    *) realization of mechanical sexual wish

    *) realization of happy sexual wish

    *) erotic excitement

    *) erotic wish

    *) mechanical wish to intensify erotic wish

    *) happy wish to intensify erotic wish

    *) wish to intensify and deepen erotic wish

    All these perception are tightly interconnected with each other, still these are different perceptions and can be manifested in isolation from each other.

    The following three factors are of huge significance:

    1) SE, ErE, hSW and ErW, happy wish to intensify and realize them – all these resonate with EPs.

    2) Suppression of any sexual perceptions leads to decreasing EPs and intensifying NEs.

    3) Eradication of mSW resonates with EPs

    (See chapter “Emotions” for the difference between eradication and suppression. If you do not see the difference between the “eradication” and “suppression”, it means you do not understand the practice of the direct path).

    These facts are indisputable as they are confirmed by all snouts that investigated their sexuality regardless of their starting point – whether the snout is sexually relaxed and free in the beginning of the practice or extremely constrained by fears, concepts, and aggressive attitude to sex. It’s hard to overestimate the significance of these facts because all people, 100% – without exaggeration, have NA towards sex, just as it is revealed with different intensity to different forms of sexuality. Everybody has his own mechanically accepted false concepts about “natural” and “unnatural” sex, “perverse” and “normal”, “decent” and “indecent” and so on. There are a crazily large number of concepts and NEs around sex. It does not matter why this has happened, what matters is that there is a clarity of how to deal with it: investigate and clear away concepts regarding sex; get rid of NEs that appear when having sex or thinking of sex; identify and realize SW; learn to differentiate sexual perceptions.

    Let us introduce the notion of the “erogenous zone”. This is such a part of the body that is especially sensitive to touches and caresses of the partner who excites you or during masturbation. It is mistakenly accepted, that erogenous zones “are originally inherent” and limited with the zone of genital organs. The body awakens while sexuality is developing, its existing parts and zones become more sensitive and new ones are discovered until all the body becomes one erogenous zone. It is similar to recovering after anaesthesia – a lifeless, numb part of the body suddenly comes alive. And awakening of a new erogenous zone gives an impulse to the further development of sexuality and resonating EP capability.


    As people have endless constraints of conceptual prohibitions, then the first step in sexual development is realization of sexual fantasies (SF), SWs without selection. While you acquire experience, you start to differentiate between mSW and hSW and choose what is more pleasant for you. Realization of SW is related to overcoming the concepts of “unnatural”, “indecent”, and “perverse” – all these words have no real meaning, which is confirmed by the fact that different cultures have different attitudes to various manifestations of sexuality. For example, in the Arab world a woman will be thought of being a “filthy whore” if she goes outside with uncovered shoulders and knees. In India – if the girl goes outside wearing shorts, hooting and whistling will follow her. In Ukraine you are allowed to be in a swimsuit on the beaches, but as soon as you cross a border (very often an imagined border) and go to a township in a swimsuit, local old women will throw stones and sticks at you. In Russia anal sex is believed to be perverse and shameful and homosexuals are openly repressed. Group sex is considered to be perverse nearly all over the world. Nearly in all countries you cannot have sex outside on the street, or walk naked – it will be qualified as a crime. Sex with children is persecuted as a criminal act if a child is under a certain age (of 14-16-18), then even if he has sex with an adult voluntarily it is qualified as rape. Having child pornography is also a criminal offence and the consequences are destructive for the offender. Nobody bothers to remember widely known facts that in ancient Greece and Rome sex with children was allowed and there are no grounds to think children suffered from it. Also dismissed is the fact that practically any sexually developed person experiences strong sexual and/or erotic excitement from SF related to sex or caresses with children or teenagers and there is nothing surprising about it as children and teenagers are more sensitive than adults; sexually and erotically more active and are free from lifeless concepts.


    Prostitution is illegal nearly everywhere meanwhile this is only one of the ways to sell your body and any other job is a form of selling your body, your intellect and so on. It is easy to meet a person (talk to your parents, grandmas and grandpas) that think of sex in nature as perverse or sex in knee-and-elbow pose or pose 69, saying nothing of other poses or in the daylight or not in a bed or without a nightgown. The topic of sex, though not forbidden officially, is accepted as shameful even if you tell how you were having sex with the girl you love. Imagine the reaction of people if they suddenly see a couple on the grass having passionate sex? Hatred, aggression, contempt, shame – whatever, but not pleasure or joy.


    We can talk on this topic endlessly but even quick and cursory investigation is enough to understand that what is qualified as criminal and perverse in one country yet in another is normal. This is why I offer to conduct independent investigations to shatter the concrete concepts.


    One more widely spread concept is that children can be “perverted” – this is one more scare word without meaning. Or people talk about the “damage of premature sexual development”. It is interesting – who and why take the decision of what development is premature? I think that if a child likes and wants to have sex in some form, it means he physiologically is ready for this form of sex. If a child is interested in reading a book on mathematics – it means he is ready for mathematics. If you want to encourage his development – teach him: give him information about sexually related diseases and the ways of prevention, about preventing pregnancy (which is not actual until the age 9 – 10), tell him what possibilities there exist in sex. In trying to safeguard children from sex, parents do not care about children, as a matter of fact with this approach of caring they actually reveal their own uncompromising attitude towards sex in general and the consequences are catastrophic. Suppressed sexuality, suppressed EPs, developing the strongest mSW that contradict accepted concepts and developing a NA towards sex. Whether adults like it or not, and this is a fact – in the majority children start to reveal interest in sex in some form from the age of 3 – 5 years old, and the suppression of SW for 15 years leads to disastrous results.

    When you start realizing your SW, check that you (a) do not break the Law wherever possible, and (b) do not do it openly in the community as undesirable consequences are possible, because even legal forms of SW are accepted as indecencies to be performed secretly.

    Nowadays it is not a problem to find partners that are interested in the same form of sex you are keen on – in many internet-forums you will easily find a more or less good partner even if you SFs are far from standard.


    While realizing your SFs, you can discover that your SFs are very poor, that your inner censor does not permit your sexuality to be revealed. An efficient way to solve this problem is masturbation. When masturbating, achieve the condition of being on the verge of an orgasm and let yourself fantasize, imagine the most exciting scenes, record them in detail, and step by step your lifeless sexuality will be recovered. Watching porno-pictures, videos, reading stories are also very effective for the development of SFs, and there is a lot of the material of this kind on the Internet (for example, see http://al4a.com/links/ , www.xnxx.com/porn.php and others).


    There is nothing “shameful”, because “shameful” – it is what you have a pattern of feeling ashamed to do and in different cultures these patterns are significantly different in accordance with those automatically accepted in the region. Get rid of the NE of shame and you will see that actions can be pleasant or unpleasant for you, socially accepted or unaccepted, but the word “shameful” has no meaning outside the mechanical pattern of feeling ashamed, the pattern can be easily eradicated and pleasure will be experienced. Group sex, anal sex, oral, public, sex with elements of violence and causing pain, homosexual and bisexual, with role games, using dildos and other “toys”, with dressing boys as girls and vice versa, with teenagers (of legal age) or pensioners, with episodic partner, in unusual places and situations, sex with a prostitute, or in the role of a prostitute… if you and your partner are excited from what you are doing, if you both enjoy and want to go on with it – do it and your sexuality will develop. Eradicate innumerable folklore scares like “heavenly retribution …”, “bad karma”, “energy worms”, “damaged energy”, “hairy palms” and so on.


    It is thought to be a virtue to have sex with only one partner, but this is a false concept. Nobody thinks it is promiscuous to play chess or talk with hundreds of partners, or that you want to look for new partners to play chess with because everybody has a different style of playing, you can learn from many and you can teach many. Why is it not clear that it is the same in sex? Limiting yourself with just one partner in sex is like talking to only one person during your whole life or read one book – will it be interesting? Will you develop intellectually? Will it be interesting for each other? Try.


    Concepts that masturbation is “harmful” are also widely spread. There is nothing to talk about – experience demonstrates that masturbation is often very exciting, including during sex.


    There are quite a lot of girls that do not have orgasms –their sexuality has been hammered so much that their sex is joyless. Of course for them task number one is to learn to orgasm, for this they have to overpower their inhibitions, fears, have sex as much as they like and with the one they want and when they want. It is necessary to stop being polite in sex, to do anything because of politeness or pity, unease, friendliness. It is necessary to track your wishes, ask yourself “what do I want now?”, “am I doing what I want?” and do not do anything you don’t want for even a second. Talk to each other about what you want now, look for mutual hSW, be sincere and it will result in rapid sexual development. In the beginning it can bring a setback in the mechanical process of sex with your partner and if he does not like it and shows more or less polite disagreement with your unpredictable sexual behaviour and tries to persuade you either directly or indirectly “to make advances to each other”, then it means that:


    (a) It is much more comfortable for him when you satisfy his wishes like an obedient machine,

    (b) He is unfeeling in sex otherwise he would know how lifeless sex is if you do not realize your hSW but do something due to distressed motivations,

    (c) He is not interested in sexual development,

    (d) He is not interested in EPs and the practice of distresses eradication.


    Ordinary people are always worried what their partner is thinking and feeling. It is believed that if a partner does not take care of that – it is a sign he is cold-hearted. But this caring is more caused by a wish to get a high estimation, fear of NA from the partner, feeling of insecurity, fear to make something unpleasant and to hurt and not as much by a wish to make the partner enjoy. Why worry? Do what you want and enjoy your senses and what your partner enjoys. If the boy wants something – he will tell you what and you can realize it or not if your wishes do not agree, and carry on regardless or stop sex if your wishes are too far apart. “Tact” is appreciated because people are afraid to express their wishes, nearly always they do what they do not wish and if you tell “I do not want it this way”, you will experience a splash of NEs (fear of NA, guilt, pity and so on) and from your boy there will be a wave of counter NA, SP and hurt. This is why it is believed that “a good” lover should be able to read his partner’s wishes, anticipate them, and directing the partner, telling him “I want it this way now and I do not want this” is not accepted and “shameful”.


    To “solve” these problems people create conventional patterns of having sex. In the process of personal adjustments and getting through innumerable concepts and NEs, they find such scenarios of sex that allow them to receive certain pleasure, and then this scenario becomes a refuge. It is scary to take a step outside the refuge because it will require new adjustments, but bonking is wanted right now, when due to half-hints or hints, it will be possible to guess who likes what. This is why it is better to have guaranteed pleasure now… But it results in dull sex and a quick orgasm seems to be the only release.


    The partner feels obliged to demonstrate how much they enjoy sex, because if you do not moan and groan, roll your eyes in ecstasy and caress him, your boy will think you do not enjoy what he is doing or that he will feel hurt or you stop doing what he likes and you will feel pity.

    Action that leads to awakening hSW:

    1) Break your stereotype for long sex. It is believed that if you have sex, the longer – the “better” it is. Nothing of the kind. Quite often short brief sex is very exciting: you came up, pulled down the knickers, licked a pussy or legs and then left. You came up, touched the penis, caressed it for ten seconds till it became hard and then left. You came up, pulled down the knickers, inserted your penis, pulled out and left. This can be done ten times a day, and it will be hundred times more exciting, than the obligation of long sex – if you have inserted your penis, you have to bonk for a long while and reach an orgasm and bring your partner to an orgasm, you cannot now leave, you must do this, you must do that…

    2) Break the stereotype of full attention. It is believed, that if you bonk, all your attention should be concentrated on your partner. Nothing of the kind. To break it, try such forms of sex when one of the partners is listening to music or eating an apple, writing, telling something and the other partner is bonking or licking, sucking, kissing.

    3) Talk to each other about what you want at the moment. Control each other when the partner is doing something you do not like.

    4) Role plays. There are lots of variants and it awakens sexuality and makes it active because when you role play, you get rid of a load of restrictions you that you have in your usual life. You do not even notice those restrictions as they have blended with you. For example, if you role play a little girl that is being seduced by an adult boy, you do not need to support the image of an experienced young lady, you “legally” become inexperienced, knowing nothing about how and what to do and unexpectedly it can bring a radiant splash of enjoyment. Or if you role play a prostitute, you do not have to be delicate and affectionate – what is required from a prostitute is to tease a boy’s penis, to suck it and to open your legs, and that is that – after that you can do whatever, even watch TV and surprisingly, this role can lead to a sharp SW and enjoyment, because all the obligations of being attentive, sensitive and affectionate are taken from you. If you play a rape scene, it is the same: when a boy is raping, it has nothing to do with softness, what is required is just to insert and bonk, no need to support social stereotypes and when you truly play a rapist you can feel strong enjoyment. When the girl is truly playing the role of being raped, she can also have strong waves of SW and enjoyment because she is free – nobody is expecting anything from her, she does not have to pretend, nobody will judge her, as she “is being raped” and cannot change anything, she is not responsible for this sex, and the censor in her mind saying “this is not good”, “you must first do this and then that” is now on the side-lines and not heard, it’s taboos are impossible to follow as she has no freedom of choice.


    The role of a fool is also interesting – while you sincerely play a fool, you get rid of a burden “how not to look stupid”. It can also cause a high splash of SW.


    It is good to remember this condition of sexual (and not only sexual) freedom that is revealed during such role plays and jump in this condition when wanted.

    An efficient way to investigate your deep-rooted old fears and NA towards sex is re-living your childhood stories because it is mostly in your childhood that they have been based.

    It is also worthwhile to find like-minded friends and realize with them your SWs, discuss experiments and comprehend. Sometimes your distresses are clearer from distance, as they have blended in you and you see them as your integral part. When you are on your own with your stereotypes, it is more difficult to refuse them, but when you can see how other people can do it you will handle it much easier.

    When you are realizing your mSW you can discover the “tail of waning” is very long. It means that a certain form of sex appeals to you when you are thinking about it, but in the process of realization you lose interest, it is replaced with indifference. The same fantasies come to life again in a day or two and it goes on in circles. The reason is a strong mechanical pattern to want this form of sex that has been formed when you limit yourself. This is why I want to introduce the notion of “half-a-decomposition” of an mSW, which is such a stage of a mSW realization, when a happy wish to get rid of a mSW is stronger than the wish to realize it. MSWs are eradicated in the same way as NEs (see the chapter about NEs).

    Significant changes take place in the process of SFs development and SWs realization:

    а) Preferences are formed. Some forms of sex seemed to be attractive only in imagination but in reality this interest decreases. Or vice versa, what did not appeal earlier suddenly turns up as an endless source of enjoyment. For example, you can feel excited, when imagining you rape a girl (quite usual SF both for boys and girls, as raping implies a full “freedom” from “relationships” which are accepted as a compulsory condition of sex in the hypocritical community and people get terribly tired of this necessity to be in a relationship to have sex). But a real attempt to rape (or just watching a documentary, video of a rape) can reveal that in your SFs you ignored those huge NEs that a girl experiences being raped and her sufferings do not excite you. At the same time you can suddenly discover that in spite of this NA towards rape, role-playing your rape (including a group rape) excites you a lot.

    b) It is getting easier to differentiate between mSW and hSW, and there appears a happy wish to eliminate mSW while they reveal additional mSW. You are aware now that the realization of mSW does not bring a desirable intensity of enjoyment.

    c) Sex ceases to be “quick” and “platitudinous”, you open up for yourself an abundance of sexual and erotic senses and resonating EPs. A wish appears to delay the orgasm as long as possible, while earlier the orgasm seemed to be the main goal of sex.

    d) A large variety of SWs appears and there is no automatic wish to have sex and an orgasm. For example, in a certain situation it appeals only to look at a girl and experience ErE, or you want only to touch another girl, caress another, lie naked with the fourth, bonk with the fifth and so on.

    e) The automatic of sexual reaction to the forms and external triggers disappears – sometimes the view of a naked model-girl does not trigger any wishes, while a view of another girl suddenly triggers a powerful SW and ErW, even though she is fully and unfashionably dressed, she does not look like a model – she differs from how she should look like according to my concepts of an attractive girl. Strict conceptual schemes disappear.

    f) The body awakens – there are more erogenous zones, the spectrum of senses expands, their intensity increases.

    g) SWs cease to be spasmodic. If earlier a SW could capture all your attention against your will (due to hyper compensation) then now it is just one of many the happy wishes.

    05-02-02 Orgasm. Hold on the verge of an orgasm. Awakening of enlightened sexuality

    Orgasm is of the highest value only at the starting stages of a SW. In the process of sexual development you want more and more to delay an orgasm, because the consequences of an orgasm are mostly undesirable, while a state of radiant excitement is very attractive. There appears a happy wish to hold an orgasm as long as possible, to stay on the verge of an orgasm and continue to enjoy and realize your strong SW. This wish contradicts the strong mSW to orgasm (“to cum”).

    If you try to hold on the verge of orgasm you will discover that you are addicted to an orgasm and to overpower this spasmodic wish to cum is as difficult as to overpower any other form of addiction – the closer to the orgasm, the stronger the mSW to orgasm.


    Undesirable consequences of an orgasm:

    *) A sharp decrease of SW. For half a day – a day or two days you will not be able to experience a strong SW.

    *) Especially sharp decrease of an ErW.

    *) A sharp decrease of EPs, often catastrophic. For the first day – two days there can be a splash of EPs (usually for those who do not experience EPs frequently), but the following 2 – 4 weeks there will be a fall in EPs. Life interest is close to nil.

    *) The fall is especially catastrophic for ecstatic EPs – they can disappear for 4 – 6 months.

    *) A wish to eradicate NB and NEs drops; NES, NB and NEs intensify.

    *) Health gets worse – chronic diseases reappear, colds, exhaustion and traumas are easy to get.

    Ways of training to overpower the wish to orgasm:

    1) Training using masturbation is very effective. The task is to prolong the period from the beginning of masturbation till the moment when you cannot hold and have to stop. Masturbation is also good due to the possibility to decrease its effect to a required degree or stop it, while during the real sex this is quite difficult.

    2) “Stop”-exercise. You agree with a partner that as soon as you say “stop”, he immediately freezes and is waiting until you can go on. Another sign can be used if you do not want to say “stop” or your mouth is busy with the penis – e.g. a stronger tap on the body means “stop”, a soft tap – “go on”.

    3) You must be very firm not to orgasm until you take a decision to do it. No tricks will help if at the moment close to an orgasm you think: “Ok, this time I will cum, but next time I will hold for sure”.

    As the term “orgasm” does not have an exact definition and I have met a few different interpretations, I want to define it. For a boy the attributes of an orgasm are: 1) ejaculation + 2) sense of a strong of enjoyment, and these can be either together or separately. For a girl it is a very strong storm of enjoyment + (for some girls) an exuberant excretion of fluid from the pussy.

    While practicing the holding on the verge of an orgasm (“HVO”) sooner or later you will identify the range of stability on the verge of an orgasm. It turns out that if you overpower the mechanical wish to orgasm, you can have sex for as long as you like getting close to it and then retracting. Quite soon you will also notice that sexual senses become more radiant, rich with undertones and the wish to go on experiencing them promotes the wish to delay an orgasm.

    If you had an orgasm, do not feel negative about it as it will only intensify the downfall and remaining in NB. Obtain your experience of NEs eradication and EPs generating in difficult conditions, when the results are practically not noticeable, train your persistency. Right after an orgasm your can have a splash of EPs – use the moment and concentrate on them as long as possible.

    Many years of snouts experience demonstrates that the practice of HVO does not cause any physiological problems or even the slightest health impairment if you do not orgasm due to the happy wish to overpower the mechanical wish to cum, if every time you choose to hold because you want to experience a more intensive, profound and lasting sexual and erotic enjoyment. Unpleasant senses from holding an orgasm are possible if your wish is conceptually conditioned and you do not cum because you think you “must not”, you do not experience anticipation and intensifying enjoyment, but you feel distress and a pity of the loss.


    While you realize your SWs, including mSW and hSW, ErE appeals much stronger compared to SE. Sex with dominating ErW and ErE I call “erotic sex”. The specific thing about erotic sex is the wish to come closer to the edge of orgasm changes little by little to another wish – to stop the intensity of excitement before you reach the edge of orgasm; this allows you to have deeper and more attractive erotic perceptions. You will also discover that the wish to come close to orgasm comprises both mechanical and spasmodic components. Happy eradication of such a form of addiction requires a significant effort, but when the result is achieved, you acquire a total freedom to travel in the world of your conditions up to the state of being on the verge of an orgasm and in this journey you will be guided only by happy SWs and ErWs, not by mechanical patterns.


    Intensifying the appeal erotic perceptions does not mean you cease ordinary sex. Not at all, it still remains appealing, very pleasant and resonating with erotic perceptions and EPs.


    With time a practitioner will learn to differentiate between (a) a wish to have sex and (b) a wish to want to have sex (which means want to have sex but not realize it for some time). As it turns out it can bring no less intensive and profound (rich with undertones) sexual and erotic enjoyment than realization of SWs.

    Further amazing changes take place while you improve in the practice of SWs realization:

    1) Sex becomes incredibly rich – even small variations of touches are accompanied with different undertones of enjoyment, and there are hundreds and thousands of them.

    2) Erogenous zones cover the whole body and sexual senses in some of them become stronger and radiant than in the penis/pussy.

    3) There is an incredible transformation of the body as well. It is never tired (with an exclusion of muscle tiredness due to the intensive work out of muscles), weak, “feeling not well” disappears totally and it is accepted as natural, you suddenly discover in about a couple of years that you never feel sick! At any moment – e.g. at midnight – you are ready to run 10 km in a forest and enjoy it. If there are happy wishes that require physical activity for their realization, the body is able to perform and it will be accompanied with a special muscle joy and freshness. You can do what you want for 16 hours and the body will not feel tired or sick and recover rapidly.

    More than that, a new and amazing self-feeling of the body appears, as if it is filled with recuperative vibration (and it is not an image, it is a sense), as if the body is a high voltage cable and this feeling is exceptionally pleasant.

    4) There appears in different parts of the body senses that remind of an orgasm! For example, I had these senses in my soles, on the back of my left hand, then of the right hand, then in my forearms, shoulder blades (first left, then right), in the belly, forehead and so on. These senses are so much like an orgasm and at the same time they differ from an ordinary orgasm by quality so much, that I will call it an “erotic orgasm”.

    Erotic orgasms differ cardinally from orgasms in genital organs:

    *) They do not cause even slightest negative consequences

    *) They are stronger, and at the same time softer, than orgasms in genital organs – definitely more pleasant than an orgasm in penis/pussy

    *) They can last for quite a while – half an hour, an hour, without any efforts and a few times a day

    *) They resonate with EPs radiantly – the resonance is so intensive that sometimes the border between the erotic enjoyment and EPs is hardly noticeably; they smoothly blend into each other, like waves that run over, mix and then disperse. It becomes clear why erotic and sexual perceptions resonate with EPs – they are waves of one and whole unique ocean.

    5) A more consistent experience of lucid dreams (LD) appears, and out-of-body experience (OBE) as well, – so-called “leaving body”. What is more, these experiences significantly differ from those that happened earlier spontaneously:

    *) It is easier to generate EPs while in LD and OBE,

    *) EPs that are experienced while in LD and OBE are more radiant than in an ordinary state or dream. They also achieve an ecstatic quality easier.

    *) The possibility to experience such bright EPs in LD and OBE enables you to start a new branch of your journey. While being in these states you can meet creatures that will evoke an ecstatic feeling of faithfulness, affection, and openness and in the process of contact with them you will receive an experience of absolutely new EPs, you can learn from them, adopting their perceptions and thus opening new horizons of the world of EPs.